Monthly Archives: July 2006

Lady in the Water

This is not yet my review. Merely a suggestion. I strongly suggest seeing the movie Lady in the Water. It is NOT a horror movie. While there are some scenes (only a couple) that may make you jump..this movie is so much more. See it…see it with an open mind. Hopefully you can get out of it what I did. I was truly truly moved.
I will post a review in a few days. I want people to see it with their own perspectives and not be tainted by what they read. But I am dying to discuss it, so go see it and I will post my review soon!!!

New Photo Albums

I have an old VHS tape that is full on home movies from the Early 1950s. Most of the filming took place in Racine and some in Canada where they would go to on fishing trips. These movies were taken by someone on my Dad’s side of the family. I am not sure who many of the people are, but my father as a young child as well as his sister Gloria and his parents Edward and Betty Jocius are on it quite a bit. I was able to capture some still shots from the film. I also have a few stills of some Racine landmarks and the 4th of July Parade which used to go down State Street.
I never met my grandfather Jocius as he died before I was born. My grandmother passed when I was around 12. And my dad died when I was 23 (he was 46). So, it is quite nostaglic and even a bit tear jerking to watch the video. But I also find it incredibly interesting.
Hope you enjoy the pictures. I will get more Racine shots on there soon. It has become quite a project since I am also putting the tape onto DVD.

Just Poppin In

I know I haven’t written in what seems like forever – to me at least. I am going through a very rough time right now and cannot seem to muster the desire, motivation, or will to write or do much of anything for that matter. However, I know I will soon. So, just wanted to let you know (those of you who still may check in from time to time) that I am indeed still breathing.
I hope everyone has a very safe and wonderful holiday!!!
I will be back soon. And I know I will at least have some pictures of the family on the 4th.
Take care!!!