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Tim Daley to Run Against Robin Vos

Tim Daley will be the democratic candidate running against Robin Vos in the next local election. I do not consider myself Democrat or Republican, though I tend to vote on the Dem side 90% of the time. I do not vote for a party. I vote for the issues. Here is a link to the Journal Times article which printed Daley’s announcement:
He has mentioned issues that are very important to me. Healthcare. Education. Voting no on the Marital Union Ban. Against death penalty in Wisconsin.  I just am looking forward to hearing more. For instance, what exactly does he suggest to improve the healthcare in this state and possibly nationally? What does he want to do for education? I will be awaiting more from him as I think so far he looks like a potentially great candidate.
I have spoken to Robin Vos and he has always been very considerate about responding to concerns, letters, emails, what not…he seems like a very intelligent and nice man. But we simply do not see eye to eye on the issues.
Start talking Daley, I’m listening!!

Please Do Not Vote for Discrimination


On November 7th Wisconsin voters will have the opportunity to vote for this constitutional ban:


"Only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state. A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized in this state."


In my perspective I cannot even fathom the idea that in the year 2006 we even have to address something like this. I cannot believe that there are people that exist that actually are bothered and want to fight against love and marriage. In a world full of hate, war, divorce, and anger…people chose to stand against THIS? The divorce rate among heterosexual couples is more than 50%. You think WE have expert advice to give on the topic?


You may think "what is the big deal"…"marriage is just a piece of paper anyway"…


Being married is more than just a piece of paper. Legal unions give couple’s rights that they are otherwise not entitled. If one were to fall ill and they needed someone to speak for their medical rights and wishes, their partner would not be allowed to do so under current law. Not to mention insurance benefits. We all must realize the strain there is on society with uninsured and underinsured citizens. Marriage gives spouses insurance opportunities they wouldn’t have without marriage.


Do you realize that it was not long ago that there were laws against a white person marring a black person? Today, that sounds ludicrous, doesn’t it? This is no different.


People want to argue this topic on the grounds of morality. People argue that sexual preference is not comparable to gender or race. I beg to differ. I have heard someone argue, “A black person cannot stop being black, but a gay person can stop being gay.” I do not believe this to be true. A homosexual person may be able to live a life unauthentic ally due to the strains that society weighs upon them, but that does not mean they are no longer homosexual. Just because you cannot physically see who a person is doesn’t make it less true. You cannot visually recognize a person’s religion, but that doesn’t mean that religious discrimination doesn’t exist. What you CAN always see, however, is that they are simply human. Please, treat them as such.


Please urge your friends and family members to not only VOTE, but vote for what is right. Everyone deserves the same benefits, rights, and responsibilities in our society. Our laws and constitution need to reflect that.



Please visit the following site and sign their petition:


Here is a letter I wrote to the Editor of The Journal Times:



Removing the Mask


Our masks that protect us

Our armor that shields

These walls of comfort

To others just yields


How can they care

If they never see the real you

How can they love

If they never really knew


We hide in fear

Cowering in corners

We beg for understanding

But live like mourners


Some masks heavy

Almost like stone

Others are clear

And loosely sewn


What mask do you carry

Exhaustingly upon your face

How solid is the wall

Around your space


Perhaps it is time to take a peek

At a life without the veil

See what is really out the

Sans the weight, you may just sail


Lift it gently, put it in a box

Give your thanks, say goodbye

Let the world see the real you

And no longer live a lie



Yes I Am Whining…What the Hell Are You Gonna Do About It?

Okay, so my blogs have been depressing and negative lately. You think I don’t know that? I just want to know one friggin thing…when is it going to be MY turn?
Yesterday I was watching John Edward Cross Country. I have looked at his website in the recent past for ticket information for his seminars only to find out the ones closest to me were already sold out.  Well, yesterday while I was watching, "Ebay" just popped into my head. I put it off and kept watching. But there was like this nagging voice that kept telling me to check now. So I paused the show and checked for tickets on Ebay. There was one listing. It was for Chicago. The nearest venue to me that he visits. In my mind it was a sure sign. This was my chance. Not necessarily to be read, which would be wonderful beyond words, but just to be there in the presence and feel the emotions around me…I know how much that would change my life. I called my mom and she agreed that she would go with me, my husband agreed to drive, and my future sister in law agreed to babysit. The plan was to bid on these tickets on the last auction day which is the 8th.
Today I checked the auction. It is already up to $610. There is no way I can afford that and it would be extremely irresponsible to spend that.
Now, I am in tears. Feeling sorry for myself, feeling as though nothing ever goes my way…that I never catch a break.
Perhaps there is no intuition. Perhaps the ‘sense’ I thought I was beginning to cultivate does not exist. There was no voice. Just another hopeful thought waiting to be dashed by my own freaking reality which consists of constant disappointment.
Boo-Freakin-Hoo…yeah yeah yeah…I don’t care. If you don’t want to hear me whine then close the stupid page.

Okay…I am Committed…or Maybe I SHOULD Be Committed

I just finished filling my weekly medication container. You know the kind…the plastic with the flip top lids for each day of the week…I am sure you have seen one at your 85 year old grandmother’s house. Anyway, I just filled mine for the next 7 days. Starting tomorrow I am taking my new heart medication. I was suppose to start a week ago, but have been procrastinating big time. I am so terrified about taking this new medication. I honestly have a fear that I can die from this switch. Why? Why am I so paranoid? Why do I have to catastrophize every little medical thing in my life? Okay…so here is what I am afraid could happen…
1. Die
2. Go into a scary arrythmia and have to go to ER to be converted
3. Have more tachycardia and palpitations (that the med won’t work as well as the one I am on now)
4. Heightened anxiety (have already been told this is quite likely)
5. That I will gain weight
Okay. Those are my fears. I need to TRY to be more positive. Say things like
1. You will feel so much better on this new med
2. You will be able to breathe easier
3. You will have a ton more energy
4. You will be able to exercise more
5. You will lose weight easier
6. You will have less palpitations
7. You will not notice any change in anxiety
So, why are those harder for me to accept?? Ugghhh..I really annoy myself.
If I live, I will let you know how it goes. If I don’t well, love ya miss ya.

United 93 – A Review


This weekend I saw the film United 93. Prior to seeing the movie I had looked up some reviews on the internet. Within different forums, I have found that many people feel that this story, along with the entire 9/11 tragedy, a conspiracy created by our own government. I was shocked as I have never heard these accusations before. I was also surprised at how many people seem to believe this. My review of the movie is not going to try to debate any political beliefs. I am not going to ponder, in this blog, the relevance of a possible conspiracy nor defend the ludicracy of the speculation. I am simply going to tell you how I felt about the film itself.


The movie was shot in a documentary fashion, a lot of camera movement. The actors were not big shot Hollywood types. In fact, I only recognized two ‘extras’ from older TV shows. The acting itself was very real. There was stuttering, mumbling, and what I consider to be real life dialogue (which is rarely seen in a typical movie).  This made the movie very realistic to me. I felt as though I was there, which was a very emotional experience for me. I almost physically got sick twice, I was anxious, cried through out the movie at different parts, my throat tightened, and after the film I was shaken and exhausted.


With my sensitive tendencies, this movie was actual work to watch. But I am glad I saw it. I thought it was very well acted, edited, and directed. I felt it was done with the best of intentions. So many emotions filtered through me during the movie. Deep sadness, anxiety, pride, faith, empathy…I believe this film should be seen by all simply for these emotions. I feel that our society lacks humanity in its purist forms and perhaps we need stories, movies, events like this to shock us back into what and who we are suppose to be…people; people with kindness and compassion, people without constant apathy and distain.


For those who argue the validity of this film, for those who think it is far from factual and even go as far to say it is a lie, I say it isn’t about that. I say maybe there is a deeper purpose for this film and films alike. I felt that purpose. And still feel it. I suggest you feel it too.