First it was my passion to stand up for teachers. Read more, learned more. Then it was my passion to stand up for unions. Read more, learned more. Then it was my passion to stand up against dictatorship. Read it, learned it, lived it. Now, I simply stand up for what is right. And as it turns out…they all represent the same cause.

There is no question that I have had a one track mind lately. I haven’t even blogged about the Kathy Griffin Bravo taping yet. (I will, I will) This story, these events have unleashed my OCD in full fashion. It has helped distract me from missing my Bob…which hits me now and again and when it does, I reach for the computer or remote. It has lit a fire under my ass and I don’t really think there is anything wrong with that. Yes, when it is over I will have to deal with my grief. But I will get on with my life as it was lived before only now maybe a little more active in the issues I care about.

I have been having a hard time with the knowledge that people I know and care about are for this bill and for Walker. This pangs me because I really do see this as a right or wrong moral issue. I couldn’t be friends with someone who spouted the words Niger or Fag. I couldn’t be friends with someone who neglected animals. I couldn’t be friends with someone who stole money from old people. And while certainly I cannot correlate supporting Walker to kicking puppies…I kind of have that same dichotomy within. I respect the right to one’s own opinion. I believe people should feel free to express said opinions. But I cannot seem to get passed this thought of, “How can they, these people I love and care about, these people I respect and like…how can they support this corrupt, evil man?”

I don’t get it. This has divided families, friends and even Facebook (I have lost several friends in the past 2 weeks). And I wonder how many of these divides will be permanent.


One thought on “My Stand, My OCD, My Dilemma

  1. Well, I think a difference of opinion is also good. Calling Walker an evil man, well that’s an opinion. The facts are, something has to give in Wisconsin. Is this the right thing? I don’t know that. For you this has fired you up, for me it has turned me off. I don’t watch the news or read the paper. I find other channels and when commercials come on for either side, I change the channel. This reminds me of the healthcare debate and that bill or the high speed rail (remember this was passed late one night without discussion with republicans). There are many similarities, and look at how it polarized people. We have become a country of us and them. There is little to no middle ground any longer. Everything is about party lines, not what is best for the general public. I own a business, so some may look at me as one of those wealthy SOB’s that doesn’t care about their employees. I am no where close to that. My people come first, not me. I work long hours so they don’t have to. I take a cut in pay so they don’t have to. Painting everything with such a broad stroke is why I believe we are where we are. Keep sharing your opinions and your observations. I do read the posts, don’t always agree with them, but I respect them, because they are yours. As for losing relationships over stuff like this, once the dust settles some may come back. It is a shame politics has come to what it has in this country. Have a great rest of your day!

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