Why on earth was I even marginally surprised about Trump’s endorsement and campaigning for Roy Moore? Am I finally entering a stage of hopeful senility? Of course cretins support cretins – what was I thinking?

Alabama’s special election for US Senator is tomorrow. Republican and accused child molestor, Roy Moore, will be facing off with Democrat, Doug Jones. And the outcome may just be the thing that leaves me completely unraveled. 

Now, you may think I am beyond cynical and this may be a theory that is far from popular in activist-y circles…but I say – let it all fucking burn. If Moore wins this election, set it all on fire and hope that from the ashes will come the survival of even the slightest sensibility.

I hate saying this because I fumed at the Bernie or Busters for similar verbiage. But right now, this time, we do not have a decent, qualified candidate who can save us from the sweltering dumpster fire that will be demonstrated by a Moore win. If Doug Jones does not prevail tomorrow – I anticipate a feeling of doom that has been hanging over me like a cartoon anvil.

Those living under moss covered rocks know about the plethora of credible child molestation accusations. Even in absence of these horrific stories, this “man” has been an example of pure vermin:

He has doubled down on his statement that muslims should not be allowed to serve in congress.

He thinks that being homosexual should be illegal.

He consistently uses racists slurs such as referring to Asian Americans as “yellows” and Native Americans as “reds”.

He believes that 9/11 may have occurred due to Americans not being Godly enough.

Dude is STILL riding the bigot filled birther train.

This piece of shit is the absolute scum of the earth. Not only does he not deserve to be a judge, he doesn’t deserve to share oxygen with any remotely decent human being. And he sure as FUCK does not deserve to be a US Senator!

But my disgust goes far beyond the repulsive words and actions of one slithering twat waffle. The fact that so many mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, leaders and even one (barf in mouth) President are/is supporting, endorsing and campaigning for him is proof to me that we may be beyond redemption. 

The current US President is actively campaigning for a child molestor. 

Churches are urging voters to support a victimizer by actually comparing him to JESUS. 

A Trump super PAC hired a 12 year old child to interview this predator for a campaign video.

Recent polling showed that 6 out of 10 white women in Alabama will vote for a racist, sexist defiler. 

These are just the articles I read TODAY. This doesn’t include everything I had to scroll by because I am trying to avoid having a stroke.

I am beginning to believe that everything needs to disintegrate into a bubbling pit of regret and shame before changes can really take place. The people who keep voting for these monsters, the people who have enabled the devolving of our society, the people who have ushered in the demonic powers that be – these people need to feel the hurt before they realize what they have done. They need to feel their toes in the embers. They need to get very sick without insurance. They need to lose someone to suicide. They need to learn that their child has been preyed upon. Then, and only then, will they give the slightest of shits.

OF COURSE, I do not wish harm to anyone – especially a child. I do not, in reality, want bad things to happen to people. Even the assholes. But I am truly starting to believe that this is the only way things will improve. This is the only way votes will change. This is the only way we can once again see our country going forward instead of being washed away by a malodorous landslide. We need a reset button. And a reset at this point will not be pretty.

Okay, fine. I do not want to see us burn. I do not wish for complete destruction. I do not hope for the detriment of anyone (well…almost anyone). I will still volunteer for campaigns. I will still help those in need. I will still fight when I have strength. I will still stand up to those who need to be shot down. I will still speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves. I will still muster the energy to be hopeful. Or, at least, I will try. But, it is getting really fucking difficult. So, in the meantime and probably for quite some time, I will be keeping a lighter in my pocket…and an extinguisher nearby. Because I am not really even sure at this point if I will be helping start the fires or helping put them out.

For the love of anything good, true and decent – if you live in Alabama – I beg of you to please vote for Doug Jones tomorrow.

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