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I understand there is an illegal immigrant problem in some of our cities. I understand that some of these immigrants are criminals looking to take advantage of our system and our citizens. And even though studies have been completed to show that an immigrant is no more likely to commit a crime than a national born citizen, it is still added crime.

I also feel our country is based on the concept of immigration. I feel it should be welcomed and not frowned upon. But yes, it should be done legally. We are here because someone long ago who shared our name, our genes, possibly our facial hair propensity traveled here in hopes of a better life. And some of our ancestors clearly went about it the worst way possible. So, I suppose after slaughtering the American Indians and pushing them into a corner of their vast land, someone with a glimmer of common sense realized immigration laws and regulations were necessary. Sorry, Indians…I guess you should have asked to see our papers.

People legally enter the US everyday. Hell, one of those people – a nationalized citizen – tried to blow up Times Square last weekend before hopping on a plane to Pakistan.  So, it can be done. Becoming an American citizen, I mean. But I do wonder how difficult this may be to a homeless family living in a box on the side of the road in a crime ridden city of Mexico. They cannot speak the language. Probably very little education. Not a penny to their name. How do these people figure out how to cross over legally? I LIVE here and I really don’t know the steps one would take to become a citizen. These people have lives which are so horrible; they risk their lives trying to come here to simply just work and eat. So, perhaps, just in the spirit of compassion for another human…we could make being a legal citizen more attainable to those who would otherwise have little chance to do so. Do we provide the people who attempt to cross the border or get caught doing so with information to help them? Just wondering.

Clearly something needs to be done about the rampant crime spilling over into our country from Mexico. There is no denying that kidnapping, dealing and killing is being committed by illegal Mexican criminals in our southern states. Something DOES need to be done about that. But I have to say that the law signed in Arizona will only cause more trouble. It will bring out the deep seeded racism in those who have at least been trying to hide it for political correctness. It will bring out the anger of the legal Mexicans as they will no doubt be the ones to be profiled. Treating a problem with a bigger problem…I don’t get it. I think this law was stupid, made without deep thought and part of political grandstanding.

The people of Arizona, other SE states and even the entire country want a solution to make our citizens safer. Safer from not only Mexican drug dealers but also possible terrorists, welfare vacuums and criminals from all over the world. I bet there are one or two Canadian criminals. But we accept them because of their darling Fargo-esque dialect.

Listen, I don’t have the answers. Which is why I am laying here in bed typing this quickly before my child wakes and demands her breakfast and not making the big bucks in Washington. I do think that the legalization of marijuana would help greatly with the drug trafficking aspect of the issue…but that is not a new concept. I also think welfare needs to be strictly regulated but half the population is screaming for less regulation…so not sure how that would go over. Wait? What?? OHHH. It’s ok to regulate and have big brother and push aside some civil liberties when it comes to our pocketbooks? Okay, wasn’t sure since the tea partiers have me so damn confused about where and when they actually want our government to exist. So, let’s say we make it a wee more difficult to obtain and suck at the welfare teat for decades, eh? Just a few off the top of my head for free.

All I am saying is give peace a chance. No. That isn’t what I was saying; it just came out like musical notes from my fingertips. All I am really saying is that we do indeed have a problem when it comes to immigration concerns. But I feel the law in AZ and the support for it in other states is SOOO the wrong path to travel.


One thought on “Let’s Talk About This Immigration Thing (Patch 2011)

  1. Immigration is fine when it is targeted to achieve some very specific economic goals. However every nation has an ethnic character to its heritage, and the US and Canada are no exceptions. Mass immigration will in the long run ruin North America and an increase in crime will be the least of our worries.

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