101 Things About Me – Finally Finished!!

1. I was born in the same damn city I live in now
2. I have no birth marks
3. I had braces on my teeth for 4 years
4. I desperately want a chin implant and breast lift – but too afraid
5. I have OCD…well, not the C part – just the O part
6. I love staying in hotels
7. I always use coupons when I go to the store
8. I buy all my bras and undies at Victoria’s Secret
9. The only bone I have ever broken is a small one in my foot
10. I hate looking at myself in the mirror
11. I never wore perfume until I found Philosophy fragrances
12. I am tired all of the time
13. I watched the entire series of Six Feet Under in less than a week
14. I cry when I see really awesome talent
15. I can be quite envious
16. I am very sad at the likelihood of not having another child
17. My head is constantly full of what ifs
18. I really hate exercise
19. I love chocolate WAY too much
20. I love the smell of pot even though I no longer smoke it
21. Sometimes I wish I could sleep all day
22. I think I have nice feet
23. I use the address labels even when I do not always donate to the charity that sent them to me
24. I think I am being used by the publications for whom I write for free
25. I do not clean as often as I should
26. I am sometimes consumed with worry
27. I have to have the TV on before I go to sleep
28. I was at the last Grateful Dead show
29. I wish I had closer relationships with my brother and step daughter
30. I forgive very easily
31. I never forget anything
32. I love to go to the movies by myself
33. When I get bitten by bugs I react badly and get very large lumps that itch terribly
34. I have seasonal allergies which drive me nuts
35. I take lots of vitamins
36. I regret many things from my past
37. I miss my father every day
38. I love to start fires
39. I am super impatient
40. I have a slide in my living room
41. I am a good cook but a bad baker
42. I think I should have been an actress
43. Where the Wild Things Are was my favorite book when I was little
44. I had pictures of Ricky Schroeder and Kirk Cameron all over my room growing up
45. I have an active sixth sense which I wish I could tap into more often and have more control over
46. I like to go grocery shopping
47. I love the smell of gasoline
48. I eat meat but feel very guilty about it
49. I worry all the time that there is no afterlife
50. I wore out both my Grease Album and 8 Track from listening to them too much
51. I enjoyed living alone
52. I miss a lot of people – several I miss A LOT
53. When I was a kid I would come home from school and eat saltine crackers and drink Tang as I listened to The Jefferson’s on my TV Radio
54. I was grounded a lot as a kid
55. I did not have sex until I was almost 19
56. My first kiss was behind a garage with a boy named Ryan
57. My first French kiss was also with a boy named Ryan (not the same one) and I forgot to take my gum out of my mouth
58. I once fell into a HUGE mud puddle while on a date
59. I have been dumped many times
60. I think I may be high maintenance…emotionally speaking
61. I do not need to be rich. I am happy with a home, cable, food and a hotel every so often
62. I drive a foreign SUV and I do not feel bad about that
63. I love big loud crashing thunderstorms
64. I sneaked out of my house once as a teen and it wasn’t even fun…and I got caught
65. I feel life is going by much too quickly and I am not doing enough to LIVE
66. I wish I was more affectionate with those other than just Cassidy
67. When I get really good customer service I try to let their supervisors know
68. I love to play board games and kick ass at Trivial Pursuit and Scattagories
69. My first dog was named Daisy and she was put to sleep
70. I wish I could push the fat from my tummy into my ass
71. I use both liquid and dryer sheet fabric softener
72. At this time in my life I have no best friend…unless you count my mom
73. I continue to sell things on Ebay and Craigslist even though I never make any money
74. My cat, Brian, never lets me sleep…she really annoys me
75. I have to wear glasses now. It sucks.
76. I think lights should be off during sex
77. When my daughter cries, my spine hurts – does that make ANY sense?
78. I love to have painted toenails
79. But I hate painting my nails
80. And I am too cheap for manis and pedis when I do them just as well
81. I am starting to see the appeal of Books on CD
82. I used to think it would be cool to be a mob wife
83. I once took acid and watched Wizard of Oz – worst night EVER
84. I love the smell of lilacs
85. I often wonder if certain people think of me as often as I think of them
86. I hate the feelings of being up-side-down, adrenaline and spinning
87. I love the feelings of being in water, warm new sheets and my daughter’s Eskimo kisses
88. I have 8 books on my nightstand waiting to be finished
89. I like doing crosswords – if they’re not too hard
90. When I started smoking I started with Benson and Hedges
91. When I quit smoking my last pack was Camel Ultra Lights
92. I am secretly afraid of bees, wasps and hornets – like AFRAID afraid…but I don’t run and scream because its a secret
93. I never see caterpillars anymore
94. I need to learn how to use my sewing machine
95. I once had a Hedgehog named Oswald aka Ozzy
96. My husband says that when my cats die we aren’t getting anymore, but he is wrong because I am
97. I think my daughter may be psychic
98. I want so badly to look as I did 10 years ago
99. I like houses which are built from those multi colored bricks
100. I would kill for a hot tub
101. Boy, I sound more boring than I thought!!

2 thoughts on “101 Things About Me (Because I know you care oh so much)

  1. I just found this website today and for a minute I thought I was reading 101 Things About Me! I have a feeling if I met you in person we could become very good friends. As I was reading your I’m Sorry List I was close to tears because you were so honest and real. I was also a little jealous that you could admit to yourself and others what you did and how sorry you were. Also a bit jealous over your spectacular writing skills. I look forward to reading more on your website and have marked it as one of my “favorites”.

    1. Jen – Wow. Thank yo for that. I am so used to negative comments that to see one like this really makes my day (week, month..). Many people are put off by me. I can be loud, vulgar and way too opinionated. So, my views along with my delivery bothers many. What bothers them the most – on here and in real life is my honesty. I try to be very authentic and never fake (well, have to be at work…but you know what I mean). I mean what I say and say what I mean and when I can’t I say nothing. Honestly really really bothers people. But it makes me feel better about myself. That is why not so long ago I made a gradual decision to just throw myself out there..warts and all. Mostly warts, really LOL. Anyway…again, I thank you and I hope I can live up to you compliments 🙂

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