A windy, warm, sunshine filled day was the welcome backdrop for today’s Early Vote Rally with guests Lt. Governor candidate, Mahlon Mitchell, and State Senator candidate, John Lehman.

The event took place at the George Bray Center in Racine today at noon. After a brief rally and speeches by both candidates, everyone marched with signs in hand to City Hall to cast their ballots.

While the emphasis of the event was to encourage early voting, it also pumped up a large crowd of people who are finally able to see the finish line for this seemingly endless recall race.

Early voting has been on the rise in recent elections, but thenumbers are staggering for the upcoming June 5 recall election.

Jane Witt, Racine County Democratic Chairwoman, shares, “Early voting rallies serve to remind others that the election is around the corner. Early voting makes it easier for voters and for election clerks. Every single vote matters so very much in this election; early voting attracts people who might otherwise not be able to vote on June 5, or who just neglect voting.”

Witt continued, “A gathering of the Democratic faithful, with Mahlon Mitchell and John Lehman addressing the crowd, serves to inspire us and renew our commitment to the election effort.”

Mitchell fired up the crowd has he has done for the past 16 months in Madison and around the state. “Let’s get out there! There is a fierce urgency of now to choose community over chaos!! Are you with me?” Mitchell cheered. “We have a call, we have a mandate to make our voices heard. Right now we have a lot of bad politicians who are being put up there by good people who don’t vote. This is about justice!”





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