Last week, I was watching Fashion Police’s Emmy Special. I watched every week and especially looked forward to the award editions. I considered it one of my many guilty pleasures. As I was laying there watching, I thought to myself, “Wow. 81. I am really going to be sad when she dies.” The next day, I learned of her cardiac arrest. Minutes ago, I learned of her death. And, yes, I am sad.

She lived a long, full life. And while her death was somewhat unexpected (before the end of last week anyway) – it isn’t necessarily as shocking if it were someone in their 40s. But it is a huge loss and I cannot help but to think about her daughter, Melissa. I very much enjoyed their short-lived reality show (boy, I wish they had started that earlier) and felt like we really got to know them to some degree. Even if it was scripted or not entirely real – the one thing you could never deny is the love and devotion between mother and daughter. They were most certainly best friends if not soul mates.  What a unique and fun thing it was to watch the two of them together. Oh, I really loved that silly show.

But the very best peek into the life Joan lived was the documentary, A Piece of Work. The pain and tragedy peppered with success and SUCH hard work was remarkably revealed in such an authentic way. Please do watch this film. I always loved her fearlessness but that movie gave me a whole new respect for her. And her career, my goodness. Just take a look at THIS commemorative article from Variety.

People say they hate her because she makes fun of others. Dudes. She is a comic. This is her thing. It was also Don Rickles’ thing – but being a man – no one gave him shit about it. In fact, it is the basis of humor for many comics and, no, it isn’t for everyone. Regardless of the topics of her jokes, she was generous, truthful and gutsy. And I loved that she was unapologetic about her work. This is what made her (and others like Kathy Griffin and Sarah Silverman) a champion in my mind and a idol in my heart.

Yea. I am pretty sad, goddammit.




One thought on “I’m Sad. Can We Talk?

  1. i always like Joan Rivers, even though i live far far away, in the other side of earth, i enjoyed whatever show she presented or hosted, but i must admit i started kind of ‘hating’ her when she had to talk shit about palestinians, when she said they all deserve to die. C’mon, wishing death to kids? babies? pregnant mothers?. It is not good to talk s*** about dead people but i just ….

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