June 5, 2012. A day I will always remember. An election like no other. And a time in my life which will forever be considered pivotal. Last year on this day I worked harder than I ever had in my life (well, aside from two days in labor with my daughter). From about 6am to 3am the next morning – I was non-stop. It was a physically and emotionally exhausting day I will never forget.

Coincidentally and, perhaps, appropriately –  Walker and the Wisconsin GOP raped our state in a late night (actually, early morning) session – yet again. The Joint Finance Committee, with a Republican majority, passed several damaging motions in the wee hours of this very morning. But I will write about that later.

I have written about how my life has changed due to the recall and subsequent events a number of times. HERE is a post written shortly after the June election. And I wrote THIS (along with a video I made) after the November election.

The more I think about the events in the past few years, the more I realize how much there is for which to be thankful. I suppose I owe this thanks, in part, to…well…Scott Walker. Perhaps I should send him a note.

Dear Scottie,

When you were elected in 2011, I had difficulty getting out of bed the next day. I felt defeated and fearful. I cannot give you all of the credit for this. Ron Johnson, Robin Vos and Paul Ryan get a nice portion of that as well – not to mention all of the greedy and/or misled voters. But after the tears, I started to see more clearly. 

I became involved. I started to really watch and listen. I woke the fuck up. I decided that I needed to become part of the solution – even if that part was small.

I got out of my house. After being an isolated stay at home mother for many years, I put on some outside clothes, brushed my hair and made a few signs. Many hours were spent in Madison. I took my social anxiety and pushed it to the side as I dove into a sea of protesters. A new courage I had never experienced.

I began volunteering. I gathered signatures and worked in our campaign office. And while doing this, I obtained a very valuable and life lasting education. 

I had a wonderful venue with Patch on which to present my views through my own column. I did whatever I could to get the truths out there, to share information not always presented by the main stream media. I wrote and wrote and wrote. 

I met some of the most kind, generous, funny, intelligent, like-minded people in my life. I became a part of a group for the first time in ever. I was surrounded by people I respected and who respected me. I made friends for life.

I not only became a card carrying Democrat, but I also became Secretary for the Democratic Party of Racine County. And this is only the beginning.  

Scottie, your greed and self serving actions did, in fact, wedge many people against one another. It did create hostility and divisiveness. And it hurt so many people. But it also gave many a purpose. It brought people together. It woke up a sleeping giant. And it changed the way citizens will participate in their government in the future. 

Thank you, sir, for being a conduit for change in my life. It is a change that will indeed work to make things more difficult for you – but it is appreciated, nonetheless. I will remember to chant ‘thank you thank you thank you’ as I am helping kick your sorry ass out of our Capitol in 2014. 


Heather, just one small part of your worst fucking nightmare


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