This morning I woke up and read some comments on The Racine Journal Times website about the Budget Repair Bill and the protests. I logged on, all ready to make an attempt to defend my position…to correct false statements…to share much needed information. But then I remembered…this is RJT. They don’t listen. They insult, bait and sit in their mother’s basements waiting for a new target. I didn’t feel like having discussions with children other than my own at such an early hour. Hell, at 6:30, I didn’t even want to talk to THEM!!

Instead I, with eyes half asleep and the laptop propped on my belly, I decided to write a letter to the editor. I hate that you have to be so limited with your words when submitting these pieces. How on earth can I speak my mind in 200 words or less?? Impossible. My letter ended up being over 500 words and will likely get rejected. But I just didn’t know how to edit it short enough and still get my points across. I submitted it to The Racine Journal Times, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal and the Wisconsin State Journal. I have had many letters printed in all of these publications in the past, but never regarding a topic I feel so strongly about.

Anyway, since I am such a long winded blabber mouth…I will likely not get published this time around. So, I will post it here and hope that maybe someone will read it 🙂 Its not the best. I should have taken more time. But I am impatient, tired and busy. So here it goes…

Do you get to enjoy the weekends with your family? Are you happy to return home after an 8 hour work day? Were you financially saved by Worker’s Comp when you were injured at work? For this and so much more you have Wisconsin Unions to thank. Unions set the bar for wages, benefits and policies. Even if you are not part of a Union, you certainly benefit from them. 7 Wisconsin workers DIED to bring you the weekend you enjoy each week. Yet from the mouths of so many Racine residents spew contempt and misguided assumptions.

This fight in Madison and around the country is not about wages, benefits or any state deficit. It is about power and greed. Unions have agreed to make any and all financial concessions in order to fix this so called deficit. Governor Walker still said no. Why? If the budget is the sole reason for this bill, why would he not jump at that offer and end this chaos? Because it isn’t about the budget and never has been.

Unions are the biggest Democratic supporters. We all know that money is what gets a politician elected. Sad but true. Unions are virtually all Democrats have to depend on during elections. They do not have the backing of big corporations and CEOs. So, Republicans must cut Unions off at the knees in order to gain and remain in office. This bill is about busting Unions so that Walker and his cronies can ensure basically a one party system (I see it more as a dictatorship).

If each adult paid $32 dollars, this “budget crisis” would be solved without destroying the rights of anyone. There are solutions which do not need to include taking from those who are already vulnerable. There is simply no other conclusion from which to draw.

I do not have a dog in this fight. This bill may not directly burden me immediately like it would for so many others. However, I will fight this bill anyway I know how because I know that the steps our Governor is taking now can and will destroy life as we know it in Wisconsin. Now it is the public sector. Next will be private unions. Wages everywhere will plummet. Benefits will gradually decrease. There will be 60 kids to a classroom. The professionals taking care of our children, elderly and infirmed will be less educated and motivated. This WILL effect us all. It is only a matter of time. This is only step one in a calculated process to kick out the last leg on which we stand as American workers.

Read the recent publications from the Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau. Watch the actual coverage from the Capitol on Wisconsin Eye. These are unbiased and unedited forums. Listen to more than what Fox News is telling you. Become an informed individual instead of just a part of a political borg.

This bill reeks of corruption, misleading information and dictatorship mentality. It must be stopped. And I for one have never been so proud of a group of politicians as I have been of the Wisconsin 14 this past week. They did what was necessary to protect their constituents without regard to their own consequences. THAT is what makes a hero. And THAT is who I want representing me in Madison and in Washington D.C.


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