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Hypocrisy is spreading faster than a virus in an overcrowded 3rd grade classroom. Regardless of my direction, I am usually within range of someone spouting one thing and doing another. Its making me kind of dizzy and I should probably sit down.

There. Now that I am safely planted, let me explain what I mean.

Mouth Side A:

Taking hard earned money from the rich is wrong. Get a job and make your own money. Don’t take from the rich people just because you are jealous!

Mouth Side B:

I have to work all year long and do not get those kinds of benefits. The unions need to be stopped. If I don’t have it, they shouldn’t have it!

Huh?  So, the rich person’s money is more deserved than the union member’s money? Taxing the rich more would be wrong, but it is okay to take the earned benefits away from a union worker because you don’t have a union looking out for you? Instead of trying to make life fair and better for everyone, you would rather everyone suffer? Instead of two people helping each other up, they should hold each other down?

Mouth Side A:

We have the right to be heard, to be respected, speak our minds and live how we choose.

Mouth Side B:

You’re not really one of us if you do not support everything we do.

Say what? So, you preach peace & acceptance but because I don’t agree with dumping a beer over someone’s head (though I DO understand the temptation), I am not liberal enough? Because I choose to spend this precious time on earth with my family instead of protesting on the weekends, I am insignificant and need not be heard? I guess that respect and freedom stuff only works for some.

Mouth Side A:

Corporations should have the same rights and benefits as individuals.

Mouth Side B:

Corporations should not have to pay taxes.

Let’s get this straight.  I am pretty sure we would ALL like to have the bonuses of life minus the penalties. We all want to swim without messing up our hair. We all want to eat steak and fries everyday and not have a heart attack at 50. We all want to party all night while avoiding the raging hangover. But life really doesn’t work that way, does it?

Mouth Side A:

We should have limited (if any) government. Government should play no part in our lives. Get rid of regulations, taxes, rules, laws. Get rid of IRS, DNR, FDA.

Mouth Side B:

Abortions should be outlawed. We want an amendment banning gay marriage. All states should have the death penalty.

Trying to understand. So, the government should only be intrusive when considering someone else’s uterus? Or dictating whom one should love? Or when they get the chance to end someone’s life? Yea, no biggies. Forget paying for roads and education and testing the water…government only belongs in the doctor’s office, bedroom and death chamber. Makes sense. (sigh)

I try to reconcile these hypocrisies and I simply find myself frustrated, confused and a lil bit sick to my stomach. We all have moments of indecisiveness. It is human to change one’s mind or to be unsure. But to stand up and make declarations which completely oppose each other – I cannot wrap my head around that. It’s enough to make me want to dump a beer over my OWN head.


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