A recall candidate forum was held a couple weeks ago at the Bray center in Racine. All the gubernatorial candidates, with the exception of Walker, were in attendance. John Lehman was also on the panel. Van Wanggaard was invited, but apparently his car ate the invitation. It was an interesting event to say the least.

I went into the Town Hall hoping I would have a clear cut answer for whom to vote as our next Governor. Unfortunately…with a mere 5 days away…I am still questioning.

It is fairly well known that not every liberal/progressive/Democrat agrees on the best choice for this election. Some unions have thrown their support towards certain candidates, some political figures have named their choice and a few newspapers have also shared their endorsements.

Clearly, the number one sentiment agreed upon is “anyone but Walker.” As I have said in the past, what is most crucial at this very moment is not necessarily getting the very best person IN; it is getting the very worst person OUT.  And sometimes the very best candidate isn’t always the one with the most winning potential.

It would be phenomenal if Arthur Kohl Riggs could win the Republican spot in the primary. I just think that would be a classic, historical outcome and I would smile ear-to-ear. Sadly, I don’t see this happening. At first I thought it was more than possible and seemed to me to be a no brainer. I had no doubt that my vote was for Art. However, I am now realizing this may be an unrealistic fantasy.

I so wish Art had the time and money to really get his name out there and become well known among the average constituent. But that takes money, much assistance and intense planning. If he had those attributes in his corner – he could have wiped Walker out of the race on Day One. Oh how sweet that would be.

I have to say, Kathleen Vinehout was extremely impressive. I have never really heard her speak much prior to the Town Hall and she, in my opinion, was the most convincing about her true motivations. I heard real emotion in her voice and conviction in her words. She was not a repetitive robot stuck in campaign mode. She has a budget plan and takes a definite stand on all serious positions.

And of course, there is my sincere appreciation and admiration for the 14 Senators (one of whom was Vinehout) who fled to Illinois to avoid a quorum that fateful day in 2011. I am sure there will be comments about “fleebaggers” and how they were “neglecting their jobs”. Phooey. Comments I would never even consider since I believe in just the opposite. They WERE doing their jobs. They went above and beyond the call of duty to truly represent me and the thousands of other constituents who wanted them to do exactly what they were brave enough to do.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, seems to be leading the polls. And just that he and Walker were in a dead heat. More and more each day it seems as though he is the strongest candidate as far as odds in the recall race.

There are things I like about all the gubernatorial candidates. Some impress me more than others. Some simply do not have a chance regardless of how much I agree with particular positions. Independent candidate, Hari Trivedi, has some great ideas that make all kinds of sense, but this state is just not ready for those ideas quite yet.

So as far as the Governor race, I believe Vinehout would make the best choice for Governor. I think Barrett has the best chance of beating Walker. And I would love for Kohl-Riggs to win in the Primary. Who will I vote for on Tuesday? I will probably decide on Tuesday.

Thankfully, my choice for Senator is easy peasy. John Lehman is the clear choice and I think it is a travesty he is not in that position now. I would like to remind voters that candidate Tamra Varebrooke is a FAKE Democrat campaigning against Lehman. She even wears a GOP logo sweatshirt in some of her literature. Other fake Democrats include: Isaac Weix (Lt. Gov.) and Gladys Huber (Gov.).

Vote for whom you wish, of course, but vote with knowledge, forethought and integrity.





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