I was going to leave this one alone. I mean, how many times can one slut yammer on about reproductive rights, the war on women or men trying to slip their crucifix into her vagina. Apparently, the topics surrounding women’s healthcare and their bodies just do not ever go away. Apparently, our collective labia hasn’t been loud enough. Apparently, we need to start shoving our ovaries down some misogynistic throats. Because they aren’t fuckin’ gettin’ it. I mean, really…to hate womenthis much, my guess is…they Aren’t. Fuckin’. Gettin’ it.

Let me just make a few points so I can’t get back to whoring around and worshiping Satan.

I have heard them say, “Government needs to stay out of everyone’s business and let companies do what they want.”

You’re kidding me, right? I mean, that HAS to be some kind of joke. They want government in my vajayjay with an internal ultrasound if considering abortion. They want to tell gay people that they cannot marry or adopt children. They want to drug test welfare recipients. They want to throw you in jail for smoking a joint while they sip their 4th tumbler of Wild Turkey.

But when it comes to regulation or healthcare or gun control or food safety or environmental measures (you know, the stuff that actually helps people and the earth), then they want to say ‘no government’.

Screw them. They cannot have it both ways. Eventually enough people will wake up and say NO MORE.

I have heard them say “Companies shouldn’t have to pay for abortions and things that are against their Christian beliefs.”

Birth control does not cause abortions. If they truly do believe that ‘every sperm is sacred’ – then they better tie their teenage son’s hands behind his back for…say…the next 50 years. And they better start inspecting sheets for evidence of wet dreams. Oh and no sex before marriage and, when married, sex will only be during the wife’s ovulation days. Do NOT waste that sperm! Even one of those bad boys hit the ground and straight to hell you go!!

And don’t give me this shit about being so holy and Christian and all Bible loving. Because companies, including Hobby Lobby, invest in corporations who develop and manufacture the very products they claim to be morally against. Hobby Lobby (just one example since they are so goddamn proud of themselves this week) has stores filled with cheap Chinese crap. China, a country to whom they give billions, treats abortion like a patriotic duty. So don’t try to sell me their fake moral bullshit. Why is it that the ones who boast Christianity the loudest are the ones who seem to have no idea what Christianity even means?

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