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Teacher Thugs: Who Needs ‘Em – Patch


In Chicago, 29,000 teachers were on strike because their corrupt union told them to. This is just another example of the sheer selfishness of these teachers. As they head back to the classroom, I hope they live in fear of losing their over-paid, over-rated jobs for good.

One of the complaints from the teachers in Illinois is the lack of air conditioning in the schools. Oh come on. What a bunch of babies. Kids have been producing in sweat shops for decades and you’re telling me they cannot read and write in a crowded room that’s 90 degrees? Please. Most of those public school kids are so fat they could probably stand to sweat out a few Twinkies anyway.

And don’t get me started on the 16% pay increase over a four year period. Sure. Maybe the cost of living in Chicago is higher than a skyscraper on stilts. Maybe many of the teachers spend as much as $5,000 a year to supply their students with the basics. But an average of $74,000 a year for salary?? With that kind of money, they probably spend their entire lazy-filled summers on their yachts and taking trips to Morocco and Italy.

How dare these teachers ask for a higher wage just because they’ll be working longer hours? Sure, I get double pay when I work overtime in the private sector. But maybe they should have chosen a better profession. And all this talk about grading papers all night. Please. How difficult can it be to write the letter “F” over and over?

These thugs are complaining about having only one nurse to every 3 schools. Why should taxpayers have to pay for nurses to take care of kids who aren’t ours anyway? They are schools, not hospitals and anyone should be able to put on a bandage.

Teachers and their supporters are worried about the privatization of schools – leaving public schools in the dust. I say go ahead!! This is one industry that has the opportunity to make CEOs and stockholders a whole heck of a lot of cashola. Let these kids do double duty as students and commodities – what’s the harm in that? Public services never did nothin’ for nobody. Those damn fire fighters are lazy wimps. Those police officers do nothing but eat donuts. And those parks? Who needs them? They are just a mecca for good for nothin’ homeless people anyway.

Oh! And they don’t like the idea of being evaluated by standardized tests? What are they so afraid of? Standardized tests rock. Corporate synergy (not sure what that is really, but I heard it on Fox) has made it easy for high-profiting corporations to bank on these tests. And we all know that when profit is a motivator, the best interests of the masses will remain a priority. And so what if some of these corporations are in bed with other corporations that will benefit greatly if public schools fail and privatization becomes the mainstream. Again…money = good. Teachers = bad.

They say it has been proven that these tests consistently reflect family wealth, physical health and neighborhood quality differences rather than school effectiveness. Well maybe that is just another way of thinning out the herd. Unhealthy kids in bad neighborhoods can work harder if they really want to and if they can’t – that is clearly the teacher’s fault. Get rid of those ineffective teachers and leave those dumber kids at the bottom where nature intended.

I have heard educators complain about the heavy police presence in schools, too many metal detectors taking up space and time and causing a distraction. I agree. Get rid of them all. After all, students should be armed. It IS their constitutional right to protect themselves. Maybe all these school shootings could finally turn into a fair fight. And in the bad schools, let them just kill each other off…less for society to worry about.

I say fire all these teachers. We can easily find a ton of jobless people on the street to teach our kids. I don’t care if they do not have the proper training or education. Anyone can do it. Hell, even my 14-year-old niece babysits. How hard can it be to sit at a desk all day, spout off about how NObama is such a great President and throw some liberal propaganda at the kids for them to read. Sure, countries like Finland have the highest scoring students and their teachers happen to be the most educated. But this is AMERICA! If you think Finland is so great – then move to Asia.

Lazy, greedy thugs. They were probably just striking to get a few extra days off from work. I think it is obvious what needs to happen. We need a war against teachers, unions and all public employees. Not only because war is cool and we can blow crap up, but also because these people are sucking money away from the people who REALLY need it…like Koch Industries, Exxon Mobile and JP Morgan. Because remember…they are people, too.

**Today’s sarcasm was brought to you with thanks to all those insightful, open-minded, compassionate commenters, bloggers and editorial writers on Patch, Journal Times and all over the internet.


Wisconsin Recall Primary…Almost Here!!


2 days until the recall primaries. OH. MY. FUCKING. POLITICAL. GOD. This could not possibly end soon enough. 15 months of being consumed with matters that rarely even entered my mind for the first 36 years of my life – and I think my brain has had it. Sure, I have always been socially – even politically – aware. But not anything more than a few letters to the editor when something crawled far enough up my ass.

And since I mentioned my letters to the editor – and to be honest, there have been many more than a few – a friend of mine found a super old one from when I was 16.

Gesh. I was such a dork. AND I was a virgin still so not sure why I was so preoccupied with sex education…ANYWAY….yea, I guess I often did have an interest in social issues.

But these past 15 months have been ridicudonk. Protesting? Volunteering?? Filling my yard with signs and wearing candidate buttons??? I never thought I would be one of THOSE people. But alas, I am. I have joined the club, though I still admit I am a pretty lousy activist compared to those I have met this past year.

I volunteer once or twice a week at the Democratic Office. Charlie is doing a lot of work with his union. And there seems to be a different event each week. I’ll tell ya, a big part of me wishes I was like so many others I know…indifferent and apathetic and completely oblivious. I am quite sure, as I have said before, that my happiness level would rise. But I can’t. I am stuck here now in the land of knowledge and discontent. I can no longer be okay with keeping my head in the sand.

So in my district on Tuesday, we will be voting for a Democratic candidate to go up against Walker in the June 5th Recall Election. We also have the recall primary for our state senator, Wanggaard. See the sample ballot below:

Republican GovernorArthur Kohl Riggs is a fascinating choice and if he had time and money on his side, we could have been rid of Walker before the Recall Election even arrived. I have written about him HERE and HERE for Patch.

Democratic Governor – Now here is where it gets tough.

Tom Barrett – It seems to be clear he has the most winning potential against Walker. At least, that is what the polls are saying. And the absolute most important thing is getting Walker OUT in June. Aside from that, I like him. I don’t love him. He is kind of robotic and rehearsed. Some say he panders too much and often crosses the aisle when it benefits him. I don’t know enough about him to say whether or not I think that is true.

Kathleen Falk – Meh. She is endorsed by most of the unions and I am not really sure why. The few times I have heard her speak she was less than impressive. Sorry, just not feelin’ it.

Kathleen Vinehout – She certainly is the most impressive of all the Democratic candidates as far as I am concerned. She is impassioned and she has clear plans and ideas, which seem to be lacking with the other candidates. If I were to vote purely on whom I think would do the best in that office, it would be for Vinehout. But can she beat Walker? I just am not convinced.

Doug LaFollette – Seems like a stellar fella with a shit load of integrity and many, many years of political experience. I agree with most of his ideas (as I do with the others) and I am sure he would do a fine job. But for whatever reason, he doesn’t seem to be able to get people to take him seriously. I dunno. I definitely do not think he could beat Walker.

Gladys Huber – Please know that this candidate is a FAKE DEMOCRAT!!!!!! She even has Walker supporting signs in her yard.

There is also an independent candidate, Hari Trivedi. He is very interesting and seems to focus on the legalization as well as wide spread use of hemp. This is a concept which completely makes sense at about a million different levels. However, sadly, this is a state that voted in a bunch of fascist conservatives merely two years ago. I just don’t think they are ready for him quite yet.

To watch the 2012 Democratic Gubernatorial Debate on Wisconsin Public Television – click HERE

Lieutenant Governor

****Mahlon Mitchell – Clear choice. He is a fighfighter and union official who has become well known since the beginning of the protests in Madison. Here is a picture of Charlie and I with Mahlon and John Nichols from this winter. (I just got out of the car from which I was rushed into early morning…2 hour drive…don’t judge me)

Ira Robins – Interesting guy who I know very little about. We met him and chatted a few minutes prior to the ReFUND Wisconsin Town Hall in Racine last month. He was a private investigator for years and is taking no contributions for his campaign. Other than that, I don’t know much about him and I highly doubt he could beat Rebecca Kleefisch at this time.

Isaac Weix – FAKE DEMOCRAT!!!! He has made no attempts to even appear to be anything other than GOP – you can even see evidence on his Facebook page.

Senate against Van Wanggaard – 

***John Lehman – No brainer. He should have won the first time around with Van. He has been a wonderful asset to our community as a teacher and politician for many, many years. VOTE JOHN LEHMAN!!!

Tamra Varebrook – FAKE FAKE FAKE!!! She is spending money on commercials and fundraisers – yet there is no way she would ever continue on to be in office. She is an admitted GOP and even wears GOP logo clothing in her political ads!!!!!!! Its truly unreal.

So….make sure you vote Tuesday. If you have any questions about fake candidates, where your polling place is located, etc…just let me know!!! Although, if you plan to vote for Walker or one of the fake candidates…just stay home and watch some hillbilly hand fishing show.

My Letter to the Editor(s) Regarding the Bullshit Bill


This morning I woke up and read some comments on The Racine Journal Times website about the Budget Repair Bill and the protests. I logged on, all ready to make an attempt to defend my position…to correct false statements…to share much needed information. But then I remembered…this is RJT. They don’t listen. They insult, bait and sit in their mother’s basements waiting for a new target. I didn’t feel like having discussions with children other than my own at such an early hour. Hell, at 6:30, I didn’t even want to talk to THEM!!

Instead I, with eyes half asleep and the laptop propped on my belly, I decided to write a letter to the editor. I hate that you have to be so limited with your words when submitting these pieces. How on earth can I speak my mind in 200 words or less?? Impossible. My letter ended up being over 500 words and will likely get rejected. But I just didn’t know how to edit it short enough and still get my points across. I submitted it to The Racine Journal Times, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal and the Wisconsin State Journal. I have had many letters printed in all of these publications in the past, but never regarding a topic I feel so strongly about.

Anyway, since I am such a long winded blabber mouth…I will likely not get published this time around. So, I will post it here and hope that maybe someone will read it 🙂 Its not the best. I should have taken more time. But I am impatient, tired and busy. So here it goes…

Do you get to enjoy the weekends with your family? Are you happy to return home after an 8 hour work day? Were you financially saved by Worker’s Comp when you were injured at work? For this and so much more you have Wisconsin Unions to thank. Unions set the bar for wages, benefits and policies. Even if you are not part of a Union, you certainly benefit from them. 7 Wisconsin workers DIED to bring you the weekend you enjoy each week. Yet from the mouths of so many Racine residents spew contempt and misguided assumptions.

This fight in Madison and around the country is not about wages, benefits or any state deficit. It is about power and greed. Unions have agreed to make any and all financial concessions in order to fix this so called deficit. Governor Walker still said no. Why? If the budget is the sole reason for this bill, why would he not jump at that offer and end this chaos? Because it isn’t about the budget and never has been.

Unions are the biggest Democratic supporters. We all know that money is what gets a politician elected. Sad but true. Unions are virtually all Democrats have to depend on during elections. They do not have the backing of big corporations and CEOs. So, Republicans must cut Unions off at the knees in order to gain and remain in office. This bill is about busting Unions so that Walker and his cronies can ensure basically a one party system (I see it more as a dictatorship).

If each adult paid $32 dollars, this “budget crisis” would be solved without destroying the rights of anyone. There are solutions which do not need to include taking from those who are already vulnerable. There is simply no other conclusion from which to draw.

I do not have a dog in this fight. This bill may not directly burden me immediately like it would for so many others. However, I will fight this bill anyway I know how because I know that the steps our Governor is taking now can and will destroy life as we know it in Wisconsin. Now it is the public sector. Next will be private unions. Wages everywhere will plummet. Benefits will gradually decrease. There will be 60 kids to a classroom. The professionals taking care of our children, elderly and infirmed will be less educated and motivated. This WILL effect us all. It is only a matter of time. This is only step one in a calculated process to kick out the last leg on which we stand as American workers.

Read the recent publications from the Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau. Watch the actual coverage from the Capitol on Wisconsin Eye. These are unbiased and unedited forums. Listen to more than what Fox News is telling you. Become an informed individual instead of just a part of a political borg.

This bill reeks of corruption, misleading information and dictatorship mentality. It must be stopped. And I for one have never been so proud of a group of politicians as I have been of the Wisconsin 14 this past week. They did what was necessary to protect their constituents without regard to their own consequences. THAT is what makes a hero. And THAT is who I want representing me in Madison and in Washington D.C.

Keep House Cats in the House


Letter I submitted to The Racine Journal Times today.

Here is the link to the letter online (printed Wednesday June 10, 2009)



I am confused about something and perhaps someone out there can clear this up for me.  When a person decides to become a pet owner – specifically, cats in this case – I have to sometimes wonder – what is their actual motivation?  Did their child beg for a pet that the parent truly did not want? Did they decide that the cleaning of liter boxes was simply too laborious? There must be some reason, be it a good one or not, why cat owners allow their HOUSE cats to roam freely through the neighborhoods.


I adore cats. And that is why I want to vomit whenever I see one on the side of the road after being hit by a car. That is why is saddens me to no end to see cats spread feline HIV and various other diseases so rapidly. That is why it breaks my heart when I see them freezing in the winter snow.  Aside from my love of cats, I also enjoy and appreciate the wild creatures nature affords us. And that is why last week I was sickened to find a murdered chipmunk in my backyard (luckily before the kids did). It is also why I have been obsessing over a baby robin with a mutilated wing all weekend. And it is why my mother painstakingly had to put her own indoor cat to sleep last week because the outside domestic cats coming into the yard everyday were making her urinate all over the house.  Years of suggestions from vets and others did not conquer the problem and 15 year old Punky had to be euthanized per suggestion from her vet.


So, if you are one of those cat owners who allow your pet to run freely through the streets, I have to ask you – why? If your answer seems to outweigh the negatives your decision is bringing to others, then I hope you sleep well. If not, I urge you to please keep your house cats where they belong, in the house.




Make the Most of Racine’s Waterfront


Here is a letter I wrote to the Racine Journal Times – Letter to the Editor


Link to Letter Online



Our community has spent much time and many dollars on the downtown and waterfront area. It is no secret that the shores of this city are one of its greatest commodities. It is also no secret that it is not being used to its full potential. The massive reconstruction plans in the not so distant past have fallen on their behinds for whatever reasons – perhaps poor planning? I am not an engineer, a city planner, a financial expert by any means. But I have been to many other communities which are also on waterfronts and they seem to take full advantage of that luxury.


Now there is news that the memorial fountain will not be available for the enjoyment of children in the summer. Bummer. Another nice feature poo’d on. I feel this city could really benefit from making a part of the lakefront into a boardwalk type setting. Quaint shops, arcades, restaurants right on a boardwalk which could be open year round. Bait shops, waver runner rentals and outdoor artist kiosks could be available for warmer months. Even a walk out pier or a water park would be a wonderful addition.


We have had those who have shown interest in developing on our lakefront. Yet the only ones who seem to succeed are the condo developers. Please – enough condos already!! So, you gals and guys with the big bucks out there…lets think outside the condo box for a moment, okay?



Tuesday April 15, 2008


So I have actually come to a decision…at least for the meantime…in regards to blogging here and elsewhere. And here is the dealio…


  1. I will be majorly limiting my time on The Journal Times site (local newspaper site I spoke about previously).  I have removed all pictures and will no longer be sharing personal information on that site. I also took down the link to my personal site, which was on my profile there. And I deleted all of my past posts.


  1. Since TJT is really the only place I do blog other than my personal page, I don’t really have any other places to worry about.


  1. I will continue to blog here on MSN Spaces as I have always done. In this day and age there are a bagillion and one websites out there (not even considering places like MySpace, Facebook, etc…) with a ton of pictures and personal stories. I really feel that it isn’t anymore dangerous than going to the park, letting the kids play outside, writing a letter to the editor or sending in a picture for the Sunday Family Section of the newspaper. The reason I made this decision was partly due to the fact that with MSN Spaces, there are only 3 options as far as the privacy of your site. These are the ONLY options – which really suck.


    1. Only the author of the blog has access. What the heck is the point of that?


    1. Everyone in the world has access. This is how I have always had it.


    1. Those on your “Friends/Family” list who have MSN Live IDs can have access. Now, there is no way my people are going to all sign up for MSN Live and log in each time just to view my space. Si, this isn’t a good option for me.


So, this is how it is. I am sure there are still many out there who disagree with my choices. But I will do this for the meantime and see how it goes.  In all reality, the only place I have really had issues from was TJT or people from there.  So, I think becoming a transient stranger on there will be most helpful in any worries I have had.




Charlie and I are planning an upcoming trip in the next few months. Just a short getaway. I initially made hotel reservations directly through the hotel. And for the hell of it I decided to check out  I took a chance and booked a room that was $100 bucks a night cheaper than what we were going to be paying. I seriously lucked out and got the same exact hotel!! So I am patting myself on the back for saving us 200 smackaroos!!

I highly recommend trying out that site when you can!! How awesome is THAT??!!




I got some kind of bug up my ass this past weekend and while we were at the mall, I decided to get a couple more holes in my right ear.  I did have 2 piercings on the upper part and 3 on the lower lobe. I decided to add 2 more to make it line all the way up my ear.  I like it. It does hurt more (not when I got them pierced, but now) than I remember, but only it if I touch it or lay on that side. I felt kinda silly in that Claire’s chair in front of the store for all to see – just like I did decades ago as a kid.


Next on list – second tattoo…




I am looking forward to watching a new rental I got from Blockbuster. Wristcutters: A Love Story is an indie flick which caught my attention a while back after my husband mentioned it to me when he saw a trailer. It never came to a theatre around here, so I am glad it came out on DVD quickly. I guess it is basically about this sort of purgatory way station for people who kill themselves. I just think it sounded pretty interesting. I hope they did well with such a fascinating premise. It stars Patrick Fugit from Almost Famous, Tom Waits who is just too cool regardless and Will Arnett from Arrested Development (one of my all time favorite, though short lived shows).


Anyway, I will probably have to wait until this weekend to watch, but I am hoping it is a good one!!




Speaking of Arrested Development…I recently found on IMDB that there MAY be an Arrested Development movie in the works.  I worry a movie will not do the show justice. But I will be SOOOO excited to see it!! There really have been very few television shows which have made me laugh as much. There were times I almost peed. So smart, twisted and wicked. I just loved AD.




My kitty, Bob, is doing pretty well. We are continuing with his kidney food and he gets Pepcid every morning. Apparently Feline Kidney Insufficiency causes a lot of acid in the tummy and it makes them not want to eat as much. But he takes the medicine nicely (hidden in a treat of course) and he eats just fine. He will not, however, eat ONLY the kidney food. It has to be mixed (about 50/50) with his Tuna Fancy Feast. The kidney food must taste like shit (or whatever would be palatabty offensive to a cat – since they DO like their asses) because he will not even TRY to eat it alone. I only wish he would gain some weight. He looks SO skinny. This is my big guy who everyone would tell me how fat he was. He was about 15 lbs and is now close to 10. He looks so odd. But his spirits are up as always and he acts just fine. Regular ole Bob – only a wee bit more spoiled these days.




Well, I guess that is it for now. I better be productive and get some things done around this house!!


Talk at ya soon.

Old Letter to the Editor on Windfall Oil Profits

Link to online article:
Writing will come slowly to me today as I am as close to speechless as I can get.

In hearing the latest reports about the windfall profits made by Exxon this past quarter, I am appalled. Yes, certainly companies are supposed to make a profit. That is the whole point of consumerism and the basis of this dollar sign emblemed country. I get it. But when these profits are inflating (more like exploding) the pockets of a slight few while the remaining 99 percent of the country are digging for pennies under their car seats…something is terribly wrong.

It is becoming more and more clear to me the motives of our current administration in regards to the war in Iraq as well as their apparent blindness to the problems their oil comrades are creating. The war is making money for all of them. While soldiers are dying and citizens are going broke paying their gas bills, they are quietly reaping the benefits. I was not against this war in the beginning. Of course I am in favor of fighting terrorism. I am not however in favor of sending people to die to line the pockets of the elite minority.

Right now I am imagining HW Bush, GW Bush, Cheney, Lee Raymond (CEO Exxon), Jeroen van der Veer (Shell CEO) all attending a Halloween Ball.

They are dressed appropriately of course as Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe, and Ross. Isn’t it clear what is happening here? This is nothing short of economic rape. Please explain to me why this is okay.

Cigarette Tax – Letter to the Editor

Here is the link to the online article for The Racine Journal Times:
Here is the link to the online letter on the Milwaukee Journal:
Here is the link to the online letter on The Wisconsin State Journal:

Raising the cigarette tax is beneficial in so many ways. For one, eventually the price WILL get hefty enough to encourage people to quit. They will have no choice. The more people in our society who smoke, the more the financial burden there is on EVERYONE. It costs companies more to insure their employees. It raises insurance costs to those who have never even lit up. And the medical complications that arise from smoking also raise healthcare costs to unbelievable proportions.

Information gathered from USA Today: according to a study in 2004 by health economists, the combined price paid by a smoker’s family and society is about $41 per pack of cigarettes. This estimation is based on the costs for a 24-year-old smoker over 60 years for cigarettes, taxes, insurance, medical care and lost earnings because of smoking-related disabilities. So, smokers are already paying at least $41 bucks a pack – what’s an extra buck or two? Everyone knows the damage caused by cigarettes. It is no secret. Why should we all ‘pay’ in so many ways?

This country is broke. And instead of taking away what is needed to make America a better place, instead of taxing the necessities in our lives – I say tax the heck out of what is destroying people to begin with. Smoking, alcohol, fast food…we know these are harmful and certainly not necessities so why not hike the taxes up on these and leave the gas tax (for example) alone? I am not saying they should be outlawed. I am not saying they should be banned. I am saying that if you want to do these things, then pay for it. Why should we all pay for their consequences equally? A cheeseburger here or there isn’t going to kill you. But the extra occasional tax won’t either. If you want to expose yourself to hundreds of different ailments from smoking – more power to you…but YOU pay for it.

I smoked for a long time. I had my moments with Jack and Coke too. And you bet I have eaten more Whoppers than necessary. But I have also seen the devastation these can cause, especially cigarettes. I support the tax – for so many reasons.

Old Letter to the Editor on Gay Marriage

Link to the online article:
Vote down constitutional ban

On November 7th Wisconsin voters will have the opportunity to vote for a constitutional ban on gay marriage.


In my perspective I cannot even fathom the idea that in the year 2006 we even have to address something like this. I cannot believe that there are people that exist that actually are bothered and want to fight against love and marriage. In a world full of hate, war, divorce, and anger…people chose to stand against THIS? The divorce rate among heterosexual couples is more than 50%. You think WE have expert advice to give on the topic?


You may think "what is the big deal"…"marriage is just a piece of paper anyway"…


Being married is more than just a piece of paper. Legal unions give couple’s rights that they are otherwise not entitled. If one were to fall ill and they needed someone to speak for their medical rights and wishes, their partner would not be allowed to do so under current law. Not to mention insurance benefits. We all must realize the strain there is on society with uninsured and underinsured citizens. Marriage gives spouses insurance opportunities they wouldn’t have without marriage.


Do you realize that it was not long ago that there were laws against a white person marring a black person? Today, that sounds ludicrous, doesn’t it? This is no different.


People want to argue this topic on the grounds of morality. People argue that sexual preference is not comparable to gender or race. I beg to differ. I have heard someone argue, “A black person cannot stop being black, but a gay person can stop being gay.” I do not believe this to be true. A homosexual person may be able to live a life unauthentic ally due to the strains that society weighs upon them, but that does not mean they are no longer homosexual. Just because you cannot physically see who a person is doesn’t make it less true. You cannot visually recognize a person’s religion, but that doesn’t mean that religious discrimination doesn’t exist. What you CAN always see, however, is that they are simply human. Please, treat them as such.


Please urge your friends and family members to not only VOTE, but vote for what is right. Everyone deserves the same benefits, rights, and responsibilities in our society. Our laws and constitution need to reflect that.

Please read…

Today I was told by several people on a local blog site that it was "dangerous" or "nuts" or "irresponsible" to have pictures on my public website. In fact it seems many think that having a public website in the first place is crazy…especially one as personal as mine.
It is true…I do share a lot. Not all – trust me…but a lot. I have always been sort of proud of that. I felt I had nothing to hide, nothing to be afraid about sharing or ashamed in anyway.
This website has brought joy into my life. Especially during times when I felt no one could hear me…no one really understood. I could share it with the universe in this strange intangible place. I felt a lot of relaxation in that. It was/is my outlet. My only outlet.
I have come into contact with many people whom I haven’t heard from in years because of this blog site. What a great gift.
I have connected with others who would email me to tell me thank you for writing about a certain issue because they could relate and for so long they felt alone. Another wonderful opportunity.
I have been contacted by newspapers and even the Montel Williams Show – simply because of what I have written here in my little laptop galaxy. Dreaming of being a writer one day, exposure is definitely a plus.
And I have had the chance to communicate with people that I do not often speak to, never speak to, or cannot speak to….again, through my blogs.
I don’t know if I am ready to give all of that up. I do not know if I should. For now, I have taken down my pictures. I never felt at risk having them there. I always felt it was no different than allowing your children in public. Or writing a letter to the editor. People can find you easily these days…information is very accessible. However, I was made to feel as though I was doing something very wrong and I need time to think about this. If any of you reading have an opinion…please….let me know. I would love to hear from anyone on this.
As you can see, I decided to put the pictures back up. I may change my mind in the future as I gather more opinions and read about the actual dangers vs. paranoia. Thank you to all who have contacted me about this.