Sick of hearing about Obamacare? Well, good thing you now have access to insurance because that “sick” feeling ain’t going away any time soon.

If there is one thing that is certain – it is that people are more confused about ACA than they were about the LOST finale. And if you’re listening to FOX News and the GOP, you may be just as disappointed as you were with the Smoke Monster. I would like to give the American public the benefit of the doubt. I don’t wish to deem our citizens as mindless lemmings. And I sure hope in 2014, they prove otherwise. But when I see videos such as the one below…I feel like locking myself in the basement and melting into a fetal position.

I mean…are you fucking kidding me right now?? Still, I know this is for ratings so I am holding out hope that this is just a few of the lowest common denominators and not truly representative of our population.

The stupidity of the people is not the only thing that worries me.

Hold Your Horses, You Freaks

We live in a time of demanded instant gratification. We need everything RIGHT. NOW. Our food has to be faster than a speeding greasy bullet. We binge watch our favorite shows because waiting a week is pure torture. If we do not get a text response within minutes we have panic attacks. There are people who were caught paying disabled people at Disney World to help chauffeur them to the front of the lines. We’re Americans. We don’t wait. We want it all and we want it now. And, while you’re at it, supersize that mother fucker.

The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is going to take a few minutes to tidy up the mess we have made of our healthcare system over decades. So many years of catering to uninsured contributed to skyrocketing medical costs. So many years of of leaving people without coverage contributed to long term, expensive illnesses. So many years of allowing insurance and pharmaceutical companies to run the show contributed to an overflowing sewer of greed and corruption. So when I hear people say, “Well, let’s give it a year and see if it fails or not…” I want to pull my hair out!

One year? You really think that one year is going to be enough time to level out the playing field? We will not truly feel the benefits of ACA for a long time. Sorry, bud…but you’re just gonna hafta wait. In time, medical costs will decrease, making your out of pocket percentages less and less. In time, competition will force insurance prices to go down. In time, people will be healthier and need less care, less drugs and less costly late stage intervention.

There are those who complain that price tags will increase because now that everyone has access to care – were all going to run to the doc every time we stub our toe. And, perhaps, in the first few years we will see a significant surge of healthcare use. There are just so many whom have neglected their ailments for too long – of course they will start making appointments. And GOOD!! The sooner people get care for what ails them, the cheaper their care will cost in the long run. For everyone.

Now that people will be able to manage their health in a preventative manner instead of on an emergency basis, we will be a healthier and more cost effective community. But that is going to take a little time. And I worry that the American public  just doesn’t have that necessary patience. I cringe at the thought of the “are we there yet”  howling which we will be hearing over and over for months to come. Don’t MAKE me stop this car and turn around!! Now shut up and leave your sister alone!! We will get there, people.

Healthcare is Good. Dying is Bad. (unless you’re that person who waits until the last possible second to merge into the next lane during construction…asshole)

I went through much of my 20’s without any health insurance. During that time I was walking around with an undiagnosed and untreated heart arrhythmia. I went to the ER several times only to be patted on the head, given a Valium and told to see a shrink. Would I have been taken more seriously had I been covered? Not sure. But I can tell you that those ER visits cost a damn fortune and those bills did indeed go into collection (sorry, public).

I calculated my information from that time in my life on the Kaiser Health Reform Calculator (25 years old, 24k a year, single):

For the silver plan (a bronze plan would be even less expensive and would probably be just fine for most 20-somethings without health issues) I would have had to pay $1587 per year with an estimated tax credit of $1238. What a blessing that would have been. AND I could have stayed at a job I found more fulfilling and less stressful because I wouldn’t have needed to find an employer who provided insurance.

Another option would have been to chose catastrophic coverage (for those under age 30 – including children) which offers preventative care at NO out of pocket cost. For most people, this would be more than suitable.

Gold, Silver, Bronze and Catastrophic. There’s FOUR choices right there. If your employer offers coverage, there would be a fifth option. If you make very little income – chances are, you’d qualify for Badgercare and then you wouldn’t have to worry about any of this at all. Although, due to Governor Dickweed, thousands of people will have a harder time acquiring Badgercare – but let’s hope we take care of those issues in the 2014 election cycle.

Also, had the ACA been around when I was younger – I could have stayed on my parents insurance until age 26. This benefit is immeasurable to those starting out in life. Especially now when college costs and debt are more daunting than ever and while our employment landscape is bleak and miserable.

Quit Yer Bitchin

Insurance companies can no longer kick you to the curb for developing cancer or any other tragic diagnosis.

You cannot be turned down for pre-existing conditions. And believe me, these insurance companies can consider just about anything a pre-existing condition.

There will be more coverage and focus on preventative care. I couldn’t say enough how very crucial this is.

There will be more oversight and regulation as to how insurance companies are charging consumers and where those premiums are being allocated.

If you cannot afford coverage, there are options for most people (not all, sadly…and mostly due to our totalitarian state government which is doing anything it can to fight against the ACA…but most) which includes subsidies, exemptions and Badgercare.

There are those out there who are counting on you being confused or too lazy to educate yourself. What can you do about that? EDUCATE YOUR DAMN SELF!!! 

There are a few who may indeed have to pay a little more. And there are those who may pay nothing. Is this a form of socialism? Who fucking cares. Are our fire departments socialism? Police? Parks? Roads? Schools? Let’s get over this fear of the big bad term “socialism” already. Letting huge portions of our communities remain sick and dying scares me far more than the big bad socialism. We really ARE all in this together whether you like it or not. When the lives around us improve, we will ALL flourish.

There is no doubt in my mind that ACA did not go far enough. I strongly believe that to really heal this gaping wound in our country, we desperately need a single payer system. We need it yesterday. But unfortunately, our divided government made that impossible. It is my hope that ACA will be an overwhelmingly positive step in getting us to that ultimate goal.

Until then…let’s give this a chance. Let’s be patient. And let’s be smart. Don’t be fooled by creepy ass commercials paid for by billionaires who want to keep you sick. Don’t be fooled by media outlets who profit from your fear. Don’t be fooled by politicians who count on your anger to remain in office. Now, take two aspirin and call me in the mo…wait…do not call me in the morning. I will be sleeping and that would be bad for your health. Trust.

To enroll or find out about your ACA benefits click HERE (know that the site has been slow due to insanely high activity – which is GREAT…again, be patient, you have a couple of months)


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