Watch out because the bra is comin’ off and I am finding a pretty little soapbox to stand upon!!

Do you speak your mind at work? Can you freely give your opinions? I wonder how others might handle these situations as I am having a hell of a time with it. This Budget Repair Bill has daughters against mothers, sisters against brothers, neighbor against neighbor. It is coming between so many people and causing so much unhappiness and stress. Who’s to blame? The Tea Party. Because of their lies, fear mongering and absolute brainwashing BULLSHIT the people of our country went looney and elected power hungry fascists like Walker. These politicians are the catalyst in creating a society we may soon not recognize. So, something as sweet sounding as a ‘tea party’ has ruined relationships all over the U.S.

As you may know, I am currently a part time (VERY part time) server at a local restaurant. It is a corporation, but not a franchise. Clearly, management is loving this bill I am sure. I bet just saying the word union off the floor in a restaurant would probably get an anvil dropped upon your head. Listen to how this shit works….

There are probably well over 20 servers in one establishment. They all make $2.33 an hour. All tips must be claimed 100%. During most shifts they have at least 9 servers on shift at a time. On the weekends it is more. What do they care, right? They aren’t really having to pay them. In fact, I am pretty sure they are MAKING money off of the servers because of tax breaks these corporations get for having so many employees. So they have 9 servers on regardless of whether or not it is busy. Clearly, splitting the tables between that many people lowers the tips to be earned. Yesterday I walked out of there with 13 bucks. And honestly, that isn’t even that bad. Several occasions I made less than 8. Yet we still have to do a lot of labor. We have to stock, clean, fill bottles, prep food, bus tables (no bussers, that would cost a wage)…just countless things. Things that are not hard or back breaking, but things that are crucial to running a restaurant. And now, they rarely have a hostess scheduled and the servers are expected to do that job as well…because why not pay $2.33 instead of the big ole wage of $7.75 an hour and still have the job done. So, they are getting PAID to have us do most of the work which keeps the restaurant functional. Aside from all of this…we have to pay 100% for our uniforms (which are VERY particular). We have to pay for authentic team jerseys (they HAVE to be authentic, made of a certain material and fit a certain way). Do you know what those cost? We have to pay 6 bucks for the apron they let us use. We have to pay 6 bucks for the name tags that they reuse when an employee leaves. We have to pay good money for slip resistant worker shoes. This ALL comes out of our pockets – 100%. Oh, yea…we get a 50% discount on food (except steak or ribs) but you have to eat it there. No discount if you take the food home. Gee, thanks.

So, knowing all of that…I am sure you can figure out that restaurant management/owners will never side with unions.

I have been trying to avoid my bosses because since we have TVs all over the place – I just knew the bill and the protesting would have to come up in conversation and I didn’t want to have to kick someone in the neck. Well, today…at least I didn’t kick. A manager comes into the kitchen and starts on about how awful these unions are…that now they are protesting in other states because of what started in Wisconsin. “These unions are just terrible!!” I couldn’t hold it in. I tried, I really did. A couple of the girls looked at me – knowing how I feel on the topic. I was walking out with my food at the time and as I walked through I responded with, “Oh YEA!! It is SOOOO terrible for people to want their rights!! God, how horrible of them!!”

He wouldn’t speak or look at me for the rest of my shift. I did see him eying out my section for a LONG time. I was certain he was looking for something to scold me about. Too bad I didn’t fuck up today. Though I’m sure I will tomorrow. But you know what? It felt good. If I had kept my mouth shut and let him fill these young girls’ minds with bullshit, I would hate myself. I work with young impressionable ladies who probably haven’t gotten to the point in their lives yet where they really understand or care about government or politics.  So, I don’t go around preaching. I don’t even talk about it much at all unless someone else brings it up and even then, I try to change the topic. But when I hear someone say something that is just out right wrong…I cannot just sit by and listen to it.

Now, I am lucky because if I got fired, we wouldn’t starve. We might have to give up cable or a vacation. But it wouldn’t hurt us really at all. Who I feel sorry for are my fellow servers who have to bend over and take this shit. I wish there was something more I could do.

So anyway…the termination countdown officially starts today. Let’s see how long before I lose it and do something to get myself fired OR until I get so fed up that I walk out. Day ONE….ding.


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