Seriously?? Another invention down the opportunity drain. Rest-N-Ride Travel Pillow

I was paging through a catalog when I found the Rest – N – Ride Travel Pillow. Good idea right? Well, it was MY idea! Watching the girls’ bobbing heads on long car rides have brought up countless conversations of my keep the head up invention ideas. Honestly, there were times when I thought their necks were going to snap. And one day, Cassidy’s head totally smacked into the side window (and she still didn’t wake up). So, with visions of chiropractor bills in my head, this was a genuine concern.

I am sure I have spent hours thinking and discussing (yes, I am a total bore to be stuck in the car with) of how this thingy would work and be safe.

The safety issue is what always caused my surrender. I mean, honestly…even this with it’s ‘magic tape’ makes me leery. I mean, one stomp on the breaks and the kid is clothes-lined. I guess I would have to see this magic in action.

Well, this is just another un-invention by yours truly. First there was pet insurance (my brother told me I was insane)…then shorty cigarettes (for the busy smoker)…others which slip my mind at the moment…and now this. Well phooey.


One thought on “The Do Nothing Inventor

  1. Hi, I am the inventor of the Rest n Ride travel pillow. I am going to tell you a little of the history of this product and the use of it. We were on a trip about 11 years ago now with our first child and as most parents we thought our child’s head was going to snap off the way it was swinging and falling around while trying to sleep. We tried all manner of products to help but nothing worked. So I made a pillow that would. Later we had so many of our friends and strangers ask us where they could get one that we started to make some for them. Then we spent OVER TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS ON TESTING alone where most of your items in Target, Wal mart, etc. are only tested, or have to adhere to, a small parts/choking hazard and some color or dye testing. We went and made sure that our product would pass the NHTSA guidelines for safety on Car Seats which includes crash testing them. ( by the way not only did we pass, but our head injury critera numbers were lower than the same car seat tested without our pillow in place so it made the crash SAFER with the pillow in place) No other product in Walmart, Target, or other dept. stores that we checked even came close to the level of scrunity that we put our product under, and yet people say it looks unsafe to me because it comes in front of the child. Well let me help you out, 1. the pillow releases from itself at 5-8 pounds of pressure. 2 If you put your child in a carseat properly, then your child’s forward motion in a crash should be less than 1 inch before the seat belt catches them. Our pillow gives about 4-5 inches of room before it releases, almost 5 times the distance of travel needed; and even with the whip of the neck it releases and will provide a cushion between the chin and chest during the crash. Just because it’s different doesn’t make it bad or unsafe. So not only is our product safe but it is well built and universal. The thing that bothers me is that people make comments about a product without any research on their part and not even trying one out. They will say things in some blog and then the large retailers that some poor soul has been working with, and selling their idea to, and spending tens of thousands or more dollars on graphics, packaging, manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, etc, etc….. well, the retailer reads a few off-the-wall, unfounded comments and it’s all over just like that. So the next time you decide to say something make sure you know what you are talking about because some poor fool is probably betting the farm on his or her dream and your comment could destroy that. This does and has happened as I have experienced it first hand. We were that close. So in closing you can still find the REST N RIDE on ebay and Amazon, but in limited quantities, or you can go to your local large retailer and buy one of those behind the neck pillows that don’t work because that is the only option you have now thanks to a few less than 20 comments. I had at the time 1000’s of positive comments and not one returned pillow. No need to respond to my post. Thanks

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