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Vote down constitutional ban

On November 7th Wisconsin voters will have the opportunity to vote for a constitutional ban on gay marriage.


In my perspective I cannot even fathom the idea that in the year 2006 we even have to address something like this. I cannot believe that there are people that exist that actually are bothered and want to fight against love and marriage. In a world full of hate, war, divorce, and anger…people chose to stand against THIS? The divorce rate among heterosexual couples is more than 50%. You think WE have expert advice to give on the topic?


You may think "what is the big deal"…"marriage is just a piece of paper anyway"…


Being married is more than just a piece of paper. Legal unions give couple’s rights that they are otherwise not entitled. If one were to fall ill and they needed someone to speak for their medical rights and wishes, their partner would not be allowed to do so under current law. Not to mention insurance benefits. We all must realize the strain there is on society with uninsured and underinsured citizens. Marriage gives spouses insurance opportunities they wouldn’t have without marriage.


Do you realize that it was not long ago that there were laws against a white person marring a black person? Today, that sounds ludicrous, doesn’t it? This is no different.


People want to argue this topic on the grounds of morality. People argue that sexual preference is not comparable to gender or race. I beg to differ. I have heard someone argue, “A black person cannot stop being black, but a gay person can stop being gay.” I do not believe this to be true. A homosexual person may be able to live a life unauthentic ally due to the strains that society weighs upon them, but that does not mean they are no longer homosexual. Just because you cannot physically see who a person is doesn’t make it less true. You cannot visually recognize a person’s religion, but that doesn’t mean that religious discrimination doesn’t exist. What you CAN always see, however, is that they are simply human. Please, treat them as such.


Please urge your friends and family members to not only VOTE, but vote for what is right. Everyone deserves the same benefits, rights, and responsibilities in our society. Our laws and constitution need to reflect that.


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