So I have actually come to a decision…at least for the meantime…in regards to blogging here and elsewhere. And here is the dealio…


  1. I will be majorly limiting my time on The Journal Times site (local newspaper site I spoke about previously).  I have removed all pictures and will no longer be sharing personal information on that site. I also took down the link to my personal site, which was on my profile there. And I deleted all of my past posts.


  1. Since TJT is really the only place I do blog other than my personal page, I don’t really have any other places to worry about.


  1. I will continue to blog here on MSN Spaces as I have always done. In this day and age there are a bagillion and one websites out there (not even considering places like MySpace, Facebook, etc…) with a ton of pictures and personal stories. I really feel that it isn’t anymore dangerous than going to the park, letting the kids play outside, writing a letter to the editor or sending in a picture for the Sunday Family Section of the newspaper. The reason I made this decision was partly due to the fact that with MSN Spaces, there are only 3 options as far as the privacy of your site. These are the ONLY options – which really suck.


    1. Only the author of the blog has access. What the heck is the point of that?


    1. Everyone in the world has access. This is how I have always had it.


    1. Those on your “Friends/Family” list who have MSN Live IDs can have access. Now, there is no way my people are going to all sign up for MSN Live and log in each time just to view my space. Si, this isn’t a good option for me.


So, this is how it is. I am sure there are still many out there who disagree with my choices. But I will do this for the meantime and see how it goes.  In all reality, the only place I have really had issues from was TJT or people from there.  So, I think becoming a transient stranger on there will be most helpful in any worries I have had.




Charlie and I are planning an upcoming trip in the next few months. Just a short getaway. I initially made hotel reservations directly through the hotel. And for the hell of it I decided to check out  I took a chance and booked a room that was $100 bucks a night cheaper than what we were going to be paying. I seriously lucked out and got the same exact hotel!! So I am patting myself on the back for saving us 200 smackaroos!!

I highly recommend trying out that site when you can!! How awesome is THAT??!!




I got some kind of bug up my ass this past weekend and while we were at the mall, I decided to get a couple more holes in my right ear.  I did have 2 piercings on the upper part and 3 on the lower lobe. I decided to add 2 more to make it line all the way up my ear.  I like it. It does hurt more (not when I got them pierced, but now) than I remember, but only it if I touch it or lay on that side. I felt kinda silly in that Claire’s chair in front of the store for all to see – just like I did decades ago as a kid.


Next on list – second tattoo…




I am looking forward to watching a new rental I got from Blockbuster. Wristcutters: A Love Story is an indie flick which caught my attention a while back after my husband mentioned it to me when he saw a trailer. It never came to a theatre around here, so I am glad it came out on DVD quickly. I guess it is basically about this sort of purgatory way station for people who kill themselves. I just think it sounded pretty interesting. I hope they did well with such a fascinating premise. It stars Patrick Fugit from Almost Famous, Tom Waits who is just too cool regardless and Will Arnett from Arrested Development (one of my all time favorite, though short lived shows).


Anyway, I will probably have to wait until this weekend to watch, but I am hoping it is a good one!!




Speaking of Arrested Development…I recently found on IMDB that there MAY be an Arrested Development movie in the works.  I worry a movie will not do the show justice. But I will be SOOOO excited to see it!! There really have been very few television shows which have made me laugh as much. There were times I almost peed. So smart, twisted and wicked. I just loved AD.




My kitty, Bob, is doing pretty well. We are continuing with his kidney food and he gets Pepcid every morning. Apparently Feline Kidney Insufficiency causes a lot of acid in the tummy and it makes them not want to eat as much. But he takes the medicine nicely (hidden in a treat of course) and he eats just fine. He will not, however, eat ONLY the kidney food. It has to be mixed (about 50/50) with his Tuna Fancy Feast. The kidney food must taste like shit (or whatever would be palatabty offensive to a cat – since they DO like their asses) because he will not even TRY to eat it alone. I only wish he would gain some weight. He looks SO skinny. This is my big guy who everyone would tell me how fat he was. He was about 15 lbs and is now close to 10. He looks so odd. But his spirits are up as always and he acts just fine. Regular ole Bob – only a wee bit more spoiled these days.




Well, I guess that is it for now. I better be productive and get some things done around this house!!


Talk at ya soon.


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