In the past week or so, this note from a father to his son has gone viral over social media:

father son note coming out

The story can be seen HERE.

Also making headlines this past week was THIS story about Republican Senator, Rob Portman, and the reversal in his stance regarding gay marriage – after learning his son was homosexual.

Don’t get me wrong – reading that note above brought tears to my eyes…and I shared the photo like many before me. There is no denying that it is extremely touching.

However, I feel this dichotomy within my sensibilities right now because while I feel these parents should be commended so that more parents feel supported in doing the same – I also have this resentment about applauding people for something they SHOULD be doing anyway.

It reminds me of this clip from Chris Rock (at the 2:15 mark):

(man, imagine any other comedian getting away with some of this humor today…the PC police would go fuckin’ nuts)

But seriously, it is just so pathetic that in this day and age we feel the need to congratulate people for loving their children. We are SUPPOSE to love our kids. Their sexuality should never play a role in that. It is so sad that I get all blubbery because a dad loves and accepts his gay son. There should be no other reaction. Period. We have all turned into a bunch of low expectation havin’ mother fuckers, dontcha think??


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