So, I have decided to start a “Bucket List”. In my recent days of feeling down and un-lived…I have realized ONCE AGAIN how short life truly is and there is just so much more I want to experience. This will obviously be a work in progress…but I will start now with those that are on the top of my head…

These are in no particular order…

Learn to play the guitar

Take voice lessons

Learn how to make my own pickles

Visit Hawaii

Finish college

Write a book (even if it does not get published)

Write a screenplay

Cover my yard with roses and other fragrant flowers

One thought on “My Bucket List – So Far

  1. Saw you also have a “bucket list” 🙂 I first had one way back in the mid 1990’s after reading something in a Readers Digest called “50 things to do before you die.” Same idea as the bucket list….I also have “write a book” on my list (done) and a butt load of other really random things as well..(like having a pet pig, planting an orchard, opening a B and B, host music festivals in our Barn, bla bla bla. I love identifying what resonates with me and then trying to figure out a way to pull it off. I noticed on your current post, you guys are hoping for a get away to DBQ sometime soon..good for you! We’ll be married 32 yrs this April and one of the keys for us in keeping a vibrant relationship (as the kids came along) was making sure to carve out some one on one time.

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