Monthly Archives: December 2005

What would you…


What would you do

If you saw the real me

Would you run would you laugh

Would you climb up a tree


What would you say

If I told you my story

Would you stammer or stutter

Would you slam down a forty


Maybe you’d smile

Kiss and hug me too

Maybe you’d shrug

Because you already knew


Maybe you’d say

That you’ll love me forever

Maybe you’d sigh

And say Oh Whatever


Will you ever know me

Do you even care

Would you accept the damage

Or not see it there


For now I will let you

Ask of what only you wonder

Perhaps less is more

So I will prevent a blunder



Like it or Not



Distorted reflections, mistaken beliefs

Am I empty or just to full to feel

This isn’t who I thought Id become

I didn’t sign up for this deal


So much for me to be grateful

I am thankful for all I’ve been given

But something inside is missing

That passion that once had me driven


I want to open my eyes

And become fully aware

That this is my life like it or not

There is no such thing as fair


I need to take what I have

And make it the most

And realize to this life of mine

I am the only host


I need to live in the moment

Worry not of the future, forget the past

I need to let the river carry me

And shed this cumbersome mast


Introducing myself

To this world as just me

Its good enough for you

So I will just let it be