2 days until the recall primaries. OH. MY. FUCKING. POLITICAL. GOD. This could not possibly end soon enough. 15 months of being consumed with matters that rarely even entered my mind for the first 36 years of my life – and I think my brain has had it. Sure, I have always been socially – even politically – aware. But not anything more than a few letters to the editor when something crawled far enough up my ass.

And since I mentioned my letters to the editor – and to be honest, there have been many more than a few – a friend of mine found a super old one from when I was 16.

Gesh. I was such a dork. AND I was a virgin still so not sure why I was so preoccupied with sex education…ANYWAY….yea, I guess I often did have an interest in social issues.

But these past 15 months have been ridicudonk. Protesting? Volunteering?? Filling my yard with signs and wearing candidate buttons??? I never thought I would be one of THOSE people. But alas, I am. I have joined the club, though I still admit I am a pretty lousy activist compared to those I have met this past year.

I volunteer once or twice a week at the Democratic Office. Charlie is doing a lot of work with his union. And there seems to be a different event each week. I’ll tell ya, a big part of me wishes I was like so many others I know…indifferent and apathetic and completely oblivious. I am quite sure, as I have said before, that my happiness level would rise. But I can’t. I am stuck here now in the land of knowledge and discontent. I can no longer be okay with keeping my head in the sand.

So in my district on Tuesday, we will be voting for a Democratic candidate to go up against Walker in the June 5th Recall Election. We also have the recall primary for our state senator, Wanggaard. See the sample ballot below:

Republican GovernorArthur Kohl Riggs is a fascinating choice and if he had time and money on his side, we could have been rid of Walker before the Recall Election even arrived. I have written about him HERE and HERE for Patch.

Democratic Governor – Now here is where it gets tough.

Tom Barrett – It seems to be clear he has the most winning potential against Walker. At least, that is what the polls are saying. And the absolute most important thing is getting Walker OUT in June. Aside from that, I like him. I don’t love him. He is kind of robotic and rehearsed. Some say he panders too much and often crosses the aisle when it benefits him. I don’t know enough about him to say whether or not I think that is true.

Kathleen Falk – Meh. She is endorsed by most of the unions and I am not really sure why. The few times I have heard her speak she was less than impressive. Sorry, just not feelin’ it.

Kathleen Vinehout – She certainly is the most impressive of all the Democratic candidates as far as I am concerned. She is impassioned and she has clear plans and ideas, which seem to be lacking with the other candidates. If I were to vote purely on whom I think would do the best in that office, it would be for Vinehout. But can she beat Walker? I just am not convinced.

Doug LaFollette – Seems like a stellar fella with a shit load of integrity and many, many years of political experience. I agree with most of his ideas (as I do with the others) and I am sure he would do a fine job. But for whatever reason, he doesn’t seem to be able to get people to take him seriously. I dunno. I definitely do not think he could beat Walker.

Gladys Huber – Please know that this candidate is a FAKE DEMOCRAT!!!!!! She even has Walker supporting signs in her yard.

There is also an independent candidate, Hari Trivedi. He is very interesting and seems to focus on the legalization as well as wide spread use of hemp. This is a concept which completely makes sense at about a million different levels. However, sadly, this is a state that voted in a bunch of fascist conservatives merely two years ago. I just don’t think they are ready for him quite yet.

To watch the 2012 Democratic Gubernatorial Debate on Wisconsin Public Television – click HERE

Lieutenant Governor

****Mahlon Mitchell – Clear choice. He is a fighfighter and union official who has become well known since the beginning of the protests in Madison. Here is a picture of Charlie and I with Mahlon and John Nichols from this winter. (I just got out of the car from which I was rushed into early morning…2 hour drive…don’t judge me)

Ira Robins – Interesting guy who I know very little about. We met him and chatted a few minutes prior to the ReFUND Wisconsin Town Hall in Racine last month. He was a private investigator for years and is taking no contributions for his campaign. Other than that, I don’t know much about him and I highly doubt he could beat Rebecca Kleefisch at this time.

Isaac Weix – FAKE DEMOCRAT!!!! He has made no attempts to even appear to be anything other than GOP – you can even see evidence on his Facebook page.

Senate against Van Wanggaard – 

***John Lehman – No brainer. He should have won the first time around with Van. He has been a wonderful asset to our community as a teacher and politician for many, many years. VOTE JOHN LEHMAN!!!

Tamra Varebrook – FAKE FAKE FAKE!!! She is spending money on commercials and fundraisers – yet there is no way she would ever continue on to be in office. She is an admitted GOP and even wears GOP logo clothing in her political ads!!!!!!! Its truly unreal.

So….make sure you vote Tuesday. If you have any questions about fake candidates, where your polling place is located, etc…just let me know!!! Although, if you plan to vote for Walker or one of the fake candidates…just stay home and watch some hillbilly hand fishing show.


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