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The topic of healthcare seems to be back in the conversation as of late. With the reporting of ever increasing insurance and healthcare costs and citizens, companies and municipalities reconciling their policies as segments of Obamacare are rolled out – the debate continues.

In early spring, the attack on Unions started loud and stayed constant. One consistent complaint has been the lavish benefits had by union members. And, of course, the teacher’s union became the bulls-eye for backlash.

I have used this analogy before and probably will again: a segment of our society sees that their neighbor has a cow. They do not have a cow and are angry because of that. They kill their neighbor’s cow because if they don’t have one, they feel nobody should. They find out later that their neighbors had been sharing the cow’s milk with the community. Now no one benefits.

Sometimes cows suck. They can be ornery and make it difficult to milk. They may even kick. No, not all cows are perfect. But sometimes a poor dairy product may be the fault of the farmer or the dairy or the store which sells the cow products. There are many hands on that udder contributing to the final outcome. That doesn’t mean we need to kill the cows and rely on goats. We still need the cows.

So, as we know, there are many people who love to see the teacher’s benefits get slashed. They think WEAC (Wisconsin Education Association Council) and their kind are bad cows. And a big complaint is WEA Trust, the insurance provider created by and for WEAC. Some say that WEA charges double compared to competitors simply because they can; that WEAC forces the districts to purchase insurance from WEA. And if that is the case, I can see why that would upset people.

So, here is a question: wouldn’t that be just one more “problem” solved by a national healthcare system? We wouldn’t have to worry about the possible corruption regarding union benefits ever again. Unions wouldn’t need to waste time bargaining for it or striking against changes. Citizens wouldn’t have to worry that their cow is inferior to the neighbor’s cow. All cows would be the same, cost the same and provide the same. That would give unions one less thing to “manipulate.”

And when I say national healthcare, I am not speaking of Obamacare. That legislation is a watered down waste if you ask me. So much compromise left what could have been a nation-saving move to a few positive steps in the same ho-hum direction. While I see the good it can do for a few, Obamacare isn’t the national healthcare that America truly needs.

I don’t need to bore you with my thoughts on how the health industries of competitive nations can teach us a lot about caring for our people. I won’t repeat, yet again, how a national healthcare will reduce costs because more people will be able to afford to pay their bills. I will spare you the diatribe about prevention being the key to saving lives and massive dough. You have heard all of these arguments before.

I just wanted to share with you a thought about a correlation between unions and healthcare. It’s just one more reason to change the status quo in medical care. One more win/win scenario. Implement healthcare for all and that’s less time I have to spend listening to people complain about the mooing benefits of others.


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