Well, what a Wisconsin winter it has been so far. Blizzards of blustering threats, insults and accusations; frigid hostility hitting below the mercury; and endless snowball fights complete with ice shards have all been more than prevalent in the past months. While the weather may be unseasonably warm and the streets free from snow; our communities have been cold as ice (and neither side is free from fault).

In mere days, we will learn the number of total signatures gathered to recall Governor Walker, Lt. Governor Kleefisch and Senator Wanggaard. 540,208 valid signatures are needed to allow for a Gubernatorial recall election in which basically a “do-over” will take place. Once the petitions (which have already been double checked by recall officials) have been turned in to the GAB (Government Accountability Board), the board will then have approximately 30 days (with a possible extension) to check and validate each and every signature.

I have recently learned that of the 50 temp agency workers hired to check petitions, not one can be residents whom have signed a petition. Having signed a petition or having had made financial contributions to any candidate in the past 12 months renders an employee ineligible. Needless to say, I have a serious issue with this. Regardless, I feel that the recall effort will succeed despite these perpetual obstacles, so I won’t have a hissy fit about it.

Anyway, after the GAB has completed their task, Walker/Kleefisch/Wanggaard staff get to inspect the petitions as well. Once all the fine tooth combing is finished, it will be time for an election. We may first have a primary for those running against Walker. Once a candidate is selected, there will be the final election and we will then find out how Wisconsin truly feels about this administration and their actions.

I have said it before and I will say it again…for me, this recall has very little to do with anything union. It has nothing to do with partisan politics. I am not a union hack, a welfare mom, a receiver of entitlements, a tree hugging hippie, a disgruntled Democrat or an ungrateful public employee.   I am not working to recall these politicians simply due to philosophical differences.

And it is not about eliminating Republicans.  I do not even view these particular legislators as Republicans. They are radicals who have taken over and will not use compromise or consideration when dealing with their Democrat counterparts. I have seen this behavior for myself through WisEye and other means. These are not regurgitated talking points.

What I am is a citizen who sees the difference between right and wrong. We didn’t vote for a dictator. We didn’t vote for a draconian administration. And I refuse to sit by while our state and country are dismantled by a group of extremists.

What you have witnessed, ladies and gentlemen, is not a whiney tantrum due to an election loss. What you have witnessed during these past months is an uprising of people who refuse to remain silent and stick their heads in the sand as the fabric of everything that is good about America is cut into pieces and sold to the highest bidder.

We have many obstacles ahead. Fear, religion & ego are some of the “tools” this administration will use to hold onto their power. Luckily, the strength of our voices and our votes will be what ultimately overrides that which has been used to stand in the way of Democracy. We have the heart. We have the virtue. And we have the signatures.


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