WITH NEW INFO: Slain woman believed to have photographed her killer


There will be a candle light vigil in honor of Sandra Teichow this Thursday October 19th, 2010 at 6:00 pm near the area of her murder – 6th and Memorial. The vigil will be held by Reverend Tony Larsen of the Racine Universalist Unitarian Church.

I created this page for those who knew Sandra to share their stories about her. Since her tragic death, I have not been able to get this amazing woman out of my life and I know only a sliver of who she was. After reading many comments and messages from those who knew her personally, it has become clear that her’s is a story which needs to be told. Her legacy will no doubt live on forever. But I would like to pay tribute to her here and give a platform for her friends, family, acquaintances or anyone who would like to share a story of send out condolences for her. Please do so here so that everyone can read about the truly remarkable woman Sandra was to so many.

Thank you.


18 thoughts on “Tributes to Sandra Teichow

  1. We knew Sandy before she and John married as my wife Carol worked with her at UOP in Des Plaines, IL. We remember her fondly when she was married to “Wurlitzer” John Jantz (so named because of his smile) and after their divorce. We met Denny only briefly just before he and Sandy went to Kiev. We have, over the years, lamented the lack of news from them and were shocked to see this news.
    David and Carol Krein

  2. It is by some strange coincidence that I happened on this website. Ever since I heard about the tragic and horrific loss of Sandy, I have been thinking of her and her dear Denny. Although we only knew each other briefly when our paths crossed in Kyiv, Sandy left an indelible mark on our lives. I taught with her and cannot remember a moment when she wasn’t smiling and upbeat. It is 6 months after the terrible event. I just want to let Denny know that Sandy’s memory continues in my heart and I think of you two often. Our home is open to you, should you ever travel through Bavaria. Just give us a call.

  3. Thank you, Heather, for helping us share what a wonderful person Sandy was. She really was as remarkable a person as everyone has been saying. Sandy & I shared a strong sense of adventure, and we had more adventures, big and small, in eleven years than most people have in a lifetime. And we involved ourselves in many humanitarian activities (usually on Sandy’s initiative). But what I will miss the most about her is the daily exchanges of silly humor (another trait we shared), her impish smile, her asking my opinion on a several little things each day, picking up the half full coffee cups she left sitting about our condo, hopping in the car to do some errand that we often managed to turn into a mini-adventure, telling each other how lucky we were to have met, watching Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal on TV, finding some new cafe or restaurant to try. These daily doses of small pleasures and sharings are what really make a life rich and satisfying.
    I have a sense of loss that is indescribable. And yet, if God had come to me 11 years ago and said “Denny, I have found an incredibly good match for you; but you can only have her for 11 years, then I will have to take her from you.” And if I had said “Can I get to know her a little bit first?” And if He had let me get to know her, I would have said, “Where do I sign?”
    Every day learn a little, help a little, have a little fun.
    Denny Teichow

    1. Mr. Teichow,

      Your comment meant so much to me and I am sure to others. Thank you so much for sharing that piece of your heart and life with us. Your loss is something I cannot even pretend to understand – but I do realize it must be overwhelming. What you wrote was beautiful, strong and full of love. Sandra was a very lucky woman. I can see that this is clearly one of those cases that proves the theory – you get what you give.

      Thank you again and please know that you – even being a stranger – have been in my thoughts and in the thoughts of many here in Racine.

      Best to you always,


  4. Sandy was such a wonderful, caring, giving and compassionate person and will be greatly missed. Sandy and Denny were always doing good things for people and making a difference in our local community and abroad and both have touched so many lives. Sandy was a role model on living life to the fullest by her compassionate and open heart. My prayers are with her husband Denny, family and friends. Rest in Peace Sandy.

  5. Melissa Blair left this comment at 8:14 on 10/21/10:

    I am so sad about Sandra’s death. I knew her many years ago. She was good friends with my mom and my step-mom. She really was as sweet as everyone has said. After my mom’s death (16 years ago), I lost touch with her. I’m really sorry I let that happen. “Life was busy” is my excuse. My loss. Because she touched and motivated so many people through her actions, maybe we’ll all be inspired to be a little more like her. Smile more. Share more. Reach out to those in need. I know I will. Bye Sandra. Say hi to my mom for me!

  6. This comment was left by Jacky Kellett 10/20/10 at 5:54am:

    I am a former colleague of Sandy’s and am now in Oxford, England. I am devastated to hear about Sandy. She was the kindest, nicest lady you could meet. Her huge smile with a hug and “good morning girlfiend” brightened my days in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Her tragic and untimely death does not make sense in any way. I will be keeping the Vigil in memory of a wonderful lady with you all tomorrow. My prayers and sympathies are with Sandy’s family and her friends all over the world.

  7. This comment was left by Tom Jantz 10/19/10 4:04pm:

    Hello! I am the former brother in law of Sandy. My now deceased brother, John, was married to Sandy about 40 years ago and our family still considers her our family. I am of course the uncle to Sandys 2 children. I last saw Sandy and her wonderful husband Denny 2 summers ago at a cottage in Traverse City, Mich., along with Molly and her husband and 2 children. My wife and I invited them up along with other family members. Sandy was a wondeful person. There would have to be something wrong with somebody if they did not like her. Thank you so much for this internet site and kind comments. It all seems like a nightmare that we will all wake up from. I will never be the same again and do not know how I will recover but I am a husband, Father, Grandfather ,Uncle and friend to many people so I have to find a way. Today, the good people of this country are affraid of crimminals, we need to change that for the sake of our children. Lets, as citizens, make the ”bad guys” affraid of us. Many of us will be traveling to Wisc. in a few days to celebrate Sandys life. She is ok now and thats what we need to keep in mind. It would seem that if someone wanted to know what describes Sandy one might look up the words “kind” or ”caring” or ”lovely” or ”wonderful”. Sandy was too good for this world, she must have come here on a mission to be a mother, wife, daughter, aunt, sister and friend to many, too many to count. She taught us a lot about what a human being is supposed to be like without even knowing it. Thanks so much to everyone for kindness expressed in so many ways.
    Tom Jantz, Michigan.

  8. This comment was left by Judy Mastick on 10/16/10 12:03pm:

    I knew Sandra personally and all you say about her is so very true. She was truely one of God’s special angels in this world. Thank you so much for writing this wonderful tribute.

  9. This comment was left by K on 10/17/10 at 9:26pm:

    I am family by marriage…Uncle Den and Sandy were married the year after us and were a match made in Heaven. She was so fun and full of life – we (my husband and I) often said how they lived life more fully than we did (30 years their junior). Our hearts are hurting.

  10. This comment was left by Mary J Schumacher Williams 10/18/10 at 6:28pm:

    Living in Sharon WI, I came to know Sandra personally. She brought life back into this village with her wonderful smile, non-stop energy and faith in the good of mankind. Victorian Christmas and Model A day are well know in the area and wouldn’t be today if Sandra had not been the creator of them while working for MainStreet. She oversaw them for years, giving all she had to make sure they were successful. She gave and gave and gave in so many ways. Soft spoken and a heart of gold. I went into shock when I found out she was murdered. All I could keep saying was “No.” “No.” “No.”

    You have written a wonderful tribute to this woman. Thank you for taking the time and showing your compassion for a wonderful woman who will be missed around the world. She was an excellent example of exactly what a true Christian should strive for and be.

  11. This comment was left by Joy 10/19/10 at 4:46am:

    My family and I came to know Sandy and she is everything you think she is–a truly, truly wonderful person. Always enthusiastic, positive, loving, and thoughtful of others. We have been keeping Denny and their family in our prayers.

  12. This comment was left by Mary J Schumacher Williams on 10/19/10 7:28am:

    I am with you on not being one for organized religion. For exactly the same reasons you have. When I thing of a true Christian person however and what I envision that person to be, I envision people like Sandra. There was no greed, hate nor was she power hungry. She simply made life a little better each day for those around her and she practiced everything that she believed in, which was all good.

    Let me tell you a couple more things about Sandy that have not been published anywhere. One year, a number of years ago, when my children were much younger and I was trying to make ends meet (I did it without the “aid” of food stamps or state monetary aid….and without child support as the ex had cancer) I was having an extremely hard time at Christmas time one year. Far rougher than any prior. Sandy made sure we had Christmas dinner that year. Without her, I have no doubt we would have had cold cereal for our Christmas dinner.

    Another example. The weekend before her horrible death, she came into this village and took a number of children of families that have very limited resources and took them shopping for new shoes. She made sure each one of them not only received a new pair of shoes, but GOOD shoes and shoes they liked.

    These are just a couple of things. The list is long.

  13. This comment was left by Kavya on 10/19/10 8:39am:

    this is kavya n im from minsk international school
    im one of her students
    she was one of the most active, cheerful and amzing person n a teacher i’ve seen in my entire life i remeber we read Frankenstein with her it just made it so much fun n it was a shock for me to hear this.
    we really miss her and just want to say she was always be alive in our hearts..

  14. Sandra became an acquaintenance of mine through my sister who knew her well. Without knowing it she made such an impact on me as to how outgoing, sincere and truly a nice person she was. I especially remember the story of her and her husband dancing on the highway when she shared with him that they would become parents. I also noticed what a wonderful relationship she had with her children. I was able to spend a weekend with her in Chicago and will truly remember her vivacious and heartwarming personality. What a shame to shorten the life of such a wonderful women by such tragic means. Why do bad things seem to happen to good people?

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