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What is REALLY Happening in Wisconsin…Know the TRUTH!!


Unreal. The information pouring in is beyond surreal. Liberal media? What in thee fuck is that?! Aside from Huffington Post, Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz, I do not see any liberal media. I do not even see any FAIR media. NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox (derrr), CNN…all have neglected their journalistic duties and drop half of the population into the gutter. At this point in time, the only way to get REAL information in regards to the Capitol, the protest, the demonstrators is through Twitter. There were 3 live feeds as of yesterday from the Capitol building…all have been dropped when WiFi was cut. Hmm? How did THAT happen?? Korea much?? Right now there are a handful of citizens twittering from the Capitol (holy cell phone bill!!) and that is our only source of real information as to what is happening. Facebook and Twitter updates by Representatives are also proving to be helpful in understanding the absolute criminal behavior happening in Madison as we sleep in our warm beds.

Last evening there were announcements that the Capitol had to be vacated for “cleaning” purposes. Do they have to evacuate hospitals to clean them? The demonstrators have been remarkable about cleaning up and showing respect for the Home of the People. Like I mentioned in another blog, when I was there on Saturday I brought garbage bags so that we could pick up any garbage that we spotted. There was nothing. NOTHING. 100 thousand PLUS demonstrators and the place was pretty much spic and span. Unreal.

The police were sent in to escort the people out of the building. Most refused and were willing to be peacefully arrested.  For hours there seemed to be an unspoken standoff and it was clear that the Police had no intention of making arrests. The hundreds which were left (I was told average age was 30 by a 36 year old man who spent the night…NOT kids as reported by Fox) unrolled their blankets and were allowed to stay for the night.

HOWEVER…today the windows were altered to remain shut. This was to prevent food from being passed into the building from the outside. You see, it was made clear that once a protester left, they would NOT be allowed back into the building. Bathrooms are being limited with the threat of no access whatsoever. Even the democrat representatives are being turned away. AND they are no longer allowed to use the office equipment in the Capitol. The staffers of the Dem 14 are being harassed by Walker and Fitzgerald. Their time sheets are being scrutinized and clearly the republicans are trying to do anything they can to force the Democrats to come back to Wisconsin. I mean, I couldn’t make this stuff up!! If Michael Moore doesn’t make this into a film, I will be shocked.

On Saturday, there were well over 100 thousand demonstrators in and around the Capitol in Madison. Just look at my pictures and the photos all over the internet. There are so many great ones. So many. These numbers were misrepresented by Fox News who unfortunately had more coverage on the event than any other news network. Only problem is, it was weaved with some of the more ridiculous misinformation imaginable. They were claiming that there were “a few kids” still protesting. They claimed violence and thug-like behavior. Does THIS look ‘thug-like’ to you:


THIS is what it looks like up there. Kind, generous, caring, passionate people. There is NO violence. Not a single arrest made since the protest began 12 days ago. 100s of thousands and not one arrest-able incident. But that is not how you would view it watching the main stream media. And most people are getting 100% of their information from these outlets. Even the local news channels…WTMJ on TV and WRJN on the radio…all regurgitatingg absolute lies. And this is what the general public will believe.

Tomorrow Governor (shiver) Scott Walker will be giving a speech regarding the budget. It has been made clear that he wants any and all protesters GONE before those cameras arrive. And sadly, he has come close to succeeding. This is what dictators do. They control the media to keep the sheepeople in line and believing what they want them to believe. It is their motive to divide and conquer and steamroll anyone in the way of their own agenda.

There is new information – IMPORTANT information – every few minutes. The more that unfolds, the more scared I become. I feel like I am in some kind of suspense movie. Some kind of Red Dawn experience…only these are not foreign enemies, they are local ones. I feel more threatened and frightened about our freedom and ultimate safety RIGHT NOW than I ever did after 9/11. Someone (nudge nudge Mr. President) needs to take notice and see what is really happening in Wisconsin. We need someone to stand up for us because doing it on our own may prove to be futile.

Follow #wiunion and/or #wearewi on Twitter for real, truthful, up to date information from citizens who are actually there.

This was just sent by the Wisconsin AFSCME:

If you possibly can, please come to the state Capitol at 2 p.m. on Tuesday to stand up for Wisconsin values while the governor makes his budget address at 4 p.m. If you can’t get there at 2 p.m., we still need your presence any time before the budget address begins. We need to make sure he does not try to brush aside our history-making demonstrations and suggest that our movement is losing heart.

I am very sad that I cannot go. I want to do everything I can to help. I call and write to my legislators pretty much daily. I write here when I can. I am driving my Facebook and Twitter friends/followers crazy with links and updates. But they really need people to be there. A high speed rail would be so goddamn helpful right now. (sigh)

One more point that most people do not know…the head of the state patrol is the father of the Republican heads of the state senate and house of representatives, who are brothers. Walker and this family are creating a power seeded in nepatism and obvious corruption and it feels like a fucking takeover. Read more about this. Read more about the Koch Brothers. Do not be fed what they want you to know (or not know). Take it upon yourself to learn the facts – espcially before taking a stand on this issue and DEFINATELY before you EVER vote again in this state.

HERE is a good link to learn the basics of this scandal…but search for yourself if you do not trust my “biased sources”. The facts are the facts and there is no reason to distort them as they speak for themselves.


Contact Your Senator!!!!!!!!


This is a list of Wisconsin State Senators…if you have a Republican Senator (first off, my condolances…I feel your pain) call and email them as much as you can!!! Senator Schultz has now said he will NOT vote for Walker’s bill. We are changing minds!!! Keep at it people!!! These Senators mean everything right now…the iffy Republicans who are brave enough to cross the aisle AND the brave WI 14 in Illinois!!!

District Number 3
(608) 266-8535 Capitol 19 South
District Number 6
(608) 266-2500 Capitol 109 South
District Number 2
(608) 266-0484 Capitol 118 South
District Number 15
(608) 266-2253 Capitol 108 South
District Number 8
(608) 266-5830 Capitol 317 East
District Number 19
(608) 266-0718 Capitol 220 South
District Number 27
(608) 266-6670 Capitol 106 South
District Number 13
(608) 266-5660 Capitol 211 South
District Number 29
(608) 266-2502 Capitol 409 South
District Number 20
(608) 266-7513 Capitol 10 South
District Number 30
(608) 266-5670 Capitol 5 South
District Number 10
(608) 266-7745 Capitol 18 South
District Number 12
(608) 266-2509 Capitol 126 South
District Number 18
(608) 266-5300 Capitol 310 South
District Number 25
(608) 266-3510 Capitol 415 South
District Number 32
(608) 266-5490 Capitol 316 South
District Number 11
(608) 266-2635 Capitol 313 South
District Number 7
(608) 266-7505 Capitol 22 South
District Number 1
(608) 266-3512 Capitol 104 South
District Number 24
(608) 266-3123 Capitol 7 South
District Number 28
(608) 266-5400 Capitol 8 South
District Number 9
(608) 266-2056 Capitol 15 South
District Number 16
(608) 266-9170 Capitol 206 South
District Number 23
(608) 266-7511 Capitol 306 South
District Number 14
(608) 266-0751 Capitol 123 South
District Number 26
(608) 266-1627 Capitol 130 South
District Number 17
(608) 266-0703 Capitol 122 South
District Number 4
(608) 266-5810 Capitol 20 South
District Number 31
(608) 266-8546 Capitol 3 South
District Number 5
(608) 266-2512 Capitol 131 South
District Number 21
(608) 266-1832 Capitol 319 South
District Number 22
(608) 267-8979 Capitol 127 South
District Number 33
(608) 266-9174 Capitol 323 South
Senate Chief Clerk’s Office
(608) 266-2517 Capitol B20 South

Temporary Flatlanders…Thoughts on the WI 14


As I am sure you are aware I not only fully support the WI 14 (the 14 Wisconsin Senators in Illinois attempting to stop this bill) but I think they are political heroes. Unless a Republican has a sudden droppage of balls and crosses the aisle on this…these Senators are the only thing standing between right and wrong. If just ONE of them come back, it’s over. Their fortitude thus far is admirable.

But we cannot help but to wonder…what now? How long can they stay? What will happen next?

Here are my thoughts. There is no question that Unions have money. There has been no debate over this. Of the 10 top political financiers, 3 of them are unions (and they happen to be the only of the ten who support Democrat candidates). If unions, supports and others with the cash to give pony up some dough…it is completely plausible to keep the Senators in Illinois (or elsewhere) for a little less than a year. By then, a Walker recall could be highly possible. Maybe it will only take the commitment of staying a full year to allow Walker to come to his senses and make some concessions. 

I say put them up in a house (oh shit, would that be a great reality show or WHAT??!! I kid. Kinda.)…families can visit them easily…nothing fancy, it’s less than a year after all. It would be historical and BAD ASS!!

Is it possible? Crazy idea? Whattcha think???

My Stand, My OCD, My Dilemma


First it was my passion to stand up for teachers. Read more, learned more. Then it was my passion to stand up for unions. Read more, learned more. Then it was my passion to stand up against dictatorship. Read it, learned it, lived it. Now, I simply stand up for what is right. And as it turns out…they all represent the same cause.

There is no question that I have had a one track mind lately. I haven’t even blogged about the Kathy Griffin Bravo taping yet. (I will, I will) This story, these events have unleashed my OCD in full fashion. It has helped distract me from missing my Bob…which hits me now and again and when it does, I reach for the computer or remote. It has lit a fire under my ass and I don’t really think there is anything wrong with that. Yes, when it is over I will have to deal with my grief. But I will get on with my life as it was lived before only now maybe a little more active in the issues I care about.

I have been having a hard time with the knowledge that people I know and care about are for this bill and for Walker. This pangs me because I really do see this as a right or wrong moral issue. I couldn’t be friends with someone who spouted the words Niger or Fag. I couldn’t be friends with someone who neglected animals. I couldn’t be friends with someone who stole money from old people. And while certainly I cannot correlate supporting Walker to kicking puppies…I kind of have that same dichotomy within. I respect the right to one’s own opinion. I believe people should feel free to express said opinions. But I cannot seem to get passed this thought of, “How can they, these people I love and care about, these people I respect and like…how can they support this corrupt, evil man?”

I don’t get it. This has divided families, friends and even Facebook (I have lost several friends in the past 2 weeks). And I wonder how many of these divides will be permanent.

Proud to be a Cheesehead


Yesterday’s rally in Madison was clearly unbelievable. Well over 100 THOUSAND people protesting through the streets and at the Capitol in wet snow and below freezing temps. No one arrest. I witnessed not one negative incident. People were so friendly and polite. Impossible not to bump into people while making your way through the crowd…I cannot count the times I heard, “excuse me” or “thank you”. Friendly smiles covered the crowd like a big cheesy blanket. The most polite thugs and rioters EVER. 😉

If this stand, if these protests don’t accomplish the fight against this bill in the end…we have still gotten much out of this movement. At least I have. I have a restored pride in Wisconsin. I have a restored gratitude for the spirit and passion of the masses. I have a restored faith in humanity. The kind, generous and spirit filled actions I have seen take place in the past 11 days had been more than remarkable.

I brought trash bags with me yesterday so that we could pick up any trash we could see on the ground. I do not want anyone to ever call our demonstrators slobs. Perhaps it was the covering snow, but I saw no garbage. There was nothing to pick up. Nothing.

When all is said and done I can be assured of one thing…the people in Wisconsin are pretty fuckin’ cool.

Thank You Gifford 56!!



Above is an ad from The Racine Journal Times from Saturday February 26, 2011. 56 Gifford Elementary School Teachers wrote a letter to the community.  I think it is well written and I am proud of these teachers. I think they are deserving of some Dunkin Donut Munchkins…

Madison February 26, 2011 – Videos


Here is a video on the lawn of the Capitol…in the dancing mood (probably trying to stay warm):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bradley Whitford (West Wing, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Good Guys) made a speech. He is now my new boyfriend (although the crush has existed since The West Wing):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hey Scott, How Was Your Day?


No writing today. Too tired. I will, however, leave you with these 3 videos/audio. Oh and a link to one article. Those pretty much sum up the day’s political climate. I’ll write at ya tomorrow 🙂

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is a very good summary about this phone call…

Oh and here is one more….lays it out very well as to what this phone call really means…

And this is the video which made me shit my pants….

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About to Get All Norma Rae Up in Here!!


Watch out because the bra is comin’ off and I am finding a pretty little soapbox to stand upon!!

Do you speak your mind at work? Can you freely give your opinions? I wonder how others might handle these situations as I am having a hell of a time with it. This Budget Repair Bill has daughters against mothers, sisters against brothers, neighbor against neighbor. It is coming between so many people and causing so much unhappiness and stress. Who’s to blame? The Tea Party. Because of their lies, fear mongering and absolute brainwashing BULLSHIT the people of our country went looney and elected power hungry fascists like Walker. These politicians are the catalyst in creating a society we may soon not recognize. So, something as sweet sounding as a ‘tea party’ has ruined relationships all over the U.S.

As you may know, I am currently a part time (VERY part time) server at a local restaurant. It is a corporation, but not a franchise. Clearly, management is loving this bill I am sure. I bet just saying the word union off the floor in a restaurant would probably get an anvil dropped upon your head. Listen to how this shit works….

There are probably well over 20 servers in one establishment. They all make $2.33 an hour. All tips must be claimed 100%. During most shifts they have at least 9 servers on shift at a time. On the weekends it is more. What do they care, right? They aren’t really having to pay them. In fact, I am pretty sure they are MAKING money off of the servers because of tax breaks these corporations get for having so many employees. So they have 9 servers on regardless of whether or not it is busy. Clearly, splitting the tables between that many people lowers the tips to be earned. Yesterday I walked out of there with 13 bucks. And honestly, that isn’t even that bad. Several occasions I made less than 8. Yet we still have to do a lot of labor. We have to stock, clean, fill bottles, prep food, bus tables (no bussers, that would cost a wage)…just countless things. Things that are not hard or back breaking, but things that are crucial to running a restaurant. And now, they rarely have a hostess scheduled and the servers are expected to do that job as well…because why not pay $2.33 instead of the big ole wage of $7.75 an hour and still have the job done. So, they are getting PAID to have us do most of the work which keeps the restaurant functional. Aside from all of this…we have to pay 100% for our uniforms (which are VERY particular). We have to pay for authentic team jerseys (they HAVE to be authentic, made of a certain material and fit a certain way). Do you know what those cost? We have to pay 6 bucks for the apron they let us use. We have to pay 6 bucks for the name tags that they reuse when an employee leaves. We have to pay good money for slip resistant worker shoes. This ALL comes out of our pockets – 100%. Oh, yea…we get a 50% discount on food (except steak or ribs) but you have to eat it there. No discount if you take the food home. Gee, thanks.

So, knowing all of that…I am sure you can figure out that restaurant management/owners will never side with unions.

I have been trying to avoid my bosses because since we have TVs all over the place – I just knew the bill and the protesting would have to come up in conversation and I didn’t want to have to kick someone in the neck. Well, today…at least I didn’t kick. A manager comes into the kitchen and starts on about how awful these unions are…that now they are protesting in other states because of what started in Wisconsin. “These unions are just terrible!!” I couldn’t hold it in. I tried, I really did. A couple of the girls looked at me – knowing how I feel on the topic. I was walking out with my food at the time and as I walked through I responded with, “Oh YEA!! It is SOOOO terrible for people to want their rights!! God, how horrible of them!!”

He wouldn’t speak or look at me for the rest of my shift. I did see him eying out my section for a LONG time. I was certain he was looking for something to scold me about. Too bad I didn’t fuck up today. Though I’m sure I will tomorrow. But you know what? It felt good. If I had kept my mouth shut and let him fill these young girls’ minds with bullshit, I would hate myself. I work with young impressionable ladies who probably haven’t gotten to the point in their lives yet where they really understand or care about government or politics.  So, I don’t go around preaching. I don’t even talk about it much at all unless someone else brings it up and even then, I try to change the topic. But when I hear someone say something that is just out right wrong…I cannot just sit by and listen to it.

Now, I am lucky because if I got fired, we wouldn’t starve. We might have to give up cable or a vacation. But it wouldn’t hurt us really at all. Who I feel sorry for are my fellow servers who have to bend over and take this shit. I wish there was something more I could do.

So anyway…the termination countdown officially starts today. Let’s see how long before I lose it and do something to get myself fired OR until I get so fed up that I walk out. Day ONE….ding.