My Progressive peeps are restless. Many of them are angry. Many bitter. And many may just get Scott Walker and friends re-elected in 2014. This makes me fearful and sad and most of all, frustrated. I write this as I cringe because I know it will piss off some people I sincerely like and respect. But I just cannot hold my tongue.

I understand where some of this animosity is coming from – right or wrong. I get the internal hatred of a forced two-party system. I see the need so many have to stick with their activist roots and fight against the power – on either side.

Do you think I agree with everything our state party decides? Do you think I am lock step in every word coming out of POTUS’ mouth? Do you think I am a blind follower? I am not. But I am also not living in unicorn, rainbow, lala-land either. We. Must. Get. REAL.

In 2010, our country and state were turned inside out and it revealed the ugly gross guts and gore of individuals, politicians and ideals. The TEA Party took over the Republican Party and turned the game into a fucking bloodbath. The goal lines were changed, the rule books – out the window and the players turned the fans into pissed off mobs.

The good news? Their stamina is fading. The TEA Party is finding it more difficult to live amongst moderates and people with common sense and half a brain. There is descent on the other side and soon the extremists will begin to lose steam. And why is this? Because most people are closer to the middle than living on the fringe. And guess what, people…this is true for both sides.

We as Progressives need to realize and remember that people are elected by the masses. Because of that, candidates must appeal to the masses – even (and especially) when the masses are ill-informed, uneducated and un-involved. Most people do not watch WisEye. Most people cannot even tell you who their Representatives and Senators are – not to mention the confusion with redistricting.

You can bitch about the state party, Mike Tate and other party leaders all you want. You can stomp your feet and throw tantrums. But that will not get these fuckers out of office. This will not protect our land, our rights, our safety.

It would be glorious if we lived in world where money didn’t matter. Where elections were not purchased. Where we agreed 100% with even one legislator. And yes, it would be great if third, fourth or fifth parties could offer viable candidates. But 99% of the time, that just ain’t gonna happen. Not now. We are just not that politically evolved. And we will never be while we are busy fighting for basic rights and reasonable laws.

The next couple years are so heartbreakingly crucial. The fight we jump into cannot be against one another. We don’t have the time. We don’t have the money. We don’t have enough of an educated public. I am truly sorry about that. But that is the truth.

We are looking at matters of life and death, guys. Healthcare, hunger…our basic needs and rights are being stripped moment by moment. And we have ONE year to start making changes that are so very necessary. This is not the time for egocentric bullshit. This is not the time to whine. We have to play the game how it is set up in order to be able to stay on the field so that we CAN move forward and make the changes some of you are demanding in the future.

I am not saying you have to be a good soldier and nod your head and mindlessly follow and agree with everything the Democrats say and do. That is what makes us different from them. What I am saying is that while fires are being started in our own camps – we are losing the chance to put out the fire that will soon burn down our entire state.

You’re still pissed about the recall? Get over it. You hate the DPW leadership? Work with your local party to make change from within. You want to start a new party and change the landscape? Do NOT do it at the expense of all of us by losing the next election.

No. The state party probably won’t be excited to help some lunatic, fringe candidate who doesn’t have a chance in hell at winning. Resources are limited and waste is stupid. Your candidate has a criminal record? Well, sorry. But how do you expect the party to throw money and support in front of a moving truck? We need candidates who can win. Period. Does that seem unfair? Sure as shit it does. But those are the facts, Jack.

Candidates are elected by the majority. And as right as I know you believe yourself to be (and perhaps you really are), that simply doesn’t change the fact that people vote by what their TVs tell them. They vote for candidates who take good pictures, who speak well, who seem like every day people. They vote for intelligence and experience. If dedication and integrity were all that was needed to win elections, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. And right now we NEED to win in 2014. Got it?

(Be angry with me if you wish. But this truly was written out of passion, concern and love.)


15 thoughts on “Dear Progressives: Please Excuse My Rant

  1. So true, great article. People sometimes think PBO is GOD and can just order this be so. No, he has a House of Rep that hate him, and seem eager to destroy econ if they can. Guess what? He has to work with them. He can’t just announce things.

    Lincoln had the same problem — he could not just wipe out slavery by decree the first day in office. But no one else did more, did it faster, and did it better than Lincoln — so said Frederick Douglass himself, who was there, and should know.

    Im not pleased with everything either — but President Obama has done as much as he can, as fast as he can, and as well as he can. And he did it well — he kept McVain out of WH — that alone probably saved us from a major war, because McCain thinks wars are funny and make men tuff. He loves to be the macho guy. That ALONE merits PBO a place in history.

  2. Meh… I would support a couch pillow over Walker, if I thought the couch pillow could win. That’s the issue many have with Burke: She can’t win. She has outsourced thousands of jobs to China while at Trek. About 1/2 of one percent of Trek bikes are made in the USA. That’s kind of a big deal in a state like Wisconsin that has lost more manufacturing jobs to outsourcing than any other state. All the money that she has come off cheap Chinese labor and the backs of Americans workers that lost their jobs. Remember all the ranting and raving and ADS about Mitt Romney’s vulture capitalism and outsourcing?!?

  3. Nice blog. I’m one of the so-called progressives that didn’t go lock step with OFA or DPW or my county D’s complete acquiescence of all county party assets to Obomba in the last general election. I was not about to agree to work or vote for the Obombem fascist wing of the 1% party.

    Thus I question DPW at this point on the gubernatorial race, with no reservations of harming anyone’s chances of overthrowing Walker. DPW is wrong, Mary Burke for Trek heiress, NOT governor.–_us_faux-progressives_chose_fascism

    1. LOL Thanks Kristin and I am sorry you were brought into the ugliness.

      I do think I have met you before. Maybe at one of the conventions? I dunno. But I am sure we will run into each other eventually 🙂

      1. Joel McNally wrote a piece for the Shepherd Express saying many of the same things I did (in almost the same words, actually) and as far as I know he has not yet been tarred and feathered. But the campaign is young.

    2. John ” Sly ” Sylvester was apparently speaking on his radio show yesterday about how 98% of Trek bicycles are made in China. By all means, Heather and Kristin, keep fighting for rational action, whatever that is.

      It’ll be a hell of a lot easier for Kathleen Vinehout to explain why she left the state during the Act 10 uprising than for Mary Burke to explain why creating jobs in China will make her a good governor of Wisconsin. Did this come out during the vetting process? Was this a question to the people in the 41 focus groups?

      Progressives are going to lose this race because we ” whine ” too much? Sweet weeping mother of the suffering Christ, deliver us please from pollsters and focus groups.

  4. There are party rules about helping candidates involved in primary elections, but a primary requires two or more people to declare they are running for the same office. How can Mike Tate circumvent the primary process when there are NO declared candidates running for governor?

    Until someone publicly declares for an office, the state and county parties are welcome and encouraged to introduce POTENTIAL candidates to other party members and elected officials so they get a better idea if they want to run. Some potential candidates may have already run for office or know these contacts so they don’t need help with introductions. However if some potential candidates don’t need introductions, it does not mean that state or county party officials cannot introduce the other potential candidates to elected officials and other party members. The idea here is help potential candidates make an informed decision about running for office.

    If two or more candidates have declared for the same office, then the state and county parties have to support all of the candidates equally. Supporting equally means the county party invites all of the primary candidates to speak at party meetings and county office displays the literature from each of the primary candidates, if they have printed literature. Let’s be clear: If a primary candidate doesn’t take advantage of an invitation to speak at a county party meeting or doesn’t bring their literature to the county party office, that is not the problem of the county party.

    The state and county parties typically don’t provide any financial support to primary candidates*. I know one potential candidate for governor decided not to run after they realized they would have to fundraise if there was a primary. They had the (deluded) idea that the state party would supply ALL funding needed for their campaign because they don’t fundraise. I say deluded because every candidate for office has to do their own fundraising and they can’t depend on the state or county party to completely support their campaign.

    * FYI The only exception to the rule that I have seen was made during the Senate Recall elections when Republicans ran fake Democratic candidates to trigger a primary. After it was clear that the challengers were fake Democrats, the party leadership voted to support the real Democratic candidates,

  5. I asked because a lot of the criticism of Mike Tate that I’ve heard is about how he seems to be trying to circumvent the primary process and choose a candidate for us. You seem to be responding to criticism of Tate (although you’re not specific) so do you think he should stay out of the process and let the primary voters decide, or do you think it’s OK for him to use his position to push one candidate over others?

    1. I think Burke is the only viable candidate who is currently running. Of course they are going to show enthusiasm for her. Not endorse, but support. And I think if other real candidates threw their hat in the ring – they would get the same. Until that DOESN’T happen, people need to stop bitching.

    1. Of course we should! And we will. During the recalls there was a town hall here in Racine. All candidates were invited except for Arthur Riggs and Hari Trivedi. I raised a stink and made sure they would be included. I do not blindly follow the blue line. But I see things realistically and pragmatically. And we need Walker out ASAP. Egos be damned.

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