Yesterday’s rally in Madison was clearly unbelievable. Well over 100 THOUSAND people protesting through the streets and at the Capitol in wet snow and below freezing temps. No one arrest. I witnessed not one negative incident. People were so friendly and polite. Impossible not to bump into people while making your way through the crowd…I cannot count the times I heard, “excuse me” or “thank you”. Friendly smiles covered the crowd like a big cheesy blanket. The most polite thugs and rioters EVER. 😉

If this stand, if these protests don’t accomplish the fight against this bill in the end…we have still gotten much out of this movement. At least I have. I have a restored pride in Wisconsin. I have a restored gratitude for the spirit and passion of the masses. I have a restored faith in humanity. The kind, generous and spirit filled actions I have seen take place in the past 11 days had been more than remarkable.

I brought trash bags with me yesterday so that we could pick up any trash we could see on the ground. I do not want anyone to ever call our demonstrators slobs. Perhaps it was the covering snow, but I saw no garbage. There was nothing to pick up. Nothing.

When all is said and done I can be assured of one thing…the people in Wisconsin are pretty fuckin’ cool.


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