To ALL Racine citizens -   Please remember to vote YES today on the school board referendum!!!!!   Here some great information to enlighten you if you are still on the fence -   And if you are not sure WHERE you should vote - YES YES YES....  …


Congratulations Chad and Bess!!

Right before Easter my brother, Chad, and his girlfriend, Bess, were engaged. Congratulations guys!! Love ya!! I will post the announcement from the paper in the photo album. It  doesn't look great because of my scanner, but it was originally a really good picture!

Goodbye Normie

About 15 years ago, in my junior year of high school, our family adopted a Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig. Well, WE didn’t, my step father did. I had heard about this pig being at the animal shelter in one of my classes. So, I casually mentioned it in conversation with my step dad that afternoon.…