I broke down and scheduled an appointment to get an event monitor this Thursday. I will have to wear leads on my abdomen/chest for 30 straight days while the device records the actions of my heart. I am pretty bummed to have to do this. But I think it will finally give me some answers and hopefully, reassurance. I just wish it didn’t have to be over the holidays.

I had one about 5-6 years ago. It was a total pain in the butt.  I would have to call at the end of each tape and put the phone up to the machine while it transmitted the information. It was weird.

I am getting one this thursday and since it is a 30 day thing, I will have to wear it (or will I? can I skip an evening here and there??) to Christmas parties and events when I am suppose to be dressed up. Lame.

Curious if anyone knows if these monitors have improved over the past 5 years…???


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