In 1996, when I was 23, my father died, my grandfather died, my parents moved out of my childhood home, I bought a house with my brother, got a new job, a 3 year relationship ended and my heart arrhythmia began (triggering massive daily panic attacks). That was a really difficult year.

In 2005, I was falsely accused of child abuse which caused PTSD and some severe depression. Everything changed including many plans for my future, my marriage and my relationship with my step daughter. That was a really difficult year.

In 2014, I had several health problems which lead to a surgery that caused even more health problems, daily chronic (and sometimes acute) pain and a huge weight gain. It has been a very, very difficult year.

As we are leaving one of the worst years of my life, I look forward to 2015 with a shit load of hope.

I am going to work my ass off in an attempt to get my health and body back on track. I am going to devote my time and attention to my family. I am going to savor every minute with my daughter while I still have her. I am going to talk Charlie into getting a puppy or kitten. And I am going to take sewing classes.

I am going to let go of the things, people and events that suck joy from my life. I am going to let go of disappointments, heartache and regrets from the past. And I am going to do my best to let go of my worries for the future.

Living in the present has always been a difficult task for me. But this is what needs to happen. Life is short with many bumps along the way. Some of those bumps can really set you off course. But they can also shuffle things back into perspective. With my perspective re-aligned and my determination on the rise, I will make this year one hell of a bounce back. So, you can suck it, 2014. We’re soooo done with you.


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