So bear with me here as I try to bitch about a topic I usually find massively boring and confusing. Technology baffles me. I prefer to think of it all as magic. How does the movie show up on my TV from Netflix? Pixie dust. How does the photo immediately appear on Facebook with a mere click? A top hat and wand, no doubt. Yea, I don’t get it and it bores me simply trying to comprehend, so I give up. Kinda.

Once in a while, some information will be accidentally stored on my cerebral hard drive. And today, a story I overheard on the radio exposed some of that data to my consciousness. But I am guessing it is more about how consumers are constantly being fucked over rather than any technical interest.

So, your cell phone is typically locked so that you cannot use a carrier other than the one with whom you originally purchased the phone and so you will have to pay roaming fees while traveling. Every phone has the capability to be unlocked so that the carrier could possibly be switched and so the phone can be used overseas.

There are people who lobby legislators and spend a lot of money in attempts to make unlocking illegal. Obviously, it is in a phone company’s best interest if you cannot switch to use a pay as you go plan once a contract is complete. And the roaming fees are definitely a bonus. They want to keep you in a contract, like a high priced prison for as long as humanly possible. Kind of like going to a chiropractor…once you sign up for that first adjustment, your stuck for life. With me so far?

As of this coming Sunday, it will be illegal to unlock your own phone. This clearly limits the choice of the consumer. And there is already a White House petition in regards to this economic rape.

While this isn’t the usual kind of thing I whine about…I just felt the need to speak up. I am just so tired of corporations controlling us and our laws and above all, gouging our wallets. Apple makes certain that we have to purchase special $40 cords so that we can take advantage of the capabilities we paid for. And of course no charger is compatible with another. They use special technology to keep us at their financial mercy. I am just simply tired of it. So there.


2 thoughts on “Unlocking the Phone Bullshit

  1. It’s your choice to sign up for a phone with a contract. Why not look for other options? After being with Sprint for 10 years, I upgraded to a smart phone, and now have Virgin Mobile (they use the Sprint Network – so its the same thing – just different name). I bought a $100 android HTC fancy smart phone with Virgin Mobile with no contract. A monthly fee of $35 for 300 minutes with unlimited data. Need more minutes? They have a 1200 minutes for $45 a month, and i know there’s other plans too. No contract, good coverage, inexpensive good phones (or you can get a fancy Samsung Galaxy too for $250-$300). Best way to let them know how you feel about it, is via their (loss of your ) profits.

    1. You are very correct. We are in a different circumstance because my husband works for AT&T. So while we don’t HAVE to go with them…we still do because it just makes sense. But I do completely agree.

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