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I know there are decent people out there who still vote Republican even if they do not agree with this President. I know there are some people who still support this President while considering themselves decent. I have to believe this is because they simply do not know many people unlike themselves. I believe there are very smart people out there controlling the information in a way that makes it addicting and persuasive. I believe that fear and anger are very powerful tools. I want these people to at least try to understand some concepts that are not derived from “liberal media” or the Democratic Party. These are from a 45 year old Midwestern mom who does not ever watch MSN and has no delusions about our political system or the human condition. These are just things I know from living life, talking to people, and paying attention to the world beyond my front yard.


No woman enjoys having an abortion. None. I have, however, known of girls/women who have become pregnant because they did not have access to the healthcare/prevention/support that they needed. Also, no woman is having a late term abortion because she just put it off. This only happens under very heartbreaking health related situations. And these situations are absolutely none of our business.

Being born in America doesn’t make someone more worthy or better in any way. It took no special skill or action to be born in a particular geographical area. By the same token, people are not of less value because they were not born here. They are not any less human. They are not less intelligent or compassionate or capable. For those who believe in God – do you really think geography plays a part in his judgement? It certainly shouldn’t in yours.

Speaking English isn’t a pre-requisite to being a valuable citizen. If anything, shouldn’t we all be speaking a Native American language? And technically, Spanish was much more prevalent in this country before the English language. Please know that when you demand that people speak English in order to live here, that you are indeed perpetuating racist beliefs.

Liberals don’t riot. I have met hundreds of active progressives/liberals/democrats. I have never met a single person who has looted or rioted. Not one. Ever. Please know that much of what you read or watch is simply not true. It is actually laughable. Most of us are a bunch of nerds and hippies. We certainly aren’t breaking windows and beating people up. Go out into the world and meet some real people. You will soon see the ridiculousness of what is often portrayed by those with an agenda. Each “side” has their crazy fanatics – and I am sure neither side wants to claim those fools. Those people are on their own.

White Privilege doesn’t mean that all whites have it easier than all people of color. It just means that being white has not made things more difficult for you. Once white people can stop being so defensive about this, progress can be made. Nobody is taking away from your hardships. Nobody is discounting your perseverance over adversity. Horrible unfair shit happens to white people all of the time. However, people of color face the extra challenge simply because of their race, skin color, name, culture, etc. on top of the problems that come with simply being human.

We need smart people. I do not have a college degree. I am not what most people would consider “successful”. And, yes, I sometimes feel stupid. I have a friend who can answer almost every question on Jeopardy and her vocabulary is 3x larger than mine. Do I want to play trivia against her? Not really. But she is the first one I go to if I don’t understand something or need advice. I see the appeal of wanting to vote for a person one can relate to. I can see why people don’t want to feel inferior. Nobody likes to feel dumb. But when it comes to people making very important decisions that affect millions of people – I want those people to be WAY smarter than me. When you see a candidate who speaks several languages, has a few degrees, uses fancy words – this should not turn you away. This isn’t about your intelligence or how they make you feel about yourself. This is about electing people to do the things we cannot do, the things we cannot understand, the things for which even the smartest among our friends are not qualified. Save relate-able for talk show hosts, dart buddies, and pod casts.

We have all played a part in racism. Of course you probably didn’t burn crosses or use the N word. But chances are, you have held racist beliefs during your life. And not acknowledging our own words and thoughts is only perpetuating the very racism some refuse to recognize. You don’t even have to admit it out loud. Although, that would be helpful. It would go a long way to changing our current climate. But if you cannot, I just ask that you look into your own heart and mind. What words have you used in front of your children? What choices have you made at work that may have been affected by race? How much time have you taken to learn about other races and cultures? How much have you opened up your inner circle to those unlike yourself? Acknowledging that you have said or thought racist things in your past doesn’t make you the devil. It makes you honest. Admitting to which we are ashamed helps us all grow.  Systemic racism is literally killing people. We ALL need to do better – on both sides of the aisle.

We aren’t all far left winged. Yes, I am personally pretty liberal. But I still do not gravitate towards the far left of the progressive side. I know that most people are somewhere in the middle. I know that my government is supposed to represent more than just my own beliefs. We aren’t all drum banging, patchouli smelling (yuck), commune living, bleeding hearts. Some of us go to church, have guns, home-school, support capitalism, are vets. I admit that I struggle with my own stereotypes of today’s republicans. I know I need to work on it. And I am guessing, so do some of you.

So, these are just a few things off the top of my head. Perhaps I will add as I think of more. Do I think any of this will matter or make a difference to anyone? Unlikely. But it was worth getting off my chest.

What are some things YOU would like the “other side” to know?

2 thoughts on “Dear 2019 Republicans,

  1. Just a thought, when we are expressing our political view points, stop describing people who disagree with us as Dumbocrats or Rethuglicans. It is unoriginal and does nothing to encourage or elavate discussion. Recently someone I know posted a meme describing all liberals as pieces of shit. She has been unfriended. Prior to this post , I thought we might have an honest discussion about our different view points., but this can’t happen when both sides hold zero respect for each other.

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