A big conversation on Facebook this morning was regarding whether or not parents would be sending their kids to school today. Here is my take.

I never thought about it until a couple days ago when someone mentioned the possibility of crazy people losing their shit on this day of Mayan predicted Armageddon. I have to admit, I thought about it for a while. After witnessing shows like Doomsday Preppers and reading stories about people taking their lives in fear on the end of the world – I realized how seriously people are taking this media perpetuated nonsense.

Then, earlier this week, there were phone calls and letters and articles assuring parents that RUSD would have a stronger police presence at the schools today. They wanted to comfort everyone with the fact that security would be heavy due to the warnings and threats which have been directed to schools all over the country. Some districts cancelled school altogether.

I guess a lot of kids were hearing things which made them fearful about going to school today. Luckily, I haven’t heard a word from my girls. Kenzie (almost 13) probably knows things, but she hasn’t mentioned a single concern. Cassidy (8) knows nothing about any of it.  She was more appalled that some kids in her class believe that an elf comes to life while they sleep at night. I will let her continue to be concerned with the non-existence of elves rather than gunmen and carnage.

As some of you may know…we had blizzard warning for last night. I think some were expecting around 6 inches around here. Because of that I started thinking…between the threats (though I didn’t take them seriously), the bad weather, low school turn out and it being the last day before vacation – that maybe I would just keep Cassidy home. I waited on the weather to help make my decision.

Admittedly, I was also hoping for snow so that I wouldn’t have to run out first thing in the morning to get a class treat. Yes, laziness does indeed come into play, I admit it. But damn that blizzard…we didn’t get more than a dusting.

I asked Cassidy what she would prefer and what they were doing in class today. She said they were just having Fun Friday, eating treats and watching a movie. And she had no desire to go. She recently had her tonsils out and is still not allowed to participate in gym or recess per Doctor’s orders. So she wouldn’t be able to do those things with the rest of her class. She really just wanted to stay home.

If you know me, you know that I am fairly strict and I do not allow the kids to just do as they please. Normally I would never let them stay home just because they wanted to. But on this occasion – with so many factors directing me toward the ‘stay home’ decision – I said okay.

In reading some of other parental comments this morning, I couldn’t help but snicker a few times. Several parents were declaring how they will not allow the bad guys to keep them in fear…that they will not give in to the threats…they will not let them win. Ok. Well, as I said, I didn’t really have true fears about my kids’ safety at school today. Not really anymore than any other day. BUT if I did have concerns – I would not choose to prove my bravery by sacrificing my kid. I wouldn’t fight the terror by putting them in a situation which could be dangerous. Again, I am sure school is very safe today – I am not worried about that. But these parents sound like they are martyring themselves by risking their children’s safety in order to prove a point or win a battle. Its weird is all.

Another parent said that she told her kids that if you let yourself become fearful of one thing you will always be afraid of everything. What? Seriously?? That seems odd and extreme to me. People have fears. Kids have fears. I don’t see why we should make them think it is abnormal or unhealthy. Fear has its purpose. And it is perfectly human to feel it once in a while. It will not make you a neurotic mess. A person can have fears without becoming phobic.

I am not complaining. Honestly. And I make mistakes and say stupid things to my kids all of the time. Trust me (I am sure you do). I just found these things interesting enough to blab about. It also helps keep my mind off the friggin’ NRA for five minutes, so there’s that.

Anyway…Cass is home with me today. Were playing Trouble and eating caramel corn. Later we will lie around watching the DVRed episodes of Take it All. What the hell…life is short. And I am betting there are a lot of parents out there who would really love to be having a lazy day with their kids right now. I think I will appreciate this opportunity without shame.

Whatever your decision as a parent – do not doubt yourself. We are all flying by the seat of our pants here…there isn’t always a right choice or perfect answer. Trust your judgment and chances are, everything will be just fine.


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