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Would it Kill Ya to Smile??

Names have been changed to protect the miserable.
"(garble garble)…This is Kristie McCrabby"
"Oh, I am so sorry, I must have dialed the wrong number."
Okaaaaaaaaaay. Have a nice day happy friendly dog face.
What is wrong with people? Everywhere I turn there is a grumpy expression, a rude response, and exasperated sighs. Is EVERYone miserable? I walk past a distant neighbor and smile. All I get in return is a scowl. I hold a door for a woman at the store, not even a thank you nod. If I need a door opened for me, forget it! Woman with a baby, come on, chivalry is not only dead it is decomposed and wreeking! Apparently so is common courtesy and simple friendliness.
Perhaps these people need to learn the effects of a smile. Smiling can actually produce endorphines that make you feel better. And it is clear that these people need SOMEthing to help them feel better. Smile or take a pill…do some freaking thing because you are bummin me out.
Not only that but it effects others as well….
… Gal A gets a smile from Guy B. Gal A decides to smile at Lady C. Lady C was having a really bad day. She was thinking all people were trolls. She was obviously on the phone with the insurance company all morning. Lady C starts to feel better. She puts a dollar in the MS jar at the store. Cashier D put that jar there in dedication to her sister’s plight. This was the first dollar to make its way into the jar. Cashier D finally feels she may be able to make a difference. She goes on to start a local charity organization which will eventually bring in 250k each year to the MS Foundation. Guy B is later cured of his MS because of stem cell research that was made possible by Cashier D’s organziation…
The ripples of making the slighest kind gesture can make waves down the shore.
So smile damnit.

Interesting Pictures

Last night there were some pretty big storms/tornados in the area. I took some pictures of the sky afterwards. It was about 10:30pm. Some of the pictures are of the beautiful moon. Some of clouds. And some..well, you decide. Many people think that orbs such as the ones I caught here are actually ‘angels’. Perhaps they love storms as much as I do because there sure were alot of them!! Keep in mind those pictures were taken during a cloudy sky. Those are not visable stars.
One other strange thing perhaps someone can help explain…in all of the pictures that are zoomed in, there is a small red dot in the same place in each picture, regardless of my moving positions. However, that red dot is not there in the pictures where I zoomed out. Nancy, can ya help me out here??
 I will post the pics in an Album called Stormy Night as I do not think they will post well in the blog.

Forever Baby



How do you grow

An inch everyday

My god my arms hurt

How much do you weigh


One year ago you were

Still in my belly

Now like a big girl

You’re eating toast and jelly


Wasn’t it yesterday

I rocked you to sleep

You laid in your swing

Without making a peep


Can I somehow stop time

Can’t I please press pause

Let’s just live in the moment

It’s for a good cause


I need every frame

To sink in and last

Because the way time flies

Right now is the past


Whether you crawl or walk

Whatever age you may be

I will always be mama

And you’re forever baby

Oh Motherhood


I wake in the morning
rubbing the crust from my eyes
I drag out of bed
and squeeze into a bra half my size

How can it be morning
Didn’t I JUST go to bed
I will take a nap today
Ha, not easier done than said

I look in the mirror
with a scowl and a grunt
step on the scale
and give it a furious punt

I walk into the baby’s room
with one eye half shut
I take a wiff to smell
her nasty little butt

Then she looks at me
with that toothless grin
as if to say
Where have you been?

She giggles and squeels
and blows a few bubbles
And I think to myself, boy
I can get used to these troubles.

Ive never been so exhausted,
fat, and energy depleted
I’ve never felt so loved
content, warm, and needed

For what she takes
I get back ten fold
So its all very worth it
even if I feel 80 years old

Jail Expansion or Bigger Picture??


A Letter I wrote to the Editor of the TJT…


I believe that instead of putting that money into a jail expansion, it would make better economic sense to put those funds towards a greater solution. We need to look at the big picture here.


We need programs that will instill the values that seem to be lacking in our community. Parents need to be held responsible for their young children’s behavior and education. There are many parents that need to learn how to instill pride, self respect, good judgment, confidence, and integrity into their children. Parents need to be held accountable.  We need to develop resources that will help parents do this.  We need realistic affordable family counseling. What I mean by realistic is counseling services without a 3 month waiting period. Parenting and education are at the fundamental core of creating a positive community. It has to start at the beginning.


Many of the offenders taking up space in the jails and prisons are there because of addiction, in one way or another. Either they are dealers supplying the addicts, addicts committing crimes to gain their drug of choice, or committing crimes while under the influence.  This community needs a realistic inpatient treatment facility that is affordable to those from all walks of life. There are many empty buildings in this city wasting away. Take one of these buildings, hire experienced professionals, and begin to treat one of the roots of our community’s problems. Downtown business owners are so appalled by the presence of homeless people adorning their precious Main Street. Perhaps they can help provide grants to this treatment center to help these people get back on their feet. I do not think people understand what it costs for a patient who is uninsured to get addiction treatment. They simply expect them to get over it. Or even more so, people simply do not care. We bury our heads in the sand and pass judgment.  What does that solve?  These people need serious rehabilitation and I think we can all agree this does not exist in the jail system.


We need to keep jobs here at home. We need to vote for politicians who will fight against our jobs being outsourced to other countries. We need our local businesses to hire on employees instead of keeping “temporary” employees for years and years with no benefits or opportunities for advancement. We need to reward local companies who really make a contribution to hiring local citizens. And we need to penalize companies who practice otherwise. 


People do not want to seem to look at the entire vision. It is all connected. We are all connected. This is a community and the problems and issues of one family seep throughout the entire population.  Everyone at one time or another is affected by the ripples created by another. The crime in this city will not subside until the roots of these issues are addressed and dealt with: addiction, joblessness, lack of positive parenting, and lack of self respect and pride.  We need a willingness to put the money and the manpower into programs that will chip away at the actual problems, not just their symptoms.