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Today is The Last Day of the Life I Knew So Long


Today is the last day of something that was a fixture in my every day. My way of life. My job. Everything I have known for many years. My daughter has been home with me pretty much 24/7 since the day she was born almost 6 years ago. I haven’t always loved it. There have been moments of near insanity. But now that it is changing, I feel a great sense of loss.

Before Cassidy was born, I was also home with my stepdaughter for about a year. So for 7 years now I have been classified as a Stay at Home Mom. Yes, for now, I will still be at home. And yes, I will still be a mom. But are you really a Stay at Home Mom when the kids are at school 7 hours a day? I suppose now my classification would be – Unemployed Mom.

Tonight is Cassidy’s Open House for her new Kindergarten class. We will be dropping off her enormous bag of supplies and meeting her new teacher. Last year she did attend 4K. That was about 3 hours a day 4 days a week. She will now be there all day Monday thru Friday. Just typing that made my stomach jump and my chest hurt. I am going to miss her so much. I am going to always be so worried about her and what she is doing and how she is feeling. Watching her ride away on that bus tomorrow morning is likely to have me bawling for a good portion of the day. I didn’t think of this stuff until just now. Until this past week, I had it in my head that school was off in the future…not necessary to be contemplated at the time. But it has now sneaked up on me and I am anxious as hell.

I have to think of something fun to do with her today. I have no idea what. We are taking her out to dinner tonight. But I want to have a special day for us. I just don’t understand how in thee hell she got so old so quickly. HOW??


Cancelling Old Christine Pisses Off Old Heather

The New Adventures of Old Christine

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11 Comedies Canceled BEFORE Getting Emmy Attention (PHOTOS)

So, while watching the Red Carpet prior to the Emmys last night, I learned a factoid that pissed me OFF. The New Adventures of the Old Christine was canceled. I did not know this. I am not happy. This is one show which could ALWAYS crack my ass up regardless of what kind of shitty mood I was in. Every character, especially the one played by Julia Louise Dreyfus, were played hysterically. They worked so well together and the writing was one laugh after another. 

I am truly disappointed once again. I am SO sick of networks canceling remarkably talent filled shows and leaving ridiculous horse shit.  Some of the more recent canceled shows which I really enjoyed: The Riches, Saving Grace, Monk, Nip/Tuck, Dead Like Me, Joan of Arcadia, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, The West Wing, and – the most painful of all – Arrested Development. I realize it is all based on the lowest common denominator of viewers, which is why 99% of the network programming is on the intellectual level of a hamster with a head injury. But gesh. Can we get one network for those of us who ‘get’ smart humor and intelligent writing?? Grrrr. 


President Obama to Appear at Milwaukee’s Laborfest

Labor union parade, NY., May 1, 1911 (LOC)

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Obama to appear Monday at Laborfest in Milwaukee – WBAY-TV Green Bay-Fox Cities-Northeast Wisconsin News.

Just heard about this today. I wrote to the volunteer coordinator we worked when Obama came to Racine a couple months ago to see if they need help this time too. Haven’t heard. It is a big event and in Milwaukee so I am sure they have more than enough help. Just thought I would give it a try.

Charlie volunteered to help out the Laborfest in Racine that day (he is a steward in his union – CWA…Communication Workers of America), but if they wanted us…he would just have to cancel. Anyway, now that The President is going to be at the Milwaukee Laborfest…I am sure no one will be attending Racine’s lol. I guess we shall see.

The D.C. Muslim Trials…Contemporary Witch Hunt



A Time magazine poll also released last week found even more — 24 percent — said he (President Obama) was a Muslim.  

 Really, people? What is going on??!! I really fear we are entering a hole which will create a racial cave-in. Are these people inwardly – maybe even subconsciously – racist? Or is it even more than that? Perhaps these people absolutely hate President Obama SO much that they are grasping at whatever ridiculous straw they can reach. And even above that – it is based completely and solely on lies. Proven over and over again and these brainwashed asshats STILL cannot see the truth.  

Below is a video from The Today Show (August 30, 2010) with an excerpt of a President Obama interview with Brian Williams. The president says basically that he has more important things to worry about than the baseless bullshit spewed from boneheads. Talk about turning into a “May I see your papers” state. What is honestly wrong with these people? I just don’t get it.  

Vodpod videos no longer available.
HERE is an op/ed written in the NY Times which I think is insighful and has many points which should truly be considered. I honestly hope America can rise above this witch hunt mentality. Rise abclose-mindedseminded racism that is even more prevalent than I once realized. But each day my doubts grow deeper.


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2010 62nd Annual Emmy Awards…My Take…


2010 62nd Annual Emmy Award Winners

For the most part, I am pleased with the Emmy Award decisions. A few seemed odd. Some noms I did not agree with and some shows completely overlooked. But it was pretty fair.

The Bob Hope Humanitarian Award went to George Clooney.Obviouslyy deserved – Clooney uses his celebrity to follow his conscious and help those without the means and opportunity to help themselves. Loving George from The Facts of Life days – I feel proud of him in a weird stranger kind of way. Pure class act. Humble, gorgeous, kind…whew.

Jimmy Fallon worked his ASS OFF!! Not every joke landed, but man…he was all over the place and did a fantastic job with his guitar, singing, impressions and energy. Bravo!

The show went quickly…they REALLY got those winners off the stage pronto!!

As always, the InMemoriamm portion of the program created some tears. So many talented women and young people in the list this year. Very sad. Did they leave out Bea Arthur or was she last’s years?

I have this odd reaction when I watch the Emmys and the Oscars. I am quietly tearful throughout a majority of the show. It is like a part of me misses what could have been. I dreamed of being aHollywoodd player since a very young age. I was even born the night of the 1974 Academy Awards 🙂 Seriously though, when I watch these award programs I feel asadnesss for a life left unexplored.

Below, the full list of winners from Sunday’s Emmy Awards.

— Drama Series: “Mad Men,” AMC.

Happy about this. Clearly, great show. However…I do believe some other really good shows were ignored once again. A few being: Damages, Rescue Me and The Closer.

— Comedy Series: “Modern Family,” ABC.

YESSS!! Very glad!! Funniest network show in a long time.

— Actor, Drama Series: Bryan Cranston, “Breaking Bad,” AMC.

I have still never watched this show. I know I will like it…I just have that feeling. But I am so far behind that I need to rent previous episodes before I start anew. I knew he would win this award. However, I am peeved that Hugh Laurie was once again dissed.

— Actress, Drama Series: Kyra Sedgwick, “The Closer,” TNT.

She was my vote!! Kyra does a fantastic job at portraying Brenda Lee Johnson on The Closer. She seems nothing like her character and I feel she plays the role incredibly. Many critics seem upset that Katy Segal from Sons of Anarchy was not nominated or the winner of this award. I have yet to see that show, so I cannot share their sentiments. I am very pleased with this choice!! Kyra was also, in my opinion, one of thee best dressed of the night. Classic, simple and what agorgeouss color.

— Actor, Comedy Series: Jim Parsons, “The Big Bang Theory,” CBS.

I do like him in this role. He is funny and plays it very well. I would have very much liked to see Tony Shahloub win for his last season as Monk, however. He was truly wonderful in that role and I miss the show a lot!!

— Actress, Comedy Series: Edie Falco, “Nurse Jackie,” Showtime.

I do NOT understand why this show is in the Comedcategoryry. It’s a great show, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE it. But it is not a comedy in my book. And quite frankly, how ANYONE could overlook Toni Collette‘s amazing talent in The United States of Tara is beyond me. Watch her as Buck for 5 minutes and you will see this was the biggest WTF of the night.

— Supporting Actor, Drama Series: Aaron Paul, “Breaking Bad,” AMC.

Again, never saw the show. My vote was for Andre Brower from Men of a Certain Age. The show is just okay. But he – AS ALWAYS – is great in it. He truly is one of the best actors of our time…and highly underrated and overlooked.

— Supporting Actress, Drama Series: Archie Panjabi, “The Good Wife,” CBS.

This one was a pretty big WTF as well. I like the show. Don’t love it. I certainly don’t love her in it. She isn’t terrible and it could be much worse…but this was VERY odd by talent standards in my mind. My vote went for Rose Byrne for Damages (which I still don’t understand how she is considered “supporting” when I consider her a lead). If not her…pretty much ANY of the other noms would have made more sense.

— Supporting Actor, Comedy Series: Eric Stonestreet, “Modern Family,” ABC.

Yeahhh!!! My vote!!! Its hard to pic a fav character on this show…but if I had to…it would be him!!

— Supporting Actress, Comedy Series: Jane Lynch, “Glee,” Fox.

Don’t watch it. I have liked her in other things…mainly Christopher Guest films. My vote was for Sophia Vergara.

— Miniseries: “The Pacific,” HBO.

— Made-for-TV Movie: “Temple Grandin,” HBO.

My vote was for You Don’t Know Jack…but that is because it was the only one I watched lol. It was VERY good though.

— Actor, Miniseries or Movie: Al Pacino, “You Don’t Know Jack,” HBO.

I cannot comment on the others as I did not see them to compare…but in my book this award was more than deserved. His portrayal of Jack Kevorkian was uncanny anmesmerizingng.

— Actress, Miniseries or Movie: Claire Danes, “Temple Grandin,” HBO.

Didn’t see it, but clearly I should. Danes was also one of my best dressed of the night.

— Supporting Actor, Miniseries or Movie: David Strathairn, “Temple Grandin,” HBO.

— Supporting Actress, Miniseries or Movie: Julia Ormond, “Temple Grandin,” HBO.

— Directing for a Comedy Series: Ryan Murphy, “Glee,” Fox.

— Directing, Drama Series: Steve Shill, “Dexter,” Showtime.

— Directing, Miniseries, Movie or Dramatic Special: Mick Jackson, “Temple Grandin,” HBO.

— Directing, Variety, Music or Comedy Special: Bucky Gunts, “Vancouver 2010 Winter Games Opening Ceremony,” NBC.

— Variety, Music or Comedy Series: “The Daily Show,” Comedy Central.

Do I really need to comment here?? LOL. Of course it’s the winner. They shouldn’t even bother with the nominations 🙂

— Reality Competition Program: “Top Chef,” Bravo.

Happy surprise of the night!! Amazing Race didn’t win?? Are you SURE?? Thank God. Love the Top Chef…yum.

— Writing for Comedy Series: Steven Levitan, Christopher Lloyd, “Modern Family,” ABC.

— Writing, Drama Series: Matthew Weiner and Erin Levy, “Mad Men,” AMC.

— Writing, Miniseries, Movie or Dramatic Special: Adam Mazer, “You Don’t Know Jack,” HBO.

— Writing, Variety, Music or Comedy Special: 63rd Annual Tony Awards, CBS.

Maura Tierney from Newsradio and ER fame made a gorgeous appearance after her struggle with cancer. She was slotted to star in last year’s new show, Parenthood. but could not due to being diagnosed with breast cancer. She is starring in a new upcoming show called The Whole Truth. Very happy to see her looking so lovely and well. She has always been a favorite of mine.

What To Do…What To Do…


My husband wants to take the boat out for the whole day/night today and I just don’t know if I am up for it. In a boat with both kids for 8 hours in upper 80 degree weather just sounds like too much for me today. But he really wants to go. I don’t know what to do. This is the event he wants to attend:

Eagle Lake Picnic/Venetian Night/Fireworks

To be honest…I would MUCH rather do this:


We have some relatives performing there (my father in law’s band OCD and Charlie’s cousin’s band Shane Quella). I never can really go to see OCD because my husband’s ex is ALWAYS there. And sure I COULD go anyway…but who wants to deal with that shit? But this weekend, she is out of town…so it would be perfect! Plus it is like 2 minutes from our house.

Kinda bummed. Being single was so much easier when it came to these things. You just did what you WANTED to do when you wanted to do it. You didn’t have to worry about compromise, sacrifice, guilt or obligation.

2010 Emmy Awards This Sunday…My Picks

NASA Television 2009 Philo T. Farnsworth Prime...

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 2010 Emmy Award Nominations    

Drama Series    

  The Nominees: Breaking Bad, Dexter, Lost, Mad Men, The Good Wife, and True Blood.    

Who SHOULD win: Mad Men (great show, but would have liked to see Damages and The Closer on the list)    

 Who WILL win: True Blood (for some odd reason, everyone is loving vampires these days) or Lost  


Comedy Series  The Nominees: 30 Rock, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Glee, Modern Family, Nurse Jackie, and The Big Bang Theory.   Who SHOULD win: Modern Family    

Who WILL win: Modern Family (it better win!! this show is just fantastic all the way around)    


Lead Actor in a Drama    

The Nominees: Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Matthew Fox (Lost), Michael C. Hall (Dexter), Jon Hamm (Mad Men), and Hugh Laurie (House).    

Who SHOULD win: Hugh Laurie (always a bridesmaid…)Who WILL win: Bryan Cranston or Michael C. Hall for the sympathy vote  

Lead Actress in a Drama    

The Nominees: Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights), Glenn Close (Damages), Mariska Hargitay (Law and Order: SVU), January Jones (Mad Men), Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife), and Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer).    

Who SHOULD win: Kyra Sedgwick (again, always nominated, but never wins…remarkable as her character and the show is great too)   

Who WILL win: Let’s just say if Mariska wins again…I may vomit  


Lead Actor in a Comedy    

Nominees: Alec Baldwin (30 Rock), Steve Carell (The Office), Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Matthew Morrison (Glee), Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory), and Tony Shalhoub (Monk).    

Who SHOULD win: Tony Shalhoub (i miss my Monk)  

 Who WILL win: (hopefully) Tony Shalhoub (last chance and he deserves it!!)  

 Lead Actress in a Comedy    

Nominees: Toni Collette (United States of Tara), Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie), Tina Fey (30 Rock), Jullia Louis-Dreyfus (The New Adventures of Old Christine), Lea Michelle (Glee), and Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation).    

Who SHOULD win: Toni Collette (she is phenomonal in this show…but I do love Edie and Julia too) 

 Who WILL win: Toni…they HAVE to see the talent 

Reality Competition program    

 American Idol
Amazing Race
Dancing With The Stars
Project Runway
Top Chef

 Who SHOULD win: Top Chef 

 Who WILL win: Amazing Race (wins every year, doesn’t it)   





H.R.5175: Disclose Act – PLEASE Contact Your Senators

A class photo of the 110th United States Senate.

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From Newsweek:  

Ever since the Supreme Court struck down a law that restricted corporate and union spending on campaign advertisements, observers have feared a flood of undisclosed political donations that could tip the scales in November. The Disclose Act, the Democrats’ effort to stem that tide, passed the House in June but was left dead in the water Tuesday after falling a few votes short of 60 on the Senate floor. The majority party argued that the act, though imperfect, would have stemmed the tide of corporate spending. Republicans said, among other things, that the legislation helped Democratic constituencies (namely unions) in the middle of an election year.  

In my opinion, this is a no-brainer, people. This Act MUST pass. It was killed in the Senate in June, but it was reintroduced to the floor and will be voted on once again in the fall.  

I am beginning to feel that I cannot shop anywhere in good conscious. Walmart destroys small businesses and is anti-union and fair labor. Target recently donated a large sum of money to a political campaign. The politician, Tom Emmer,  is a known anti-gay candidate for Minnesota Governor. He also is against a raise in minimum wage and is a religious radical. I do not feel that we, as consumers, should have to take a political side every time we buy a bottle of Advil.  

I feel that campaign finance…campaigns in general…need to be COMPLETELY overhauled and limited. Political campaigns spend an obscene amount of money and the richest is usually the biggest. These millions of dollars could feed millions of people. It could help pay off US debt. It could help pay for Healthcare. But instead it is flushed by spending it on attack ads and mind numbing tours. But, I will not get into that here. I want to discuss this Act and how we can help get it passed.  

Please contact your senators (which can be found in the Open Congress link below) and let them know that the passing of this Act is a factor in your voting decision. The failure of this Act is essentially giving politicians carte blanche to pocket cash for favors. We all know this is acted out more than enough already in Washington. But the court’s decision this past year is taking us back-wards. We need to abolish this unfair and corrupt way of conducting politics. It reminds me of The Godfather who had politicians and cops by the balls. Do we really want corporations to completely take over the governing of this country?  

If you do not want to write your own email…HERE is a link where you can sign a petition which will be submitted to your Senators.  

H.R.5175: DISCLOSE Act – U.S. Congress – OpenCongress.  

What Do I Want To Do When I Grow Up?


I wrote this on a local blog this morning and I thought I would continue my wave of thought here…

I have been thinking lately how wasteful college can sometimes be…I cannot think of anyone who actually works in the field for which they received a degree. I mean, are we basically just expected to pay 10s of thousands of dollars so our kids can get wasted and have sex? I know, I know. Much is learned in college – both educationally and socially. But it is seeming more and more like a waste to me. I think secondary schooling should be more focused on a single area without having to take all the other BS classes. Make is cheaper, more attainable, shorter and easier to change later in life as the economy changes. Many people are having to gain an education/training in fields completely different than those they had been working for the past 20 years.
Just thoughts floatin’ thru my head as I consider finishing my degree for what seems to be no reason at all at this point.


Seriously though…I need to figure out what I am going to do with my life. Cassidy will be starting Kindergarten in less than a week. For her entire life she has been here with me all day everyday. There were brief periods when she went to a drop in daycare for a few hours a week…but those were short lived. Last year she went to K4 which was 4 hours a day 4 days a week. Now, she will be gone from 9am until 4:30pm Monday through Friday. All summer I thought it was months away. Some how, my mind forgot that time moves forward and now seemingly suddenly we are down to 5 days. How did this happen so quickly? Not only am I going to experience the growth and Independence of my itty bitty 6 year old (well, almost 6), an “empty nest” situation and a sudden lonliness…but also this precipitous need to figure out what I want to do with my life. Dude. I am not ready.

So, what do I do? I probably have 2 full years left to get my degree…in what, who knows. Get a job? I do apply whenever I see something appropriate. I cannot work in any healthcare or educational or childcare fields. I get turned down consistently for positions in which I am highly qualified. I know CCAP has something to do with that. Do I stay at home and bake cookies and continue writing a blog which is rarely read or commented on for no income whatsoever? Cookies will not help the weight issue. I have been toying with the idea of starting my own business. But I cannot get a grasp on what kind of business…I feel there is nothing at which I am truly talented. And I have NO money. They say you need money to make money and that really is so true.

Have you ever been in this kind of situation? How did you handle it? Any suggestions even if you haven’t??