It has come to my attention that people think I am lazy. For some reason I have been an easy target lately but I have also heard this by a few ever since I decided to be a stay at home (step) mom. People are so quick to judge without having ever been in similar shoes. So let me explain some things to you.

I have never been super ambitious or high energy. I have even joked about my laziness in the past based on needing more down time than the average person. But maybe some people haven’t heard me also discuss some pretty major issues. I know many of you have and it may be one of those “just get over it” situations. And I am. Truly. I am not losing sleep over this. I just am not the type who can remain silent when surrounded by nitwits. So, I will say my peace and let it be.

I do not work outside of the home for several reasons. One being that I was falsely accused of a crime and have a criminal record that has devastated a big portion my life. That will not go away. Ever. The emotional scars are permanent and deep.  It also makes getting any decent job very humiliating and difficult. For the good jobs which require background checks, I always have to try to explain in 50 words or less the whats, whys and hows. For the more menial jobs, they do their own checks on CCAP and I never get any chance to explain at all. Eventually, I gave up. And funny story – one of the people who likes to criticize my lifestyle is one of the people who created this entire problem to begin with.

Another reason I do not work outside the home – I have been taking care of children for 13 years. With vacations, various days off, sick days, early release and summers – getting a job flexible enough for their schedules and/or financially worthwhile has been impossible. It simply made no sense to work just to pay someone else to take care of our kids. And before they were school age, I was with them 24/7 by choice. Even though I was made to feel like a loser at times for being a stay at home mom, I can assure you – it was worth it. That time flew by and my daughter is now almost 10 years old. I am very grateful for that time with her. I also appreciate the time I had with my stepdaughter during those years when we were very close.

When I am at home, I spend a lot of time in my room because that is where I am comfortable and where I keep my computer/work table. While I don’t make big bucks – I do quite a bit of website work, volunteer work and writing. Our house is 1300 sq ft and I am rarely alone or unaware of what is happening in all corners of the house. I cook, I clean, I do laundry, I run errands – but, yes, I also spend time in my room simply because I like it better. For some reason, the room in which I spend my time seems to be an issue for some people. I guess sitting on a couch working on a laptop is more respectable than sitting on my bed working on a laptop. Whatever, jerks.

I lay down a lot because I am in pain a considerable chunk of the time since surgery/complications. If you have never dealt with chronic pain – you can really just shut your fucking mouth. Until you go through it, you have no clue. It IS getting better with therapy and time. I am so thankful for that. But this has been the most painful and depressing year of my life  (aside from the year I was accused of child abuse). Don’t you dare pretend to have any idea what my life is like. Because barring a handful of really great people, most never bothered to ask.

I realize I make it easy to jump down my throat, judge or talk shit about me. But know this – I am a great mother and have been the best step mother I could be in a very difficult situation. I am a caring friend and compassionate person. I volunteer and help others whenever I can. I have a banging sense of humor, make some delicious ass food and I am pretty smart too. If my in-home logistics, past-times and sleep patterns somehow make me a lazy loser, then so be it.

As a good friend reminds me from time to time – your words say far more about you than they do about me. So go pray or have a drink or do whatever you do in your perfect life, assholes. Because you are too insignificant for me to acknowledge after this post. Piss off.

One thought on “Open Letter to the Jerks Who Think They Know Me

  1. I guarantee I am waaaaaaaaay lazier than you, Heather! 😀 I have alot of turmoil going on in my head, and I’ve got a great cushy overnight job. However, that just makes it easier for my thoughts/emotions to get the best of me. I just happened upon your blog here, and I’m listening/watching Def Leppard’s full-on Hysteria Tour circa 1988 via YouTube. You sound like a busy gal to me, but feel free to email me anytime….even when you feel shitty and need someone to vent to.

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