So, I was a guest writer on The Root River Siren today. Here is a snippet:

Apparently, Keith Fair doesn’t like his job as Alderman very much. I sure can’t say that I blame him one bit. But what’s odd is the fact that he is running for yet another term and the election is mere weeks away.

Wait…first…some background…

So, I have bitched about the CAR 25 fiasco in the recent past. You can read about it on my site HERE and HERE or from The Siren HERE and HERE.  Well, last week, City Council approved the negotiation of a contract with, Skies Fall Media Group, with a 10 – 4 vote. Alderpersons who voted against the contract were Sandy Weidner, Mike Shields, Krystyna Sarrazin and, of course, Keith Fair, who has been very vocal about his opposition. In fact, I think CAR 25 may just be his Moby Dick(ert).

After the vote last Wednesday, Alderman Fair left the chambers without notice. He simply disappeared into the smoke streaming from his very own ears.


CLICK HERE for the rest of the story. Later I will explain why I bother to write about this even though I am not in the 1st Aldermanic District or even in the City of Racine for that matter. Stay tuned…


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