Last night on Facebook, some questions were posted in regards to my recent blog post about CAR 25. I wanted to address these questions. Again, I will tell you that I have not spoken to The Mayor about this topic. I am basing what I have to say on my own experiences and the experiences of people I know personally.

1)Keith Fair isn’t the guy making a documentary to raise funds to sue the city. In fact, no one is trying to raise funds to sue the city with the making of the film.

While Fair is not the one making the film, he is a part of the movement. I know who is making the film. And they sure seem to be raising money here –

2) The purpose of the documentary is to highlight the discrepancy between the restrictions placed on minority owned establishments and those owned by persons who are of the caucasian persuasion.

I have heard the stories and watched the video about the documentary as well as talked to some of the people involved. However, it is my belief that race is being used as a tool to fuel a never ending feud between Fair (and friends) and our city’s administration. I don’t believe for a second that Mayor Dickert is racist. And I think that if Fair were white, his bar would have gotten the same criticism. It is about the behavior and safety of the customers it attracts – not their race.  I think this also goes back to lawsuits which likely crushed defendants emotionally and financially. And I think vengeance is a powerful thing. How many calls to the police is acceptable? How many altercations is acceptable? Especially when one of those calls is in response to an assault involving the OWNER! Of course the business is going to be criticized. 

3) The cost of the renovations to the bathroom which may have been necessary, also reportedly netted a close personal friend of the Mayor the princely sum of nearly $90,000 taxpayer dollars for simply serving as a consultant in a feeble attempt to match marble from 100 years ago. Do you honestly think you can find a stone today that matches one unearthed from over a century ago?

Where can I find this information? Reported by whom?

4) The people who have an axe to grind against Ald. Fair are desperately trying to sling mud, setting out to further their personal agendas removing any pretense of unbiased judicial process. As you know, and have written about in the past, here In America, under our system of justice, afforded to anyone accused of a crime, there is supposed to be the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Unfortunately, certain individuals believe it’s their right to condemn others without allowing the courts to do their job in making that determination.

I think it is odd for it to be okay to call Mayor Dickert and the city “racist” but not okay to mention the crimes of which Fair is charged – especially when no other explanation has been given. When I was accused of abuse, I shouted my story –the true story – from the rooftops. Where’s his story? If the charges are false…TELL US!! Don’t sweep it under the rug as though physically assaulting a pregnant woman isn’t significant…because the ignoring of that charge comes off as just that – a complete disregard for the abuse of women.

Calling a person a racist – calling a MAYOR a racist – is a very alarming accusation and there better be some real concrete proof. It seems to me there was quite a bit of proof in the case against Fair. While I think City Hall needs to be more verbal and clear to the public – I too think Fair should be since he is running for office. 

Talk about having an ax to grind. I am not going to name all names as I don’t think it is necessary. But there is a group of people in Racine…people who call themselves Democrats when it serves their purpose…who are hell bent on destroying John Dickert. Therefore, it is very hard to trust their motives and accusations. Their campaign to unseat the Mayor failed and they will do whatever they can to make his job and life miserable. I am certain of this.

I don’t think Dickert is the second coming. I don’t think any of us – especially those in politics – are ever free of blemishes. And I am not naive enough to think that you can successfully hold any political office without compromise, sacrifice and deal making. But I do think he is a good Mayor. I like him. And it is my instinct to defend his administration based on my intuition, gathered information and knowledge of all parties involved. If a day comes when I am proven wrong – I will be the first person to admit my errors.

5) The person who currently “operates” the channel for the city IS in the business of video production, and utilizes much of his own equipment to do so. He also uses much of his own personal resources and puts in the time to do so because the $780,000+ a year that the city receives from the cable franchise fees are not reinvested in the channel.

I do not doubt that Nelson has the best intentions and does the best he can with CAR 25. In fact, with that budget – it is commendable to say the least. I would indeed like to see more of that fee money to go toward the improvement of that channel. And I would love to be able to see Nelson work together with the new production company and wonder if that could be added to the contract (not sure how that works).

But when I google the website for Skies Fall – I have before me a professional and impressive website highlighting all of the equipment  space and experience that company has to offer. When I google Nelson’s company, I find nothing. And when I look at CAR 25’s website – it is really quite terrible. It seems to me that Skies Fall can simply offer more to the channel. I appreciate Nelson’s long standing position and his dedication. But it is clear he needs help. The channel needs help. A ten year contract is an impressive one. But that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way forever. Sometimes things need to change in order for the possibility of improvement.

6) The channel as is, has won awards previously for it’s programming so to say that it is in need of a revamping by an outside entity that has had zero experience in operating a TV channel is a bit of a stretch. That wasn’t mentioned in your writing so I’ll give you a pass on that but it’s funny that the Mayor’s commentary published in The Journal Times reflected this sentiment over the weekend when it was the North Beach Restoration programming that won an award in the 2011 City Livability Awards Program, for Outstanding Achievement Livability.

I tried to look for the names/years of these awards and just couldn’t find them in all of the muck of internet name calling and belly aching. What awards have been won and when?

Almost anyone can say they have won some kind of award. I don’t really put much stock into awards to be honest. Who knows what goes into their judging process. I go by my own eyes. And CAR 25 is reminiscent of public access from the 90s and can simply be better.

There is more I could write about the players in this game: my own experiences, conversations and that which have been explained to me. I could add links and case numbers and names. But I don’t feel the need to do that. But let me say that there is much more than I am stating here. There is much more going into the reasons for my beliefs. 


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