Senator Mark Miller was recently quoted as saying, “Senator-elect Lehman won by more than 800 votes. It is time for Senator Wanggaard to concede and let the voters of the 21st Senate District have the Senator they chose. Any attempt to delay with court cases is irresponsible and a waste of time and money, not to mention a denial of democracy.”

I could not agree more.

As most of you probably know, John Lehman won the recall election on June 5, won (again) once the canvass was complete and yet again when the recount commenced on Monday. I think it is time to stop beating a dead elephant.

Wanggaard and posse are claiming voter fraud and dragging Racine through the mud as they do it. Lehman said they are “insulting” Racine and that is exactly what they are doing.

According to Wanggaard’s attorney, Jonathan Strasburg, Fidel Castro would blush at our election procedures. Really? Does this kind of hyperbole really still work on people?? Strasburg is basically claiming that Racine is filled with incompetent idiots and that our poll workers, city administration and processes are either inept or maniacal.

It has been claimed that there is suspicion in regards to unorganized poll books, torn ballot bags and loss of signatures. The assertion that anything more than simple human error – which is prevalent in every election; this one just happened to be examined with a fine toothed comb – is ridiculous and yes, insulting.

I sat on a hard plastic chair for hours at City Hall the day after the election. I was there to oversee the changing of the torn ballot bags. In each occurrence, the Chief Inspector was called down to sign and witness the contents (still in the mostly sealed old bags) being placed into a second sealed bag. It couldn’t have been more on the up-and-up.

There were no instances of even the possibility of ballot tampering. Not to mention, the totals were already recorded by the machines – ballot tampering at that point would have certainly not been worth the risk, not mention pointless.

And there is indeed a risk. Republicans would like us to believe that the Voter ID Law would swoop in with a cape and a sword and defend the people from rampant fraud. You see, voter fraud, with or without the voter ID law carries some pretty hard core penalties. I find it impossible to believe that the Democratic Party would or could wrangle up enough mustache-twisting conspirators to pose as poll workers all day just to mess with a few ballots and risk federal felony charges. And LIBERALS are too Hollywood??

I was also present when these Inspectors were made to go to the courthouse last week to be interrogated by Strasburg. I will not be surprised if they never choose to work any future elections. Their integrity and intelligence were being questioned in front of a room filled with people, cameras and recorders. I was repulsed.

Do I even need to go into all the complaints made by poll workers against GOP advocates? Need I mention out-of-state observers starting trouble with voters in an already hectic situation? Should we talk about the harassment of union and democratic supporters while they were merely attempting to LEGALLY vote?

Some of you may claim that we were cowbell ringing crybabies for losing in 2010. Some of you may state that the recall elections (some of which, by the way, were also initiated by the GOP) were an exorbitant waste of time and money. Some of you have said that the voters spoke and we should have just accepted that. Well, I will lend you my cowbell (kidding, I never had one). If you want to protest, protest. If you want to recall, recall. But just like I still have to call Scott Walker “Governor” – you now have to call John Lehman “Senator.”

Throwing out red herrings, using this election process as a means to advertise the Voter ID agenda and crying wolf in order to delay is only prolonging the inevitable and wasting the time and energy of a lot of people. Telling Wisconsin that Racine has incompetent election procedures and making us look inadequate while no real evidence has been established doesn’t seem like a great way to win back voters. And besides, it’s just bad form.

Wanggaard said he was going to spend a few days reviewing and speaking to his supporters and family before deciding on which step to take next. Well, Van, I hope the fireworks sparked some reason within you and that you have finally decided to concede. It is time. And peeling off this bandage so slowly is only pluckin’ out those ‘lil hairs, sir. Rip off the bandage and let’s be done with it already.


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