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Heart Event Monitor…fun.


I broke down and scheduled an appointment to get an event monitor this Thursday. I will have to wear leads on my abdomen/chest for 30 straight days while the device records the actions of my heart. I am pretty bummed to have to do this. But I think it will finally give me some answers and hopefully, reassurance. I just wish it didn’t have to be over the holidays.

I had one about 5-6 years ago. It was a total pain in the butt.  I would have to call at the end of each tape and put the phone up to the machine while it transmitted the information. It was weird.

I am getting one this thursday and since it is a 30 day thing, I will have to wear it (or will I? can I skip an evening here and there??) to Christmas parties and events when I am suppose to be dressed up. Lame.

Curious if anyone knows if these monitors have improved over the past 5 years…???


Awake and Terrified


I can’t stop crying tonight. It is 10:30 and I really need sleep. But I am afraid to close my eyes. I am afraid I won’t wake up. The thought of leaving my daughter, my family…it is so intense that I am certain I need to go back to the shrink.

Tonight my PVCs/PACs (not sure which) have been significantly worse than normal. To explain it the best I can – they feel like my heart stopping. In fact, if I am taking my pulse, I will feel it stop. When it happens, it catches my breath and I feel a weird surge…probably adrenaline – which I hate. I hate hate hate adrenaline. Anyway, I have been told these are benign. That they won’t kill me. Somehow, those words do not help – not even sure I believe them.

They were really bad for a while…but then the beta blocker helped a lot. Anxiety medicine helped even more. I probably still had them, just noticed them less. I continued to have increases the week before my period – they are definitely affected by hormones. And I found that apple cider vinegar helped a lot as well. But for some reason, today is worse than usual. Even with extra ACV. I took a little extra of my beta blocker too – which the Dr. always suggested during bad times. And I think it is starting to help. But when I lay down I still feel it every few minutes or so.

I know I need to get a grip. This will likely be with me forever. I need to learn to deal with it and live my life. And really, I have been for a long time now. For some reason, tonight has shifted me backwards. I have been through this before. I have had this conversation with myself a million times. I am alive now, and I need to live while I can. Instead of freaking out, crying, reading the internet and taking my pulse – I need to spend time with my family. I need to lay with my daughter and laugh with my husband and vice versa. Unfortunately, they are sleeping right now so you are stuck with me, dear website.

It is all about acceptance. I need to accept that I have this shitty condition. I need to accept that with or without a heart problem, I can die at any moment. I need to accept that I will never have ANY control over death. I need to accept that all I have is RIGHT NOW. Once I accomplish these, it won’t matter if these fuckers are benign. It won’t matter if the docs are lying. It won’t matter what the tests say. Living in the moment is truly what it is all about. How do I get there? How do I do that??

If I don’t wake up, please remind my family often how much I love them. Please do not let Cassidy forget me or what she meant to me. Help Charlie guide her through life so that she becomes strong, confident and happy. And don’t you dare let Charlie replace me with some dumb ass bitch. 😉

Upside the Head with a Smack of Reality – Patch


See published article and reader comments HERE

I had a doctor appointment today. And I left feeling punched in the gut. Not because of the bill or any procedure endured…it was due to good ole fashion humility. Yep, a big old slap across the head gave me some insight and in turn, made me feel like a jackass.

I am a neurotic person. I have my strange idiosyncrasies. One of these flaws is a just a bit of obsession. I wouldn’t call it OCD per say, I am not compulsive. But I will fixate on something much too deeply for much too long. Every day I learn to deal with it more and more. But I gotta tell ya, being an editorial writer is so not conducive to my healing.

I started writing letters to the editor at 14. By 16 I was writing commentaries for the high school newspaper. Needless to say I was kind of a loud mouth early on and it hasn’t subsided as of yet. This need to inform and be informed seems ingrained. My inability to stay quiet seems just a part of me as my obsessive qualities. I only wish they worked better together.

When my doctor asked me what I do, I told him I wrote editorials for Patch. He asked how I liked it and I jokingly said, “Well, it’s keeping me in therapy.” Tongue in cheek, I made clear…but there is truth to it. Doing the kind of writing that I do creates an obvious critical reaction. And criticism has always been very difficult for me. But add the neurosis and it ends up causing tension, irritation, self doubt, anxiety and insecurity. You have to have a tough skin to do this. And my skin is so thin, the phlebotomists always love me.

I am also over-reactive when it comes to guilt. I feel guilty about things I never said. I feel guilty about living when others die. I feel guilty having when others don’t have. I feel guilty for wasting time feeling guilty. Because of this, when I think that my writing may hurt someone – the Sophie’s Choice-like guilt ensues.

So what I have is a need to voice my opinions and try to stand up for what I believe in. I have a terrible constitution for criticism. I obsess about things to the point of upset. And my guilt gauge is always in the red.

I told my doctor, whom I have always really liked and with whom I feel very comfortable, that it is my fault for having such a big mouth. He then said to me, “It is hard hearing so much criticism, isn’t it?”

And…POW! That is when I was sucker punched.

He mentioned that it has been disheartening reading complaints about Wheaton (All Saints) in the media – especially the extent of the hostility in the reader’s comments. Insta-guilt. Right in the gut. But this time, I had reason to feel guilty. I have criticized Wheaton in the past years. I have had concerns and issues and I complained about Wheaton publicly. And I did so without really considering the ramifications.

And one of the biggest ramifications is hurting the professionals who have been more than kind, caring, respectful and thorough with me. One doctor I have had for nearly 10 years. Another, over 15. Both of them and their supporting staff have been remarkable to me and all of my annoying issues. I am not an easy patient. And they have been top notch every step of the way.

There were issues with the organization itself. And I had a few bad experiences. But I do wish I had thought about everyone involved before spouting out my anger and fear. Some things were wrong. Some mistakes were made – but not by these these particular professionals. Being their patient, how would they know if what I wrote was regarding them or not? I probably made that disclaimer, but I don’t know for sure.

The point is, I have a big satchel full of mistakes, missteps and misunderstandings. I want to take responsibility for this load and use its weight as a reminder to use some restraint, to take extra time and to be more thoughtful. I do not feel I have ever been mean or uncivil in any way. But sometimes a better filter is needed. Benign words can form malignant sentences if one is not careful and aware.

The thought that I may have used words to hurt this doctor in the past – as unintentional as it would have been – really bothers me. He has been so patient and understanding through the years. I hate that it is possible I made him feel the same way I feel when reading personal criticisms towards me on Patch. So…guess what I will be obsessing about for the rest of the week…

P.S. I would like to offer a general apology to anyone I may have offended, do offend or will offend in the future. It is never meant to be personal. Whether you work for or represent Wheaton, Unified, Wisconsin or any other criticized organization; I feel your pain even though I may be one of the people who have contributed to it.

How Will YOU Celebrate Sadam Hussein Day – Patch


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I asked my first grader if she learned anything about Columbus Day yesterday. She looked at me with full head tilt confusion.

“Nina? Pinta? Santa Maria?” I asked. She just laughed as though I was speaking…well, Spanish…and said no. In previous years, my stepdaughter came home with the basic, “In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue…” and the same stuff most of us were taught – Christopher Columbus discovered America.

It was not until I was in my late 20s I learned the truth about this Italian, Catholic “hero” deserving of a National Holiday. And since then, I am still a little surprised each year when I am reminded of this as the news casters wish their audiences a Happy Columbus Day or when I find my mailbox empty.

I really don’t think Columbus is much different than Saddam Hussein. Let me explain:

America invaded Iraq under the guise of eliminating their possible use of weapons of mass destruction. When it was reported that there were indeed no such WMDs, we stayed in Iraq and continued the attacks.

We were told Sadam Hussein needed to be stopped and whether or not WMDs existed, his atrocities did. Hussein committed unspeakable & violent acts against his own people. This was no secret to Americans and many of us were satisfied with the new motive because he was clearly a villain whom must be eradicated. From abductions to genocide to massacres, Hussein was guilty of the worst possible crimes against humanity. So when his hanging became a public display which could be even watched on an iPhone – the cheering was reminiscent of a winning soccer game.

I have a hard time reconciling the American reaction to the death of murderers like Saddam Hussein and the celebration of Christopher Columbus each October. After all, the acts Columbus committedwere quite comparable to Hussein, if not worse.

Christopher Columbus traveled to the Bahamas which were inhabited by indigenous, peaceful people. The Lucayan, Taino and Arawak Indians risked their own lives rescuing the Europeans after the Santa Maria was shipwrecked. Columbus, himself, journaled that the hospitality of the Indians was remarkable. Not only did Columbus claim land which was clearly already discovered, the crimes he committed during his “discovery” were unspeakable. Perhaps SO unspeakable, our schools cannot teach the true story.

While I understand that telling children about his selling 10-year-old girls into sex slavery or killing Indian babies to use as dog food would be most inappropriate, I cannot for the life of me understand why our country still celebrates this horrific person. I mean, honestly, are we looking forward to a day when banks are closed for Hussein Day?

Another Reason Union Haters Should Want National Healthcare – Patch


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The topic of healthcare seems to be back in the conversation as of late. With the reporting of ever increasing insurance and healthcare costs and citizens, companies and municipalities reconciling their policies as segments of Obamacare are rolled out – the debate continues.

In early spring, the attack on Unions started loud and stayed constant. One consistent complaint has been the lavish benefits had by union members. And, of course, the teacher’s union became the bulls-eye for backlash.

I have used this analogy before and probably will again: a segment of our society sees that their neighbor has a cow. They do not have a cow and are angry because of that. They kill their neighbor’s cow because if they don’t have one, they feel nobody should. They find out later that their neighbors had been sharing the cow’s milk with the community. Now no one benefits.

Sometimes cows suck. They can be ornery and make it difficult to milk. They may even kick. No, not all cows are perfect. But sometimes a poor dairy product may be the fault of the farmer or the dairy or the store which sells the cow products. There are many hands on that udder contributing to the final outcome. That doesn’t mean we need to kill the cows and rely on goats. We still need the cows.

So, as we know, there are many people who love to see the teacher’s benefits get slashed. They think WEAC (Wisconsin Education Association Council) and their kind are bad cows. And a big complaint is WEA Trust, the insurance provider created by and for WEAC. Some say that WEA charges double compared to competitors simply because they can; that WEAC forces the districts to purchase insurance from WEA. And if that is the case, I can see why that would upset people.

So, here is a question: wouldn’t that be just one more “problem” solved by a national healthcare system? We wouldn’t have to worry about the possible corruption regarding union benefits ever again. Unions wouldn’t need to waste time bargaining for it or striking against changes. Citizens wouldn’t have to worry that their cow is inferior to the neighbor’s cow. All cows would be the same, cost the same and provide the same. That would give unions one less thing to “manipulate.”

And when I say national healthcare, I am not speaking of Obamacare. That legislation is a watered down waste if you ask me. So much compromise left what could have been a nation-saving move to a few positive steps in the same ho-hum direction. While I see the good it can do for a few, Obamacare isn’t the national healthcare that America truly needs.

I don’t need to bore you with my thoughts on how the health industries of competitive nations can teach us a lot about caring for our people. I won’t repeat, yet again, how a national healthcare will reduce costs because more people will be able to afford to pay their bills. I will spare you the diatribe about prevention being the key to saving lives and massive dough. You have heard all of these arguments before.

I just wanted to share with you a thought about a correlation between unions and healthcare. It’s just one more reason to change the status quo in medical care. One more win/win scenario. Implement healthcare for all and that’s less time I have to spend listening to people complain about the mooing benefits of others.

Too Big for Presidential Britches – Patch


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UPDATE: The Huffington Post is reporting that Gov. Chris Christie announced he will not run for President in 2012.

I have been listening to some liberals voice concerns on an issue recently that kinda sticks in my craw. Apparently, for some, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s weight is tipping the scales (sorry) against him when considering his possible upcoming candidacy for the 2012 Presidential race. And to be fair, there have also been a handful of Republicans who have chimed in regarding his size. It is just bananas.

First of all, there are plenty of reasons to discount Christie as a Presidential contender. It isn’t difficult for me to come to the conclusion that he would make a most undesirable President. So, why use time, effort, energy and audience on a discriminatory non-issue? After all, I am much less worried about what goes into his pie hole than what comes out of it.

Prior to becoming the Governor of New Jersey, Christie was a lobbyist who pushed for the deregulation of energy and securities companies. Before that, he was an attorney who was accused and investigated for tracking cell phones and entrapment. Once elected, the story in New Jersey became very similar to here in Wisconsin. In fact, he and Walker would make great croquet buddies. Christie also passed a budget within a month of becoming Governor – a budget on which he did not campaign. Many people feel his tactics were sneaky and underhanded. He slashed public educationat the knees. Just hours before the budget was due, he used a line item veto to cut another 1 billionfrom the budget. He made unilateral and uncompromising decisions as his ammunition in his attack on the middle class of his state. Yep. Sounds all too familiar.

So when I hear pundits, politicians and others bellyache about Christie’s inability to run the country because of his BMI, it leaves me wondering why they do not focus on the real issues. I have heard the argument that he could die prematurely. Well, so could someone who smokes, enjoys skydiving, hunts or eats cheeseburgers. Even the healthiest person in the world could drop dead from a heart attack. Yes, perhaps the numbers are against a heavier person, but, like I said, there are many factors and I don’t think we want to only elect those who live in bubbles.

I suppose we would like our President to be the ultimate role model for our children. Sending a message that obesity is okay isn’t ideal – this is true. However, we should also teach our children to be accepting and tolerating (tolerating, I really do hate that term) of all body types, shapes, sizes and colors and not base our decisions on those traits.

Some say Christie isn’t electable because of our fatist society. We are so determined, in America, to accept only thin structures and buff bods. That may be true while watching TV or paging through magazines, but this clearly isn’t the case while strolling the grocery stores or grazing the buffets. We are a country who likes to eat (and eat, and eat). I believe people would see him as one of them. I think many people are more at ease with a heavier person because it makes them feel better about themselves.

I was thrilled when Melissa McCarthy, of Mike and Molly, won the Emmy award for lead in a comedy role. As a heavy woman in a sea of skinny minis she’s had a tougher road and her win was not expected. I am delighted when I watch something featuring “real” looking people. We are bombarded by expectations – rules – by society to look a certain way. When I see these rules being broken, I feel progress is being made on certain fronts. And while it can be difficult to reconcile the need for health with the need for acceptance, I, for one, appreciate the realization that I am not the only one bigger than a size 2 and that it might just be okay.

Maybe I am biased because to my own weight issues. I am looking at this through red velvet (with buttercream frosting) colored glasses. When I became pregnant 8 years ago, I also started a medication which caused me to gain over 70 pounds over the following 9 months. It took me 7 years (and medication changes) to lose 60 of those pounds. And I am still working on the last impossible 10. Being heavier, I have experienced circumstances and emotions that I would not have previously understood. It is truly remarkable how different one is treated because of additional weight.

I do believe Chris Christie in the White House would be a tragic and dangerous mistake, buut not because of crumbs on the Oval Office carpet or the need for a larger desk. There are plenty of reasons to vote against Christie. But, if you are voting based on his belt size, I think you have some reading to do.

Smoke Free and Lovin’ It – Patch


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I have an admission to make. Brace yourselves. I agree with Governor Scott Walker. He has stated that the Smoke-Free Wisconsin Act of 2010 was a good thing and he does not intend to repealthe law. I would check to see if hell has frozen over, but I do not think supports that zip code.

And while Walker’s refusal to repeal probably irritates some members of the Tavern League – as hopes for repeal was a factor in supporting his campaign – many bar owners have come around to see that this has not hurt their business. Andanother UW study concluded that the ban has not economically impacted the hospitality industry.

I have personal interest on this topic. On July 5, 2011, I quit smoking for good. This was the last of several wholehearted attempts. As a teenager, I would occasionally sneak cigarettes from my step-father’s jacket. At 18, I quit because my boyfriend insisted. At 21, I started again when said boyfriend dumped me (oh SURE, that’ll show HIM!! How stupid.) I kicked the habit a number of times in the subsequent years, only to start again.

When I was 28, my step-daughter asked me if she could smoke when she was a grown up. Startled and horrified, I quit yet again, and this time, it lasted over five years. I considered myself a non-smoker and was darn proud. But then I slipped during a summer vacation and I turned into a sneaker smoker the next year. I was devastated that I allowed myself to fail. Especially since the addiction seemed to have a tighter grip than ever before. Quitting last summer was unbelievably difficult and I never thought I would make it through without a murder charge. But I did. And I appreciate each day for being smoke free.

I began wondering how many other people set their quit date according to the smoking ban. It seemed to my husband and I to be the perfect time to finally ditch the butts. I also wondered how the ban impacted health and business in Wisconsin.

The University of Wisconsin’s Tobacco Surveillance & Evaluation Program conducted a study in December of 2010 comparing indoor air quality in bars and restaurants before and after the legislation. The air quality increased by 92% in those few months. Racine went from an 85 rating to a 10; a significant drop in air toxins.

Stated in that study, “The results of the statewide examination of air quality in bars and restaurants before and after the implementation of the Smoke-free Act indicated an extraordinary improvement in air quality due to a high level of compliance with the new law.”

It has been widely understood that second hand smoke can and does lead to a variety of health issues such as asthma, cancer and cardiovascular disease. The air quality of public establishments is far more important than we may realize.

UW-Milwaukee initiated a study on the impact of the new law on bartender health. “Exposure to secondhand smoke during an average week decreased from 17.0 hours to 1.7 hours in the workplace and from 6.5 hours to 2.2 hours in other places. Among non-smokers, the prevalence of all eight upper respiratory symptoms decreased significantly (wheezing or whistling in chest, shortness of breath, cough first thing in the morning, cough during the rest of the day and night, cough up any phlegm, red or irritated eyes, runny nose, nose irritation, or sneezing, and sore or scratchy throat).”

The study found that there has been a significant reduction in upper respitory symptoms among non-smoking bartenders since the implication of the smoking ban. It can be concluded that the ban has, indeed, resulted in a decreased risk of disease for people in our state.

Some people believe that the smoking ban is a result of the pharmaceutical lobbyists and corporations controlling our government. Because pharmaceutical companies manufacture nicotine replacement products, there are those who believe they are demonizing tobacco simply to increase their profits. And while I detest the power of Big Pharma (perhaps that will be an upcoming commentary as I have plenty to say about that as well) I do not believe we need to side with either of these two evils.

I used to hide my shameful habit. Now, I celebrate my nicotine abstinence and I sincerely hope the crowd of non-smokers grows even larger. And while some people are still, over a year later, up in arms about this smoking law, I could not applaud it loud enough. I enjoy going out much more than before. It gave us a kick in the pants to quit – which may have added years to our lives.

The less people who smoke, the less who will suffer from smoking-related illnesses which costs us all in the long run. The better the air we breathe – the longer we will breathe. Who can really argue with that?

The Wooziness of Hypocrisy – Patch


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Hypocrisy is spreading faster than a virus in an overcrowded 3rd grade classroom. Regardless of my direction, I am usually within range of someone spouting one thing and doing another. Its making me kind of dizzy and I should probably sit down.

There. Now that I am safely planted, let me explain what I mean.

Mouth Side A:

Taking hard earned money from the rich is wrong. Get a job and make your own money. Don’t take from the rich people just because you are jealous!

Mouth Side B:

I have to work all year long and do not get those kinds of benefits. The unions need to be stopped. If I don’t have it, they shouldn’t have it!

Huh?  So, the rich person’s money is more deserved than the union member’s money? Taxing the rich more would be wrong, but it is okay to take the earned benefits away from a union worker because you don’t have a union looking out for you? Instead of trying to make life fair and better for everyone, you would rather everyone suffer? Instead of two people helping each other up, they should hold each other down?

Mouth Side A:

We have the right to be heard, to be respected, speak our minds and live how we choose.

Mouth Side B:

You’re not really one of us if you do not support everything we do.

Say what? So, you preach peace & acceptance but because I don’t agree with dumping a beer over someone’s head (though I DO understand the temptation), I am not liberal enough? Because I choose to spend this precious time on earth with my family instead of protesting on the weekends, I am insignificant and need not be heard? I guess that respect and freedom stuff only works for some.

Mouth Side A:

Corporations should have the same rights and benefits as individuals.

Mouth Side B:

Corporations should not have to pay taxes.

Let’s get this straight.  I am pretty sure we would ALL like to have the bonuses of life minus the penalties. We all want to swim without messing up our hair. We all want to eat steak and fries everyday and not have a heart attack at 50. We all want to party all night while avoiding the raging hangover. But life really doesn’t work that way, does it?

Mouth Side A:

We should have limited (if any) government. Government should play no part in our lives. Get rid of regulations, taxes, rules, laws. Get rid of IRS, DNR, FDA.

Mouth Side B:

Abortions should be outlawed. We want an amendment banning gay marriage. All states should have the death penalty.

Trying to understand. So, the government should only be intrusive when considering someone else’s uterus? Or dictating whom one should love? Or when they get the chance to end someone’s life? Yea, no biggies. Forget paying for roads and education and testing the water…government only belongs in the doctor’s office, bedroom and death chamber. Makes sense. (sigh)

I try to reconcile these hypocrisies and I simply find myself frustrated, confused and a lil bit sick to my stomach. We all have moments of indecisiveness. It is human to change one’s mind or to be unsure. But to stand up and make declarations which completely oppose each other – I cannot wrap my head around that. It’s enough to make me want to dump a beer over my OWN head.

The Do Nothing Inventor


Seriously?? Another invention down the opportunity drain. Rest-N-Ride Travel Pillow

I was paging through a catalog when I found the Rest – N – Ride Travel Pillow. Good idea right? Well, it was MY idea! Watching the girls’ bobbing heads on long car rides have brought up countless conversations of my keep the head up invention ideas. Honestly, there were times when I thought their necks were going to snap. And one day, Cassidy’s head totally smacked into the side window (and she still didn’t wake up). So, with visions of chiropractor bills in my head, this was a genuine concern.

I am sure I have spent hours thinking and discussing (yes, I am a total bore to be stuck in the car with) of how this thingy would work and be safe.

The safety issue is what always caused my surrender. I mean, honestly…even this with it’s ‘magic tape’ makes me leery. I mean, one stomp on the breaks and the kid is clothes-lined. I guess I would have to see this magic in action.

Well, this is just another un-invention by yours truly. First there was pet insurance (my brother told me I was insane)…then shorty cigarettes (for the busy smoker)…others which slip my mind at the moment…and now this. Well phooey.

Whatcha Watchin’?? (part one)


It is no secret that I am an incurable television addict. I love my shows and each day there is a little crack rock of programming in which I smoke. I thought – hey, why not blog about the crap I am watching?! Thrilling, I know.

Please know these are in no particular order whatsoever.

Dexter – Charlie and I caught up on past episodes of Dexter last summer…so we were all ready for a new season. It was prefect timing because Breaking Bad withdrawal was starting to kick in. What I love most about Dexter is the suspense. It also has it’s humor and oddities which set it apart from other dramas. But the suspense and crazy ass story lines is what really catches me. Its ridiculous and over the top – but done well enough to get away with it and even thrive because of it. For those who are unfamiliar, Dexter is about a blood splatter specialist with the Miami police force who just happens to be a serial killer. But he is a lovable serial killer 🙂 And he only kills bad guys which helps.

Homeland – Considering this is on directly after Dexter, this spot seemed appropriate. Homeland is a new show featuring Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin and Damien Lewis. Great cast!! Damien Lewis was in a short lived cop show last year and I have been a fan since. What a great actor. The show is really engulfing. Never bored for a moment and it deals with a lot of very serious subject matter. There is a lot of sex, so watch it after the kids are in bed unless you feel like having an uncomfortable conversation on a Sunday night. The show is about an American soldier who spends years in an Iraqi prison. Once released and rescued, he returns home in hopes to rebuild his life. His wife, having had a relationship with his best friend while he was gone also has to adjust after thinking he was dead. Claire Danes plays a homeland security agent who lives a life of espionage and symptoms of bipolar disorder. She is convinced that the soldier has been turned and is now on the other side.  Fascinating to say the least!!

House – I have been a huge fan since hello. I have seen every single episode and loved each one. Well, at least, like a lot. But I gotta say…it MAY be jumping the shark this latest season. Most of the original cast is gone. There is this new chic who DRIVE ME BATTY. I don’t know if it is her character or her acting – but her speaking and expression is so flat, I almost doze off. Dr. Cuddy is now gone (now staring on The Good Wife). Chase, Taub, Cameron, 13…all gone. Tho I think Taub and Chase may be reappearing. I dunno. I still like the stories and I will always love House. But I gotta say, I am a bit disappointed this season. House is about a vicodin addicted Dr. who takes extreme measures to prove he is right and has a brain big enough to cure just about anything…but not without consequences.

Up All Night – Well come on now. I cannot resist Will Arnett. He really is just too funny in anything he does. And the pairing with Christina Applegate is brilliant. The premise isn’t all that new to 30 minute sitcom land. But the writing by far makes up for that. And the acting…the supporting cast is equally as good, especially Maya Rudolph. The show is basically about a couple in their 30s who is getting a huge dose of reality in the form of a way too cute for real life baby. The show is quite funny and worth the watch.

Whitney – This one took a couple episodes to get it right but it did. I am so happy to see the hilarious and smart comedian, Whitney Cummings, do so well. I have a feeling Chelsea Handler should be getting vodka laden thank you baskets for a year for the explosion of Cummings career. Not only is she starring in, writing and producing this show – she also is creating laughter behind the scenes at 2 Broke Girls (which is also kinda funny, actually). Both shows are live audience sitcoms, which aren’t so prevalent these days.

American Horror Story –  So, I have mixed feelings. Within the first 10 mins of the first episode, I told my husband to turn on Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia instead because it was freaking me OUT! I said I wanted to watch it during the day LOL. He said no and we continued watching as I fought off a TV induced anxiety attack. The acting – a wee little over acted in places, but most of it was exceptional!!! Jessica Lange stills rocks a script. And the Friday Night Lights chic really IS a good actress. Directing/Editing – very artful and it draws you in. Some of the camera shots are very picturesque. But it can be a bit heavy handed. Too much weird moving around makes me feel kinda dizzy 🙂 I never really love David Lynch-like stuff. I thought it tried to hard to be weird just for the sake of being weird. I never really enjoyed “trippy” type movies/shows. For example I HATED The Doors and Natural Born Killers. Altered States was NOT a favorite LOL. I did feel that this show was a wee bit like this but the other parts more than made up for it. All and all I am looking forward to the next episode and I think that says a lot 🙂 There is NO way I am even going to try to tell you what this show is about. But I did just hear that Cam (Eric Stonestreet) from Modern Family will be making a guest appearance and I CAN. NOT. WAIT.

Modern Family – What can I say. This is by far one of my favorite shows of all time. For me, non stop laughing…literal out loud laughing. I always say Cam is my fav character on the show, but honestly, they are all so good – each and every one of them – I cannot really chose a favorite. The writing is simply impeccable. Joke after joke. The story lines are so funny and heartwarming. The messages are genuine and meaningful. I just absolutely love love love it. Modern Family is a humorous look into 3 different households of one perfectly imperfect family.

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia – This show has been cracking us up for about 4 years now. Inexcusable, dark, horrible humor. I love it. It is certainly another LOL show. I have teared up many times watching it – just from laughing so hard. Much of the laughter is through a hand over my face as I gasp and say OH MY GOD about a thousand times per episode. Talk about over the top!! But it really does go beyond that edge to make it unlike any show ever made before. You cannot be easily offended if you want to enjoy Sunny. They are definitely equal opportunity offenders!! But this show is an absolute riot and VERY underrated.

Okay. That does it for part one. Time to watch some TV 🙂