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KRM – Not Dead Yet


Yesterday I sent an email to several local politicians regarding the proposed commuter rail that would extend the Chicago Metra Line to travel through Kenosha, Racine, and Caledonia to Downtown Milwaukee.


While the transit authority approved a hike in rental car fees to pay for this rail (known as KRM), it went up for a vote today with the Joint Finance Committee. According to The Racine Journal Times, it was voted down with an 8-8 vote (not sure how that works…I guess if it is tie the answer is no??) Representative Robin Vos voted against the fee while Senator Lehman voted in its favor.


I feel that this rail would benefit our community in so many ways. More union jobs – which this city desperately needs. Citizens of Racine will be able to travel more easily to other cities which would broaden their job opportunities (and pay!!). Not to mention the simple fact of having more transportation options like many other cities do. Imagine how much better going to Summerfest would be if you didn’t have to drive and park? Republicans are just spreading fear that this will cost too much – that the there will be added taxes we will have to pay for. How much are we paying now for things we do not want, agree with or even know about?? How much is the Iraq War costing??


It is said that the rental car fee hike will account for the costs of this rail. Big deal. And in fact there are many ways in which this could be paid for.


Anyway, here is the email I sent….not that it did any good. I am quite disappointed in the vote today. But it is not dead yet. It can still be written into the state budget and it sounds as though Gov. Doyle supports the rail.




Dear XXX,


I was recently offered a part time position for a good company in a field I enjoy. I am currently a stay at home mom and looking to re-enter the workforce on a part time basis as long as it will bring in profit after considering the cost of daycare, fuel, clothing, etc. There are NO jobs in Racine that fit this standard. None. This position in downtown Milwaukee would, except for the costly and time consuming commute. I cannot afford to be on the road during very stressful rush hours for hours a day. It makes no sense. However, if I had the option of a train commute – that would change things completely. Jobs just are not here. Wouldn’t this city prefer their citizens to be working and bringing money back into the city?? Who gives a hoot about a rental car fee?? I go to other cities and am taxed out the ying yang for hotels, cabs, rental cars – that is just a part of travel. When traveling, you expect those fees and taxes. If not, don’t travel.


There are also other taxes that could be made to help pay for this such as a fast food tax. We all know that fast food is not a necessity. Not only is it not a necessity, but it is virtually a toxic wolf in sheep’s clothing preying on the weak taste buds of our cities. The statistics prove that people are more obese and unhealthy than ever. I think there are many reasons for this and fast food is certainly one of them. Now eating a Big Mac once every couple months isn’t going to make a difference to your health. Eating one everyday, that will. Cigarettes are taxed. Alcohol is taxed. Why not fast food? Like the lottery, this could bring much needed money to our cities. And that benefit could be in the form of this much needed rail.


When I visit cities like Chicago or Boston, I envy the fact that they have so many transportation options. Why do we have to be any different?

This rail will do nothing but benefit our community in many ways. Please consider this through the eyes of all of your constituents. Not only the ones who are retired, drive BMWs and could care less about the working class in this city – as some of the members of our legislation do.






Heather Rayne


Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)


I have been talking to my friend Tom about what it means to be an ‘HSP’ or Highly Sensitive Person and so this is one thing that is on my mind at the moment.


I have recently, within the past couple years, come across this terminology and discovered that this is very much a part of me. And I think it even goes further as far as medical issues are concerned. There are several websites out there about it as well as books and support groups. There is even specialized therapy that directly relates to HSPs. Elaine Aron is the mother of this term and has written many books on the subject as well as how to deal with being an HSP or knowing one.


Here is some interesting information from this website –



Are You Highly Sensitive?

By Jenna Avery, CLC,
Life Coach for Sensitive Souls


Do you often feel overwhelmed by your environment or the people around you? Has anyone ever called you shy – or worse: “too sensitive”? Do you care deeply about EVERYTHING? You may be a highly sensitive soul – a person of deep empathy and high intensity, with powerful intuition, awareness, and intelligence.

Being highly sensitive, you have a uniquely perceptive sensory system. You are therefore more sensitive to emotions, energy, environmental conditions such as lighting or sound, other people, excitement, and stress. As a result of constant stimuli, you may feel easily overwhelmed or unable to cope. Things can be particularly confusing when others seem unperturbed by the same experiences. For example, your friends might be able to shop all day, go out to dinner, and then head to a loud party. For you, that would be unbearable.

Research psychologist Dr. Elaine Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You, has studied high sensitivity extensively. Her research shows that being sensitive is a personality temperament or trait, one usually inherited. According to Dr. Aron, up to 20% of the population is highly sensitive.

How To Tell If You Are Highly Sensitive
Being highly sensitive comes with a number of gifts, as well as challenges. See if any of these highly sensitive qualities resonate strongly with you.


1. You are deeply affected by all aspects of your life.
As a sensitive soul, you have great emotional passion, intensity, and depth. You may have been told that your emotions are “too much.” You are sensitive, caring, and easily affected by the energy and emotions of others. These qualities make it easy to lose touch with your needs and desires.


2. You have heightened perceptive skills.
A sensitive soul is intuitive, highly aware, and keenly observant of the subtleties of your environment, including energy, light, noise, smell, texture, and temperature. You may also be empathic or even psychic. Your perceptive skills operate in the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual realms. You tie together things you see into complex and original concepts. This makes you a visionary.


3. You have a lower tolerance for stimulation than others.
Because you receive so much
information from your surroundings, your threshold for what’s “too much” is significantly lower than for those around you. This means: a) You may be seen as shy or timid; and b) You may feel uncomfortably dissimilar to others because you respond so differently to stimulation.


4. You are highly conscientious and thorough in all your undertakings.
A sensitive soul makes a great employee. You concentrate intensely and process multi-source
information deeply. However, you require privacy, uninterrupted time, and little or no pressure in order to do your best work.


5. You have a strong relationship with aesthetics and art.
As a highly sensitive soul, you have a passion for beauty, art, and aesthetics. You may be highly artistic and creative yourself. You easily create beauty and comfort. Seeing things “out of alignment” can actually be physically or psychically distressing.


6. Your inner life is just as intriguing and inspiring as your outer life.
You likely have a rich, complex inner life and are highly imaginative. You may find it challenging to connect to “real world” priorities and realities.


7. You absolutely require private time alone in order to feel replenished.
Up to 70% of highly sensitive souls are introverted. But even extroverted sensitives need downtime to rejuvenate, often in a darkened, quiet room.


8. You have a strong spiritual connection and depth.
If you are highly sensitive, you experience a profound spiritual connection with the divine and/or spiritual realm. You “see” a lot in what appears common. Because of this you may feel impatient with the truly mundane.

Learning To Thrive: What You Need
Learning to thrive as a highly sensitive soul presents challenges. If you’re sensitive, you have likely accumulated years of training in trying overcome the trait because you don’t “fit in” with society. And yet being highly sensitive is a vital part of you.


A first step toward thriving as a sensitive soul is to understand and accept your trait. Hear this now: There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You are just different. As one of my clients says, being highly sensitive is both a gift and a responsibility.


Sensitive souls require regular self-care, meaningful work, and supportive relationships. Working with a sensitive coach or therapist who helps you tune into your own magnificent inner guidance system – your sensitivity – is a powerful means of support.


As you begin to manage your life in a way that truly works for you, you will trust the power and gift of your sensitivity, and be inspired to share your much-needed wisdom with the world.



It is amazing to me how much I can relate to that. Pretty much every single part – minus being shy. And even though I have yet to see a written correlation between being an HSP and certain medical conditions, I sincerely feel that connection is there. I feel that being so aware and in tuned creates problems that our bodies would otherwise not react to. Such as allergies, asthma, migraines, sinus issues, anxiety, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arrhythmias, depression, irritable bowel syndrome and I am sure several others.


Anyway, I will be reading more and more about this and learning how to make these sensitivities more of a positive than a negative. And I will let you know how it is going along the way.

Thursday May 31, 2007


On Sunday we (my husband, mom, step father and daughter) went to Burlington’s Chocolatefest. I had never been there before and it was a pretty nice time. Typical carnival-type atmosphere. We played some games (I won a small froggie for Cass). Cassidy went on a few rides. We ate some yummies. Bought some chocolate. And I attempted to be hypnotized.  Yes, you heard right. There was a hypnotist there by the name of Chris Carter. I guess he is there every year and my parents always talked about what a funny show it was and how he got the participants to do all this hilarious stuff. So when he asked for audience volunteers, I raised my hand and was chosen. I was VERY nervous for some reason. I don’t get anxious being on stage on in front of a crowd and I wasn’t even afraid of making a fool of myself…I think it was just the unknown of being hypnotized and not knowing how I would react.


I really tried to follow his instructions completely. I waited and waited and as I watched as other people appeared to be going ‘under’…I knew that for me, nothing was happening. I did feel sort of meditative and relaxed. But not at all hypnotized. Neither was the guy next to me. We were both older than the rest of the participants. But the guy on the other side of me was the star of the show. Chris Carter told him that whenever he said a certain word he was to sneak around the stage and steal everyone’s shoes and hide them in his shirt. Sure enough – he did it. He also preformed as Elvis. Thing was, before the show, he turned to me and asked, “What if it doesn’t work – are we suppose to fake it?” I just said I had no idea. Though I knew I wouldn’t fake it…which I didn’t.


After the show I talked to the Elvis kid and he said he faked the whole thing.


Poo poo. I was sorta disappointed. I thought it would be a fun experience to be hypnotized. Oh well. At least I had lots of chocolate J


Cassidy had a blast and that was so fun to see. She loved the rides and had no fear going on them alone. She did not like the mini roller coaster (for toddlers) though. It jerked her around too much. I wouldn’t have liked it either. She didn’t cry or anything. She just announced loudly in the middle of the ride “I’m done NOW!!”


Other than that – not much else going on. I have to get some CD reviews written for Valley Scene Magazine. I need to do some laundry. And we are trying to choose what home improvement task to take on. Either tear out our cement patio in the back and build a wood deck or get carpet for the basement so it can finally be finished. We are also putting a fence around the back yard so the kids can play without Cassidy constantly escaping to the front yard. Ugh. I hate spending money. But things gotta get done, right??


There are a few other things I would like to talk about…but I think I will do those in separate blogs.


I hope everyone has a wonderful day J

Added Pictures to My Wedding Album

Almost four years later and I finally added pictures to my wedding and honeymoon album here on my site. Feel free to check them out 🙂
Man…so many changes in such a short time. All the babies are now big kids. Some of the people in the pictures have sadly passed on. I am like 1000 lbs bigger. And I have a darling new child. Time really does fly. Scary, isn’t it??
Here is the direct link to the album:

Meeting with the Counselor

Last night we had a meeting with the counselor. By we, I mean my husband, his ex wife and myself. I was very anxious about it – this was our second appointment. The first one went okay, but was emotional. Anyway, last night went well I would say. I agreed with everything the counselor had to say. He said that we all deserve much credit for even coming to these appointments an attempting to do the right things. He also said that we all need to learn how to trust – and deserve trust with one another. Without that trust we cannot truly believe that the other parent has my step daughter’s best interest at heart. I know that is something I need to work on (we all do – but I can only speak for myself). I do not many times trust that her mother has her best interests at heart. I usually believe that she is too wrapped up in her own world, problems and life to really pay attention to what her daughter really needs. I also feel that she purposely does things to spite us (like tell her to lie to us). But I need to work on realizing that everyone makes mistakes, everyone has their issues and crosses to bear. This is one of mine. I also need to work on not worrying so much about what happens over there (this was not discussed, but I just know I need to work on this) because I will never be able to change that.
He also explained to her mother that she needs to set specific limits and boundaries and stick with them. And that she needs to simply not allow her daughter to manipulate and control everything – which is what is happening now. He also explained that the ‘Disneyland Parent’ is usually the one who gets little respect in the end.
Her mother mentioned some things that her daughter has done and said just in the past weeks. My jaw dropped when I heard some of them. She really treats her mother terribly and is allowed to do so. Her mom said that she gets very upset and frustrated because she knows she doesn’t act like that here. So I believe that is where much of her hostility toward us is forming.
The counselor also looked at me and said that we will never be able to get over everything that has happened in the past and as hard as it will be to try to set it aside when dealing with issues that pertain to my step daughter. He was speaking to all of us, but it was clear that he was acknowledging my pain from everything that has happened. By the way, none of which has ever been discussed in these two appointments. But I did say that I am letting go much better than I has anticipated. I still have a ways to go…but I have been able to forgive in bits and pieces. And I have been able to try to put this behind me. There are times when that is terribly difficult…but I am getting there.
Anyway, we have another appointment in about 8 weeks. Maybe I will not be so anxious next time. We need to get things straight. We will have to be co-parenting for 11 more years. Thats a LOOOONNNGGG time. So we need to find a way to do it without so much anger, animosity and spite.

To Those Lacking Integrity and Authenticity…My Condolences

First I would like to discuss cowardly meanness. I have a couple examples I would like to share with you.
I want to first explain that I can track a person’s IP address from this site. I do not typically do this, but do only when I am getting trouble from a person or have reason to suspect I will be getting trouble from a person. In those instances, I log when they are on the site, how often, what comments are left, etc.
Example #1
There is a woman who initially found my site by both of us posting on The Journal Times blog. She had many different names on there at first as she apparently did not realize that you could see a person’s IP address when they post. Many people caught her and called her out on it before I even knew about it. Apparently she would post under different names making up all sorts of different stories. In one story she was a young pregnant woman with no kids. In another she was married and getting divorced. In another, her teenager was in an abusive relationship. And my personal favorite – she and her family frequently travel to Africa to help the poor. LOL. All sorts of tales with no continuity whatsoever. She would often egg people on, call names and start arguments on the boards. One day she decided to direct her cross hairs in my direction. And ever since she has been visiting my site ALL of the time. She often leaves nasty comments about my not being able to find a job because of my record or about what an awful parent I am. Of course, she never leaves her real name. Sometimes her posts are listed as Banana (how appropriate) and other times no name at all. For the past month or so on the Journal Times Blogs she has been going by Jessica. I know she thinks she changed her IP, but apparently she is not smart enough to fully hide in anonymity. Apparently her volunteer work must be on hold because she has been spending much time on my website. Here are the times she has been on just in the last few days:
May 25th
May 24th
May 22nd
And this is just when my tracker is working – half the time (actually more than half the time) it isn’t logging for whatever reason. This schedule is pretty consistent and just about everyday.
I have to wonder what about me makes me such and enjoyable target for her. Jealousy? Perhaps she is terribly ugly and locked in a cellar with nothing else to do? Maybe she once had a stepmother who was mean to her so now she feels it necessary to attack all step parents around the globe? The spelling and grammar on her posts show evidence that her education is lacking, so I suppose she could be learning disabled and hates anyone smarter than her. I guess the possibilities are endless. I just truly wonder what makes people like this tick.
Don’t get me wrong. I love for people to visit my site. That is why it is here. Even for the a-holes. It just makes me wonder….
Example #2
When I was charged with child abuse, the Journal Times got a hold of the police report (which was packed with lies and very one sided) and printed the story (without any names) on their website as a blog. The comments people left spun me into a DEEP depression. I won’t even get into the things people said, but I can tell you that I was expecting torches and a lynching (again – based on complete untruths). One of the people that left a comment said that they knew me and that they felt badly for my natural daughter and hoped that I would be exposed. This same person comes to my site almost daily – a year after that blog being published. This bothers me much more than the crazy lady above because this is someone who KNOWS me and has likely been very two-faced. You can get quite a bit of information with an IP when you know the right people.
This leads me to wanting to talk about deception, dishonesty and the state of being disingenuous. As I have spoken about in the past, my intuition is quite strong. No, this does not make me think I am psychic. But, I do usually know when I can and cannot trust a person. Some may think I am cold for no reason when really it is because I know more than they think I know. I have actually (and this obviously has nothing to do with intuition) heard relatives talking about me when they did not know I was near. I have seen the looks and felt the snubs. Yet I still have to pretend and play the game. I hate that. Don’t get me wrong, most of the people in my life have been nothing but wonderful. But the few others…I have this strong desire to just let them know once and for all – I KNOW.
I cannot say that these things I talk about do not hurt me. Which I am sure gives some of you great pleasure. But that pleasure, I know, is just a quick fix – like a hit of heroine that quickly leaves you down and wanting more. I know that deep down some of you who cause hurt to others are hurting yourselves. I know that someone in your life has desperately damaged you or that perhaps you were born with troubling issues. For this, I am sorry. I offer to you a hug and my sympathy. I offer to you my greatest wishes for a happier, more fulfilling life. Truly, I do.
I want the rest of you – the great majority of you – to know that you have nothing to fear with visiting here. I am not tracking you. If you have not left mean comments about me on either here or TJT blogs – I have no idea when you are here or who you are. And I believe I will stop tracking altogether as it really doesn’t matter anymore.
Also, I want your honesty. I want to know what you are truly thinking even if it does conflict with my beliefs or opinions. That in no way bothers me – I actually like it. Just do not attack me or my family. And even if you do, it really doesn’t matter. But to those I really care about – I know that wouldn’t be an issue. Feel free to visit and comment here – do so with your name or with anonymity (although I do have special appreciation for those who leave their REAL names).
There. Now. Let’s move on….

Father’s Day Memorial Poems

I wanted to submit 2 poems to The Journal Times for their Father’s Day Memorial segment – one for my dad and one for Charlie’s grandpa. I wrote the poems and called for a quote. They said that it would cost $45 without a photo and $60 with a photo. That is NUTS!! I don’t see how I can afford that right now. But I will think about it.
In the meantime, I will post them here…
To Charles H. Geyer

Always in suspenders and with a playful grin

With all the memories of where you’ve been


Your days at the buffet chatting with all

Your phone ringing again with yet another call


With a strong constitution but an oh so tender heart

It was a sad, sad day when you finally had to part


Now with grandma your tears have dried

We love you both, angels at our side


We will remember your stubborn resolve and comedic ways

And miss you we will, until the last of our days



Your Family


To Marty Jocius

I hear you speak to me at night

When you are driving or not feeling right


I see you smile from ear to ear

I watch you cry, I sense your fear


In the moments you are feeling bolder

That’s my arm across your shoulder


And in your dreams when I appear

That is how you know I’m near


Please always know alone you’ll never be

Forever I am here, the dad you just cant see


I miss you Dad.



Heather Rayne 

Thursday May 24, 2007 – Water Slides, My Sick Baby and Pure Exhaustion


Is it Friday night yet? No? Well screw you. J

I am soooooooooooooooo tired. I have not been this tired since the days when Cass was a newborn and breastfeeding every half hour. And again, this exhaustion is little darling’s fault. She decided to get sick on our little water park vacation. Great timing this kid has, let me tell ya.

So…here’s the dealio.  

We were leaving to go to The Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan on Sunday morning. They have an indoor water park and we took both kids. Anyway, Saturday night, Cassidy kept waking up. At least every two hours or so. She hasn’t really done this in a long time so I was kinda worried. She also felt a bit warm, but it was very hot in her room. I gave her some Motrin just in case. She wasn’t complaining of anything. When I would go in there she would just say “Time to eat” or “Watch movie now”. I’d tell her to go nite nite so we can go to the water park tomorrow. We have been talking to her about it for weeks.

In the morning, we were all quite tired, but she seemed just fine. She did fall asleep on the living room floor as we were packing, but we figured she was tired from being up all night. I mean, hell, I would have laid next to her and taken a nap if I could! So, we leave for the overnight trip and she slept the whole way up there. Never thought anything of it.

We get there and as I was putting on her swim suit I realized she was really quite warm. I began to panic. For those who know me, it won’t come as a shocker that I am always prepared. Especially for medical emergencies. But this time – no. I had not thermometer. No children’s medicine. Nothing. I went down to the gift shop and bought some Children’s Motrin. She took some and seemed to feel better shortly. We decided she was okay enough to go to the water park – it is all indoors and a balmy 84 degrees.

She (as we all) had fun for several hours. I think we were there about 3 hours and she started shivering. But she still wanted to play even though she wasn’t quite being herself. The shivering freaked me out because it was quite warm. So I brought her back to the room and Charlie and Kenzie stayed for a while longer.

When we got back to the room we got all dried off and changed. She seemed fine, but tired. She played around, watched some cartoons and finally fell asleep on the couch. After a good nap she woke up and we tried to go to one of the restaurants for dinner. But she was warm again and totally out of it. I asked to take the food up to the room and we just ate up there while Cassidy slept more.  She finally woke up and demanded “I Hungy!!” So I warmed up her food and she plowed it in. Seemed to feel much better. And just in time for story time. Every night they have a story time in the lobby where they serve milk and cookies and all the kids listen to a story. So they put on their PJs and headed down with Charlie while I got cozy and watched the season finale of Desperate Housewives. What a horrible (sad) ending by the way. I usually don’t get too into that show, but man…

Anyway, shortly after their return we got into bed. Of course Cass would not sleep in her bunk so she ended up sleeping with us. At some point I got kicked out and went to sleep on the couch.

The next day I continued to supply her with Motrin and Tylenol (alternated as Drs have always suggested). She began to really complain about her mouth hurting, but would point way down in her throat. I was certain it was strep and not happy. She has had strep several times now and it sucks. It feels so draining and helpless to not be able to really explain or console her – to make her pain completely go away. I feel so heartbroken when she is in pain and doesn’t even know why.

Even though she was complaining for a bit that her mouth hurt, she ate breakfast and seemed completely fine again. No complaining for hours. So we went back to the water park for 2 hours – Cassidy had a blast on the slides and playing water basketball. Kenzie loved the Lazy River and that big boat thing that dumps 1000 gallons of water every 5 mins or so. They both had a lot of fun.

But we were all tired and decided to get dressed and head out.

We took a long way home and finally stopped for a late lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. It was neat and yummy, but very over priced in my opinion.

We got home and basically went to bed.

About 10pm Cassidy started waking up screaming. She would cry and scream and say her mouth hurt ‘really bad’. Besides the pain reliever I didn’t know what to do. Water? No. Wet cloth to chew on? No. Nothing soothed her. Then she would fall back to sleep for another hour. And then again wake up screaming. This went on all night over and over. When shed go back to bed I would walk away and just bawl. Seeing her in pain was horrible. I really felt like I was going to breakdown – seriously loose it. At one point she was REALLY bad. Having a huge fit and screaming her lungs out. I insisted we go to the ER and Charlie said to wait and see. I called the on call doctor who said that we could go to the ER or wait a few hours until the clinic opened at 8am. It was about 4am at the time. We got her to watch some of a movie and she seemed to get better. I think that the pain was exasperated by the serious fatigue she must have had. Three nights of basically no real sleep. She then went back to sleep and we took her to the Dr. at 8:30am.

They did a strep test that came back negative. But she did have ulcerations on the back of her throat. Dr. said it is a viral throat infection. They don’t know why kids get it and there isn’t much you can do for it. They gave her a prescription of lidocaine (a liquid that numbs the area) that we are supposed to apply to the back of her throat 3 times a day with a long q tip. This chore is practically impossible, but we do our best. They also said to continue with the pain relievers. Today is Thursday and it seems as though it is almost gone. She is back to herself and not really complaining anymore.

Because she has had this twice now and strep several times, the doctor recommended she see an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) physician. Said she may need to have her tonsils removed. My heart dropped. The thought of her having surgery at such a young age – it is unthinkable to me. I really can’t even think about that right now. Mackenzie had her’s out when she was about 5. She couldn’t eat without crying for 2 weeks!! I don’t know if she played it out or what because everyone else tells me that their kids were fine after a few hours!! But if Cassidy was like that at this young age, it would be awful for her. And Kenzie REALLY needed it. She snored terribly and couldn’t breath that well. Cassidy doesn’t have those issues.

So, anyway…that was our mini vacation and the reason for my extreme exhaustion. Exciting story eh?? LOL. Not really, but journals are just that…journals. Not everything in life is deep and interesting J


Tonight I am so NOT looking forward to. It is the second ‘meeting of the parents’. Charlie, his ex and I are meeting with a counselor for the 2nd time. The first time was completely a waste. Everything she said she would do or change has even gotten worse. I see no point in these appointments anymore. I was the one that wanted to have them in the first place, but I am starting to see Charlie’s point – it is a waste of time. Anyway, the anticipation of these meetings makes me quite anxious and crabby. I just want it to be over with. And I just really REALLY want a happy normal life. Ya know??


Another exciting chapter…our blender broke and I need to buy a new one. I have never purchased a blender before and not sure where to buy a good but affordable one. I guess I will go to Target or Penneys today or tomorrow and check them out. Charlie and the kids need their smoothies J


I was watching The View yesterday and H-O-L-Y  C-R-A-P!!! Here is the video:


Everyday I DVR The View. I put my darling down for a nap, make my daily turkey sandwich (or salad) and sit down to watch one hour (actually probably 30 mins with skipped commercials) of TV – The View. That is the only thing I watch during daylight hours.

I have my certain feelings about each host, but I won’t get into that.

I can say that the empathic in me must be very sensitive yesterday because I was in tears. Jaw dropped and teary eyed, I watched Rosie and Elizabeth go at it. I could sense that they were both hurt and had racing hearts. I really feel bad for both of them. Our country is torn apart. We have the side that is very much against this administration, the side that will stand with them through thick and thin and the portion that are apathetic to it all. It breaks my heart. We have enough discontent and hate in this country. Now we are separated by yet another difference. The situation between Rosie and Elizabeth was a small demonstration of what is happening on a very large scale throughout America. It almost feels as though we are in the midst of an emotional civil war.

Very sad.


Okay…I suppose I have blathered on enough. It is a BEAUTIFUL day today and bugger and I should get in the yard for some play and maybe weed pulling.

Talk at ya soon – Have a splendid day J

Howlin’ at the Moon – Glad You Asked

Here is the link for the online article –
This is the question posed by a Journal Times reader:
You always hear of more activity with a number of things when it is a full moon.  More babies are born, more patients are admitted to the psychiatric ward and kids are more active than usual.  Does the fullness of the moon affect things like this and if so – why?
My Answer:

When I first read this question I wanted to simply answer with my own opinions and beliefs as I have often thought about this topic myself. I have some healthcare field experience as does my mother (she has a lot) and it certainly did seem very true that when there was a full moon – the ERs were flooded.  So, this theory has interested me for some time.


In my layman’s opinion, before doing any research, I would answer this way: The moon and its changes affect the tides of the ocean – thus affecting all the water here on earth. Because our bodies are made up of mostly water, it only goes to suspect that a full moon would also affect humans too. Does that do it for ya? Nah, didn’t think it would.


Okay. So….The words lunatic and lunacy initially referred to the mad-like behavior thought to be brought on by the moon’s phases. However, upon doing my research it appears that murderers, moms-to be and surgery patients are not as affected by the moon as I once had thought. At least that is what they want us to believe (in my best Fox Mulder voice). It seems that for every study proving that the full moon does cause these events to happen more significantly during those times, there are two studies disproving it. There have been experiments that initially proved that murders increased during full moons, that post-operative patients had bleeding problems during full moons and that more women gave birth during full moons. For all of these analyses, there have been many showing the opposite results – racking the previous numbers up to basic coincidences.


It has been suggested that a person’s behavior may change around the time of a full moon due to lack of sleep caused by all that extra moon light. It is also inferred that others may simply notice things more because it is brighter out. I don’t know. I think I like my answer better. Which is true? Perhaps only the werewolves know.