As I am sure you are aware I not only fully support the WI 14 (the 14 Wisconsin Senators in Illinois attempting to stop this bill) but I think they are political heroes. Unless a Republican has a sudden droppage of balls and crosses the aisle on this…these Senators are the only thing standing between right and wrong. If just ONE of them come back, it’s over. Their fortitude thus far is admirable.

But we cannot help but to wonder…what now? How long can they stay? What will happen next?

Here are my thoughts. There is no question that Unions have money. There has been no debate over this. Of the 10 top political financiers, 3 of them are unions (and they happen to be the only of the ten who support Democrat candidates). If unions, supports and others with the cash to give pony up some dough…it is completely plausible to keep the Senators in Illinois (or elsewhere) for a little less than a year. By then, a Walker recall could be highly possible. Maybe it will only take the commitment of staying a full year to allow Walker to come to his senses and make some concessions. 

I say put them up in a house (oh shit, would that be a great reality show or WHAT??!! I kid. Kinda.)…families can visit them easily…nothing fancy, it’s less than a year after all. It would be historical and BAD ASS!!

Is it possible? Crazy idea? Whattcha think???


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