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Writing will come slowly to me today as I am as close to speechless as I can get.

In hearing the latest reports about the windfall profits made by Exxon this past quarter, I am appalled. Yes, certainly companies are supposed to make a profit. That is the whole point of consumerism and the basis of this dollar sign emblemed country. I get it. But when these profits are inflating (more like exploding) the pockets of a slight few while the remaining 99 percent of the country are digging for pennies under their car seats…something is terribly wrong.

It is becoming more and more clear to me the motives of our current administration in regards to the war in Iraq as well as their apparent blindness to the problems their oil comrades are creating. The war is making money for all of them. While soldiers are dying and citizens are going broke paying their gas bills, they are quietly reaping the benefits. I was not against this war in the beginning. Of course I am in favor of fighting terrorism. I am not however in favor of sending people to die to line the pockets of the elite minority.

Right now I am imagining HW Bush, GW Bush, Cheney, Lee Raymond (CEO Exxon), Jeroen van der Veer (Shell CEO) all attending a Halloween Ball.

They are dressed appropriately of course as Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe, and Ross. Isn’t it clear what is happening here? This is nothing short of economic rape. Please explain to me why this is okay.


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