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My Television Appearance Dispappeared Before My Eyes

Talk about disappointment. Wow.
Let me tell you about the past 24 hours.
Yesterday morning I received an email from a producer of the Montel Williams Show. She explained that they were doing a show about current events/politics in America. She said they were looking for a perspective from a housewife and would I be interested in being on the show – in NEW YORK!! As you can imagine I was quite surprised. But I tried very hard not to get my hopes up. I mean, for all I knew it could be a scam, could fall through or maybe they would realize I was truly moronic and just an opinionated loud mouth. Well, I then spoke to the production assistant who asked me a couple questions and told me that the producer will be calling me by the end of the day.
By 5:00pm I figured the call just wasn’t coming. After all, they must be done with work by then I thought. But at about 5:30pm I received the call. She interviewed me for about a half hour. She asked me questions pertaining to the show’s topics. She said at the end of the conversation, "Wow, yea, I really want you for the show." That had to be the first time I have felt a boost of self esteem in a LONG time. Not to mention..EXCITING!!!!! 
I ran up the stairs and yelled to my husband "I am going to be on Montel!! I am going to New York Thursday!!!" I had a day and a half to get ready…but I was up for it. I ran to the mall to find a great TV outfit that would somehow make me look thin and 10 years younger. By the way, that outfit does not exist.
The whole night and next morning was full of excitement. I was going to be on TV – national TV – sharing my OPINIONS!! I invited a friend to go with and just knew it would be so much fun. I never get out for more than an occasional movie let alone a trip with a friend. And then there was New York. I am sure just about everyone knows how beautiful NY is suppose to be this time of year.  Needless to say, I hadn’t felt like that in a very long, long time.
Then this morning as I was getting ready to go to another store with Cassidy to find something to wear on the show, I received an email. It was from the Production Assistant. She said that the show format had changed drastically and that they would not be needing me for this particular show but that she would keep my information and hopefully have me on in the future.
And then the piano fell onto my head.
I was crushed. The plans were made. People were told. The wheels were in motion. But nope, it wasn’t meant to be.

My Personality Test Results…

I took the MBTI Personality Test today. I am amazed. I really think it is accurate. What do you think?? I will put the link at the end so you can find out YOUR score 🙂
Here is my description:


Usually gentle and kind, they are intense and passionate about their values and deeply held beliefs, which they share with trusted friends. Because of their discreet manner, their enthusiasm may not be apparent. They are sensitive to others’ pain, restlessness or general discomfort and strive to find happiness, balance and wholeness for themselves in order to help others find joy, satisfaction and plenitude. They are deeply empathetic.

They live life in an intently personal fashion, acting on the belief that each person is unique and that social norms are to be respected only if they do not hinder personal development or expression. They strive to adhere to their own high personal moral standards and are particularly sensitive to inconsistencies in their environment between what is being said and what is being done. Empty promises of adhering to something they value – such as environmental causes or human rights – set off an inner alarm and they may transform themselves into modern day Joan of Arcs.

They are quietly persistent in raising awareness of cherished causes and often fight for the underdog in quiet or not-so-quiet ways. In a team, they will raise issues of integrity, authenticity, and good or bad, and may to opt out if the team refuses to address the questions raised.

They are usually tolerant and open-minded, insightful, flexible and understanding. They live for the understanding of others and feel deeply grateful when someone takes the time to get to know them personally. They have good listening skills, are genuinely concerned, insightful, and usually avid readers. At their best, they inspire others to be themselves.


And I found this on another site – I thought it was interesting…

ISFPs keep a finger on the pulse of here and now. They are more adept at doing than considering, at acting than reflecting, at tasting than wondering. As do most SPs, ISFPs keenly sense color, sound, texture, and movement. It is not unusual for ISFPs to excel in sensory, motor, or kinesthetic abilities.



The River

I wrote this story for a little monthly short story writing contest we have on an online community with which I am involved.  This month was suppose to have a scary or paranormal or supernatural theme of some sort. I wrote this fast and is kind of a stupid story..but thought I would put it here anyway. I dont write much fiction…definatly need practice!! Anyway…

As she walked down that same sidewalk the soles of her feet knew so well, she smelled the autumn in the brisk air.  It was windy and her long dark hair kept blanketing her eyes. She rummaged through her bag searching for a hair tie annoyed with her lack of organization. And just at that moment she heard a sudden siren that about stopped her heart. It was as if the engine came out of nowhere and whizzed by her on the street.


April didn’t have much planned that day and was only heading for the coffee shop for a quiet decaf. For some reason, one she could not explain, her curiosity overwhelmed her thirst for that hot drink in a quiet shop. She noticed that the sirens had stopped just up the road on the other side of the river. So she continued her path across the bridge.


She walked slowly as the apprehension weighed on her like cement shoes. There was no reason for her to fear yet the anxiety was rumbling in her stomach. As she made strides closer to the scene, she subconsciously decided to stop at the side of the bridge. She leaned against the four and a half foot high brick barrier as she peered below.


A cool chill ran through her as though the temperature had suddenly dropped 10 degrees. And just then a woman approached her. “It’s a very windy day,” the woman pronounced. April looked up startled as she did not hear the woman approach. Catching her breath April simply replies, “Oh, I sure wish I had worn a hat!” Without wanting to be rude, April glanced at the woman who stood before her. She was about her same age, 24. Beautiful red, full hair. And her make up looked as though it was professionally applied. She was quite striking. But even more striking was the fact that the woman was unseasonably dressed and April couldn’t help but wonder how she could not be freezing to death. “I am very warm blooded as they say. I could always stand the cold, much more so than the heat,” the woman chuckled.


They both looked back towards the river. And that is when April realized what exactly was happening. There were two men in scuba gear popping in and out of the murky water. The buzz of the police radios echoed in the river’s valley.


“I wonder what they are looking for,” April asked without looking away, “who would be swimming on such a cold day?”


“You know, you have gorgeous skin. Just like my daughter. Face like a porcelain doll. These wrinkles have been on my face so long…” she touched her cheek and starred off without finishing her thought.


April didn’t notice a single wrinkle on the remarkable woman’s face as she peered over her features as though through a microscope.


The woman suddenly continued as though a new burst of energy awoken her gaze, “Don’t let the world age you my dear. Don’t let them shatter who you see in that mirror. That reflection belongs to you and only you. Cherish it, April.”


“We got her!!” one of the divers yelled to the others below.


With her mouth partially open and unintentionally holding her breath April starred at the bank of the murky, cold river. They pulled the body out slowly by one arm as the divers made their way to shore. The body was face down and all April could see was this wet bright red hair.


Gasping and with a lump in her throat, “Wait, how did you know my…” and as she turned toward the woman she realized she was no longer there. She looked all around. She ran into the road to look down the street. There was no woman in sight. She was simply…gone.


Confused, scared and feeling emotions she never knew existed, she raced her eyes back to the river. By this time the body was covered and the somber faces who had worked so hard on her discovery were standing there in exhaustion.


April sat on the curb for what had to be a good twenty minutes just attempting to calm herself, gain composure and make some sense out of what has occurred. She realized she should return home where she could feel safe and at the very least, warm. She wiped the tears from her face and as the wind began to once again bluster, she tried to get the hair from in front of her eyes. At that moment she noticed a beautiful red hair tie around her wrist. Blanked faced, she just starred at it for a moment. And as she began to walk she tied her hair back with that red tie. With a long brown ponytail bouncing with every step, she simply walked back to where she started that day. Only now, her eyes were free to see.




  I don’t care how annoying you may think I am…LOL…this is the last time you will have to hear this from me for quite a long time…


VOTE TODAY!!! Don’t forget, don’t get lazy…it IS important!!!


Regardless of who/what you support – just vote!!


But I strongly urge you to vote for the following:











And please vote NO on the marriage ban and death penalty referendums


Thank you for listening J