Here is a letter I wrote to the Racine Journal Times – Letter to the Editor


Link to Letter Online



Our community has spent much time and many dollars on the downtown and waterfront area. It is no secret that the shores of this city are one of its greatest commodities. It is also no secret that it is not being used to its full potential. The massive reconstruction plans in the not so distant past have fallen on their behinds for whatever reasons – perhaps poor planning? I am not an engineer, a city planner, a financial expert by any means. But I have been to many other communities which are also on waterfronts and they seem to take full advantage of that luxury.


Now there is news that the memorial fountain will not be available for the enjoyment of children in the summer. Bummer. Another nice feature poo’d on. I feel this city could really benefit from making a part of the lakefront into a boardwalk type setting. Quaint shops, arcades, restaurants right on a boardwalk which could be open year round. Bait shops, waver runner rentals and outdoor artist kiosks could be available for warmer months. Even a walk out pier or a water park would be a wonderful addition.


We have had those who have shown interest in developing on our lakefront. Yet the only ones who seem to succeed are the condo developers. Please – enough condos already!! So, you gals and guys with the big bucks out there…lets think outside the condo box for a moment, okay?




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