Things That I Love
In no particular order of course….

1. Stand up comedy
2. Spirituality
3. Animals
4. Thunderstorms
5. Dreaming
6. My DVR
7. Witnessing acts of kindness
8. Being right (lol…sorry)
9. Cassidy’s kisses
10. Soft grass on my bare feet
11. Cooking
12. The smell of coconut
13. Strawberry Coladas
14. Lobster
15. The ocean
16. Any season that doesn’t end in “ter”
17. Writing
18. Genuine compliments (who doesn’t)
19. John Edward (the medium – though I do like the candidate too)
20. A great movie
21. TV
22. My husband’s massages
23. Laughing through tears
24. Making up after a fight
25. Chocolate
26. My family
27. Reconnecting with long lost friends/family
28. Getting cool mail
29. Having soft skin
30. Philosophy products (the Grace scents are heavenly)

Here is a list of some of my favorite things with links. Like THING things. We all know what stuff Oprah loves. Well, now…here are some things I love (and none of it has the Oprah price tags). Excited? Calm down. You get nothing. Just my shared wisdom. And we know…that is simply priceless.

Red Lobster
Yes. I will admit it. I like Red Lobster. But we don’t need to make a big announcement or anything.

Pomegranate Decaf Green Tea
This stuff is great. Pricey tho.

Big Sexy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner
My hair is very fine and straight. I think this stuff is perfect for my hair type. I also like the Root Pump if I am going out – very volumizing.

Kalamata Figs

Honey Crisp Apples
Not a big apple person myself. But I sure do love these. Around for such a short time…I hoard them.

This is amazing. Powered peanuts which you mix with water or put in a recipe. 85% less fat AND calories than regular PB. And it tastes GREAT!! You cannot tell the difference and I am picky about PB!!

Brandi Carlile – The Story
Another CD which is wearing out. I just love it. Best CD in a LONG time.

Damien Rice – O
I could listen to this CD over and over. Actually, I do 🙂

Philosophy Hope in a Jar
By far thee best facial moisturizer I have yet to use. I just wish it wasn’t so pricey!!

Man. I love this thing. And I am nervous because we are probably getting Uverse very soon and I worry the DVR won’t have as many options or be as good in some way. I will let you know!

Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker
I love iced tea. But I only drink calorie and caffiene free beverages. Since that was impossible to find…I bought this and drink exactly what I want all day – LOVE it.

Philosophy Inner Grace Perfume
My most favorite scent. I was never much of a perfume chic before finding Philosophy. Their Amazing Grace scent is a very close second.
Without a doubt, this site helped me lose 34 lbs.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish
I am not a girly girl. And I cannot afford manis and pedis. So I do them myself when it can be easy. This polish makes it easy. Contoured brush is perfect fit and the polish dries quickly but not tacky when you put it on.

Old Navy
When there is a sale, I can go crazy. And I HATE to shop. Seriously, hate. Its affordable and I think their stuff is really cute…for the whole family!!

Victoria’s Secret
Really, the best bras. They will last and with big ole honkers you need a decent bra…no 15 dollar Target shit will hold these puppies.

Goody Spin Pins
These things are friggin’ fantastic. My hair is thin and fine and as straight as Brad Pitt. Yet just one of these pins holds my hair in a variety of buns and styles. LOVE THEM!!

Nag Champa
Honestly, one of my favorite scents…this incense can instantly calm me.

TGIF Blenders – Pina Colada
I do not drink often…quite rarely really. But when I do decide to have a drink…this hits the spot!! AND it is mucho easy…add to ice and blend…the rum is already in there, man (mahn).

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