With the passing of each year, I almost feel an obligation to my less lazy self to write a little summary of the months that have passed in a flash. I do not have any delusions that any person other than myself will ever have the slightest interest in reading such drivel. I mean, really, this is akin to those Christmas Card letters that even your own family probably do not bother to read. “Bobby got straight As all year and Susie won the pretty pretty brat face pageant. Our family is perfect and you suck. Happy holidays.” I guess I will try to leave out all of my typical obnoxious bragging about my superior world of perfection.

New Orleans


In April, Charlie and I took a trip to New Orleans. It was the first time for both of us and we couldn’t have picked a better time of year. There were some moments I got a little overheated (this was a common theme of 2018 and it can kiss my ass) but for the most part, it was very comfortable. The food alone is worth the plane ride. I never would have expected that I would love grilled oysters, grits, and beignets as much as I did. That is definitely a town requirement stretchy pants.

We were there during French Quarter Fest and it was really neat. Not overly crowded at all. Music everywhere. And it was all free. The music was just so fun and really the kind of stuff I love to listen to.

We do kind of regret staying in the garden district because it was so far from town. It was a nice area, but Charlie has some kind of violent aversion to paying for transportation. This left us with a very crowded and unpredictable street car – sometimes it was perfect and other times it was kind of a nightmare. So, next time we will stay closer to downtown. That way, we will feel more comfortable doing things at night. Also, better shoes. I definitely need better shoes!!

Pretty Potty

We finally have a bathroom that isn’t stuck in the 70s!! Charlie worked so hard on this project. Yes, I did help…but…let’s be real. I can barely put a bookshelf together without having a tantrum. I love my nightly baths in my new “spa”. I know it isn’t fancy shmancy. But it is what we could afford and it our kind of luxury. And just try telling me that I don’t have thee best shower curtain ever.

In the Audience


This year brought Cassidy to her very first concerts. Well, she did see Katy Perry with Obama in 2012 but I won’t count that. This summer, Cassidy and Kenzie went to see Halsey and Logic at Summerfest. We drove them there and waited for them on the grounds as I almost died from heat stroke. HOLY HELL it was horrible. Well over 100 degrees and it was truly a sweltering firepit until the sun went down. And while I likely will never go there again unless I know the weather won’t murder me, I am glad we took them. And the late night Denny’s stop was a perfect ending.

For Cassidy’s birthday, we gave her tickets to see Troye Sivan at Eagles Ballroom in October. We drove her and a friend to the venue and picked them up after. Charlie and I went to dinner (Maxie’s – omg so fucking good) and drove around Milwaukee for hours waiting. She has no clue how lucky she is. There is no part of my brain that can even imagine my parents doing that for me when I was 14 years old! But she absolutely loved it and had a great time – so it was worth it.

We saw a few great shows this year as well. Doobie Brothers/Steely Dan in Madison, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, David Sedaris, Lake Street Dive (my absolute favorite band). Lake Street Dive was especially fun because Cassidy actually WANTED to go with us. It was a really nice night.

Cap and Gown


In June, Kenzie graduated from high school. Man, talk about feeling old. It seems like I was potty training her like last year. And now, she is a Freshman in college. How does this happen so quickly?? I am very proud of her. She is currently attending UWM for Nursing. I have no doubt she will do well. She has really become a thoughtful, inquisitive, hard working adult. I just have a hard time seeing her as a grown up. She will always be that little girl with the raspy voice and pig tails to me. Sigh.

Summer Rental

We had a wonderful summer vacation this year without traveling very far. We spent a week at Wilderness on the Lake in Wisconsin Dells. We had a huge two bedroom condo overlooking the infinity pool and lake. It was probably our favorite of all of the places we have ever stayed. We did find a really great deal, otherwise we likely wouldn’t have been able to afford it. Whether we were relaxing in our personal hot tub or floating in the lake or getting frustrated in the escape room – we really did have a lovely time. I sure hope we can do that again. I do think it was one of my favorite vacations to date – mostly because it was the four of us together and I really don’t know if or when we will be able to have that again. More sighs.

Bustin’ Knee Caps


One September morning, I was driving to Milwaukee for my physical therapy appointment. I got a call from Cassidy’s school informing me that they wanted to call an ambulance because Cassidy “dislocated her knee”. Obviously, my heart stopped and I swung the car around like an insane person. Apparently, she was walking thru the gym at school when her knee cap simply popped out of place and she fell. The ambulance took her to the ER where they popped it back into place. After some xrays, she was discharged with orders for her own PT. During the healing, her muscles atrophied so she is still working on building them back up. She also tore a ligament so that had to heal as well. It was really quite an ordeal, but I am so grateful it wasn’t much worse. And she really has handled it all pretty well. Although, I do need to nag her to do her exercises.

Windy (hot) City


We spent two nights in Chicago this summer. Something none of us have ever done surprisingly. We had a great room right downtown. And if my body wasn’t a total asshole, it would have been great. Between the heat and the walking, I was just a mess. Other than that, it was nice. We did a lot in a very short amount of time. We were all mucho exhausted by the time we got home.

Well, that about covers the highlights.

Still growing out my bangs and for the 23rd time I have declared a lifetime bang ban. I am also trying out life as a redhead, we shall see how that goes. We are trying to plan our trips for 2019 – possibly Florida and Seattle area. Not sure. Need to shop for deals. I am stepping away from social media and politics a little more for my own health. Fun, family, and forming memories is what I am all about these days. Selfish, I know. But fuck it. Life is so short and I feel like I am in a locomotive that is getting faster and faster. My goal is to make the most of the time we have. That is the mindset right now anyway.

Wishing you a swell 2019, y’all.




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