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Key Lime Cove Water Park – January 2013


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I will be writing a complete review on The Rayne Report soon. I will post the link once it is published.

Kids going down water slide. Cassidy refused for the longest time, but once she tried it, she loved it.

I posted this video to show how great the new LifeProof case for iPhone works. I will post a review of that as well. People kept staring at us and I had a couple of guys ask me about using my iPhone in the water…they were kinda freakin’ out.


Photos from Ed Schultz/John Nichols Racine Visit (June 2012)


I will be playing catch up for quite a while since I have terribly neglected my blog for a bagillion months. BAD blogger!!

Anywho – way back in May I told y’all about my campaign to get Ed Schultz and John Nichols to Racine for GOTV weekend for the Recall Election. Well…(a hundred years later) I am very proud to tell you that they did indeed pay a visit. Honestly, I couldn’t believe it all worked out, but it did. I guess this is one of those cases when being a huge pain in the ass pays off.

I really think that weekend was one of the best in my life. Its definitely up there. The whole election, campaign, all the months leading up to the recall – it was all life changing. And that weekend really put the icing on the kringle.

Here are some photos from that day. I do wish I wore a better outfit tho. Blach.

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Miss Representation and Barbie Bullshit


I just finished watching Miss Representation – a documentary which focuses on the way media impacts the futures of an entire society of girls. From cradle to grave, young girls are bombarded with images, standards and expectations which are hyper-sexual, derogatory and unachievable. Girls are taught from the time they can walk that how a woman looks is the basis of her value.

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Some outrageous facts from the film:

Female cartoon characters often dress comparable to women in an R rated movie. Tinkerbell and Ariel, for examples, are half naked.

Girls 11-14 are exposed to about 500 advertisements a day.

By the time a girl is a tween, $7000 will already be spent on beauty products.

53% of 13 year old girls are dissatisfied with their bodies. By age 17, that number jumps to 78%.

About 2/3 of all women and girls have an eating disorder.

I will be writing more about this as I think I want to make it the subject of my next editorial. But I wanted to pop on and talk a bit about it because of something my step daughter said to me today.

Just as I finished watching the film, she returned home and asked if I had a blonde wig. I said no but wondered why she asked. She informed me that she is going to be Barbie for Halloween. I am sure you can imagine my instant disgust. I said to her, “Oh, I really wish you wouldn’t. I really regret letting you guys play with those in the first place.” And I went on to vaguely tell her about the movie I had just watched. She was most uninterested.

Now, if this were Cassidy – my answer would simply be, no. I would gladly participate in actively seeking an alternate costume (as I would for Kenzie as well) but I would not allow her to be Barbie, a Bratz Doll or anything else I felt was inappropriate or damaging to her perspective. But I cannot do this with Kenzie. The harder I fight, the more resistance I will get from her and her mom and dad. Fact is, Charlie doesn’t even think about these things and would likely think I am over reacting. Of course, he has no clue what it is to be a girl or a woman and especially, a mother.

This movie really opened my eyes to issues I already knew existed – but I never really thought about how it all works together to keep women down. It is a definite must see for everyone – especially parents. And even more especially – those parents who allow their young girls to wear clothing with “Juicy” on the butt, heels, thick ass eyeliner (saw a 10 year old with darker make up than I have ever worn on the bus the other day), belly shirts and thong underwear.  Those parents have always made my skin crawl, but now…even more so.

A Day in the Woods (and I didn’t leave the kids there!)


Yesterday we took a drive around SE Wisconsin. We wanted to see the fall colors – and we were a couple weeks late. But it was still pretty and a very nice day. We went to Holy Hill, Newburg and Menomonee Falls. We also stopped at the Mine Shaft in Hartford for lunch and ended the day grocery shopping at Woodmans. 9 hours in the car with the kids and I didn’t kill anyone. So I say the day was a success!!

Some pics…

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Pictures of Occupy Milwaukee – Updated with Video


Although we did not participate, we took a swing by Occupy Milwaukee yesterday during our family road trip.

The pictures aren’t great because I didn’t get out of the car. But As you can see – the crowd is SURELY not made up of just a bunch of college aged hippies!!! Of course you won’t see that on TV.

Here are some pictures and videos…

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Our First Trip to Vegas – September 2011


About a month ago, Charlie and I took our first trip to Vegas. As always, it was nice to get away – just the two of us. The weather was great and our hotel was nice. The scenery out there is beautiful and unfamiliar. But, to be totally honest, we probably will not go back.

We are just not Vegas people. We don’t gamble and we’re cheap. Everything there is outrageously expensive. I used to hear how you could get a prime rib dinner for like 5 bucks out there. My dad used to talk about it. But that isn’t how it is any more. One day it cost us 36 bucks for 2 subs and some soup at a take out joint. Honestly, everything was ridiculously pricey.

Then there is the party atmosphere – which was clearly no secret. But I didn’t realize how tired we would feel. The heat, all the walking and the 2 hour time change really left us feeling lazy as hell. We were in our room by 11 each night. See, we are people who like to relax and not be on a schedule. We don’t like to feel like we have to be doing something constantly. We like to lay around on the water or sit by a fire or relax in a hot tub. We don’t want to dress up, spend all of our money and run ourselves ragged. I guess we didn’t fully realize that until we were there.

I thought Vegas would be something different, something new. I figured it was one of those place you just HAD to go before you die. And it was interesting and neat. The hotels/casinos are quite something. But honestly, one day of all that is enough. The whole time we were there I was fanticising about floating on the boat down the Wisconsin River. I guess we are just boring 🙂

That all being said – it wasn’t awful. I do wish I had picked a different place to vacation since who knows when will be the next time without kids. But we had a decent time…ate some good food, saw a great comedy show (Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club), enjoyed our hotel and its mall (Planet Hollywood) and our drive out to the Hoover Dam was nice. We are just not Vegas people, that’s all.

Pictures below…

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Meet the New Members of Our Litter…


Last week we adopted 2 cats from Countryside Humane Society. They are getting along great. I had planned on separating them for a while until they adjusted. But right out of the carriers they went up to each other (a picture of their meeting below) with no issues at all. They are both amazingly friendly and loving. Very social and affectionate. They slept in our bed beginning day one – never once has either of them hid. We have been so lucky.

I had the names picked out for a long time – long before meeting the cats. I wanted to use the names I would have used had I had more children. Lucy Lee and Grey Edward.

Unfortunately I had to name the grey one Grey because he is a boy. I just didn’t think I could pull off Lucy for a boy even tho my Brian was a girl. Anyway, he has the biggest cheeks ever. He is two and was a stray. He has had a upper respiratory infection since bringing him home. He’s been to the vet and has had a round of antibiotics. Its pretty icky. I have never had a cat with this illness before. Very snotty and sneezy and gross. He is getting better thankfully. But it isn’t gone yet. It sure hasn’t stopped him from being in good spirits tho. He purrs constantly.

When we first saw Lucy, I cried. At first look, she was SO similar to Bob that it really freaked me out. In fact, it was a reason I did not want to pick her. But the rest of my family argued and won. She is a total sweetheart. VERY fat and needs to be on a diet.  She is so fat it takes her like 10 minutes to gain the momentum to jump onto the bed.  She is a year and a half and was surrendered by her family who could no longer afford her.

We love them both and they love being here. Very happy about our decision. It’s nice having pets again. My heart and home felt empty for a while. But I needed time to get over my Bob…who I still miss so much.

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The Green Room Goes Green


My friend Maureen turned me on to The Green Room with Paul Provenza and I finally got around to watching it today.

Hilarious. Absolutely one of the funniest shows on TV.Definitelyy the best in its format. And this particular episode really broke television ground…you will see why…and yes, that joint is real…

I am SO frustrated!!!! I cannot get the video to work…but here is the link…

Watch Kathy Griffin Shot Gun Weed on The Green Room
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This show is a must see!!